Lying in the Sun

(B) runts on the Run

(B) Runts on the Run


There was a Sky reporter named Brunt,

Who had the misfortune to meet a little runt!

She told him a story,

Thinking it would bring fame and glory,

Instead her fingers got burnt!


She realised she’d slandered

In front of the cameras,

While telling her tale of

The McCann Treasure hunt,

It wasn’t for fox, it wasn’t for deer

But Dr Amaral’s money I fear!


They hunted him here,

They hunted him there,

Duarte’s clients, what a despicable pair!

Duarte too, she did damage,

To Sky News' Martin Brunt,

By pulling such a nasty wee stunt,


Next day he vanished into thin air,

McCanns for his reputation they didn’t care,

What happened to Martin?

We might never know,

Might have to wait a long time

Before his face he will show,


The Reporters ‘naughty step’

Could be where he is?

Sitting beside nasty wee Izz

For each year of their lives,

They will spend 1 year on the stair,

Could be a long time

Before we see again this pair!


Now Martin and Izzy,

They could start getting busy,

Putting their wrongs, to right

Things will look better in the morning,

As the day is dawning,

If Brunt will hand over,

That now famous most talked about,

Sky 'Libel Trial' Recording!


But Brunt lost his cahoonas a long ago,

The same route as Duarte,

Seems where he’d rather go,

Ducking and Diving, ever conniving,

Clarence Mitchell doing for both of them,

All of their driving!


Brunt could come out of this the better man,

By not further helping out Madame McCann,

But Brunt as far as all can see,

Prefers the Sky Reporters Graveyard,

Than to being on TV!

What Brunty old boy you decide to do,

I for one, don't have a clue!

Perhaps you'll stay hidden,

Until all have done the McCann biddin'

Till at Court all's said and done,

As to Lisbon that's why,

You did really come!

We do know though,

None of this is for Maddie,

And that pigs will never fly,

The bunch, have a huge problem,

Of this, they cannot deny,

Before handing over, 

The Sky 'Tape of Truth'

Plain to see they'd all  

Much rather die!

Such is the McCann fear of,

‘Truth of The Lie’
23rd September 2013

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