Lying in the Sun

'Ello, 'ello, ello

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello  - What's all this then?

Prosecutor studies evidence against McCanns

Well this was Gerry McCann after he had been made arguido (a person of interest to the investigation) standing outside a Portuguese Police Office with his lawyer) a few years back.  His arguido status was later dropped, no charges brought.  The case was being shelved and due to this, the arguido status dropped, stands to reason, although McCann prefers to say he was cleared. 

So what's all this other stuff then?

Well what it is, is the annual Maddie Madness Fest when not a celebrity guest up and down the UK can book bum space on any TV studio sofa.  All sold out, only room for two bums at this time of year - Gerry and Kate McCann.

Each year around the anniversary of Madeleine's death disappearance Clarence Mitchell the highly paid spokesperson for the McCanns scratches his head, well his  toupe...okay his hair implants, if we're going to be exact, as he figures out their next move, their next big story, to catch the attention of the public.

It is only in springtime (around this anniversary, which is also the time of Madeleine's birthday) that out to play come, kidnapper's, happy couples who want to STEAL a child FROM THEIR BED, oh and of course paedophiles - the kind who do not harm a hair on a child's head, yes McCanns believe in family friendly paedophiles who snatch kids, and take them on a long holiday, and who return them to their neglectful parents, once they have finished doing all sorts of nice activities, and spending quality time with them.

Is quality time not what modern day loving parents spend with their children, during holidays, doing family things together, a break from the usual routine of work, school...a time to look forward to...Maybe McCanns hadn't heard of it, they left their kids in a dark, scary, lonely, unsafe holiday apartment.

Parenting classes wouldn't go amiss, but then neither would a jail cell!  I know I sound harsh, but mistreating, abusing children, makes me kinda mad.

Personally though, never did like the term 'quality time' you either spend time with your kids or you don't, any time with them to be cherished, never could get my head around this 'quality time' - Do you take your kids out and say, today will be quality time, but later today we're gonna spend some time, less than perfect, time, in fact poor quality, you're gonna be miserable, and if it doesn't reduce you to tears, we continue until it does, until we are all suitably miserable!  Stuff and nonsense, quality time! 

These persons the child catchers, snatchers, they can be spotty faced, fat faced, tall, small, rotund, skinny, long haired, short haired, bald (the first guy was bald, had no face either, called him eggman) smelling like roses, pong like pooh, bin men tractor men, cleaners, gardener's, diners, gypsies (they have always been odds on favourite until bin man reared his ugly head - well with a pot belly and smelly armpits, the gypsies didn't stand a chance, he knocked them right off the top spot) have no sense style, dressed to, swarthy, foreign looking, dead, or close to death, at least had the nod from the grim reaper that he might be calling round , but what any suspect must never, never be is a DOCTOR.

Funny that, when a whole bunch of doctors claim to have been either in or around that apartment on the night Madeleine vanished.  Not Portuguese doctors, not flying doctors - lying doctors!  British doctors, British lying doctors who just happened to be the parents of all of those little kids, the McCann kids included, who were left alone every night.

Oh and I almost forgot the bad guy  - he has to have a mobile phone - Andy Redwood likes his pings.  So really anyone in Praia da Luz who happened to phone their granny on the night Madeleine was reported as missing - if you pinged - YOU ARE A SUSPECT.

In the case of the poor old bin man, he had a phone, a ping and a pong, and a great big target on his back!


But  who could have thought they could have topped the 6th - Gerry's awful acting, squeezing out the tears at a vigil in the village where they live?

Only took six years to pull that face.  

He has though this past year been mimicking his other half Kate.  She has always managed to pull some quite extraordinary faces, some rather comical in her time.  She has also mastered (let's just say she has developed) the art - which always brings a smile - of stating how sad she is, pausing, never quite finishes her reply, sighs, and leaves the listener to fill in the blanks, we are left too with one of the silly looking expressions, at which point we are supposed to feel terribly sad and sympathetic towards her.

Gerry is now doing this.  He did for the Crimewatch production, but it didn't quite work, so he tried it again during his chat with Kelly this year.  His cue is 'Madeleine's Birthday.'   I am sure he has been hypnotised as the mere mention of Madeleine's BUrthday he pulls what he believes to be a sad face (he hasn't quite mastered the instant tears, he closes his eyes, when the tears don't come, he keeps them closed for a few moments, for effect) it reminds me in fact of Stan Laurel.

Perhaps I shouldn't have said that...Andy Redwood might want to make Stan chief suspect, well he fits bill, dead, needs dug up, and Andy likes a spot of gardening - digging holes - ones by the looks of it they are all going to have to jump in, and get the PJ to fill in for them later!

Am I being too hard on McCann I wonder, after all when you look back to the day of Madeleine's 4th birthday, the first since her disappearance, Gerry was positively beaming happiest looking I've ever seen the miserable SoB - it couldn't have been easy to go from this:

The McCanns leave church on Madeleine's fourth birthday, 12 May 2007

To this:

Can't help but think Mitchell advised him on this one all the comments about how happy he looked only days after Madeleine vanished, seems to me from here on in, if he is asked - 'when  does he miss Madeleine most?' - it's gonna be her bUrthday!

I think McCann should get some acting lessons, or at least some tips from Pistorius if he wants to perfect the crying act.

Step 1 Step 2

Sit head lowered        Lower a little more, raise one hand to hide truth of eyes

Step 3

A big bag full of MAN SIZED tissues

Step 4
Step 5
Dab eyes
(maybe that should be Step 4?) Both hands are helpful for masking. 

Step 6

If smile threatens to escape -
quickly lower head, drape
handy handkerchief over face/head or trusty notepad will do trick.

Peek a Boo - Where's Oscar?

Looking for me? Here I am!

McCann and Pistorius two of a kind!

And talking of PJ.

Now they re-opened this case, though no one is entirely sure on exactly what basis, what is their new credible evidence.  They have secrecy laws.  Of course we have had tractor man, a man who died in a tragic accident a couple years back,  but do we really believe that the case was re-opened because a man, once a drug addict, who has never in his life harmed a child, abducted a child or committed any sexual offence decided he would do so - but hey he did have a mobile phone and it pinged - darn - along with thousands of others, the blinkin' place was pinging, just like anywhere else in the world that night, and no phones pinging more than those of the McCanns and their buddies!

It is not likely that the Portuguese re-opened on that basis.

And, more to the point, if they believed that Madeleine was buried in any of the sites which reportedly the Metropolitan Police would like to dig up - the Portuguese would have been digging there and elsewhere too.

So what do the Portuguese Police, this new team of detectives, believe happened to Madeleine?  What theory are they working on, if not the same as Andy Redwood?

Do they believe like most do, police around the world - that Madeleine died in apartment 5A and that her parents are involved in the removal and concealment of her body?

Could be.  Who really knows.

One thing for sure, if the 'digs' which are being suggested, are at the request of the Metropolitan Police and not part of the Portuguese Investigation - I think we can safely assume they, the PJ don't believe Madeleine, her body will be discovered there.

So are the Portuguese sitting back in amusement at the antics of Andy Redwood and his team?

Did Portuguese re-open the case so that they had more control over matters in relation to this little girl/Met investigation?  It certainly put a spoke in Redwood's wheels.

Is Redwood now so desperate at not having solved a case when so many clues are there, so obvious, handed to him on a plate in the form of the Portuguese Police files, which he himself said have over 30,000 records, some of which have hundreds of pages - proving, the Portuguese were certainly working very hard to have investigated and produced such files in the 6th months or so they originally worked on this case before it was shelved.

Andy Redwood has had three years, 38+ staff, detectives,administrative too, at his disposal, unlimited funding, courtesy of the UK taxpayer, and he is looking more foolish with every passing day.

Pot bellied smelly bin men/burglars/child abusers - leave evidence at scene of crime - none in Apt 5 A

I do hope I am wrong about Redwood, but when, he appears, to have completely ignored the many lies and inconsistencies told by the McCanns and there buddies - and there are literally dozens upon dozens - which anyone can see and when he took part in a Crimewatch production which did not portray an honest account of the night Madeleine vanished, one cannot help think, things are not as they should be.

And still there is no explanation as to why Gerry McCann changed his story.   He told Portuguese Police he entered that apartment by the front locked door using his key, and days later changed this to entering by an unlocked patio door.

Red Flag Andy!

I'll refrain from the hole in the road jokes, you know the ones, where 38 SY detectives look into them, but I'll keep in mind the words of the forensic expert:

“Having seen the circumstances and the lay-out of the apartment, it looks to me more likely, the priorities are higher, that some harm happened to her within the apartment. No more than that.”


Professor David Barclay – British Forensic Scientist .
6th May 2014
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