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Crimewatch 16th September 2014 - a walk down memory lane.


"Wherever possible filming takes place in the actual locations where crimes have happened"

Police Officer:

"There's nothing more important than having accuracy in the reconstructions. They've got to be as close as possible to what we think are the facts of the case."

Thirty years is a long time, and more than once the programme has featured the Madeleine McCann case, and Gerry and Kate McCann have made appearances.

Tonight's Crimewatch was no different - up they popped, looking tanned, so presumably filmed just after a visit to sunnier climes or perhaps they have been dining a lot in their back garden during a warm spell in UK.

"Yes we start with a pair of chancers"
said Martin from the Crimewatch Crew, and finished this crime spot with - "So don't take the gamble if you know who they are, tell us who they are - tonight!

Kate McCann (referring to Crimewatch October 2013)

"On the day the programme went out we were actually in the studios so we were able to witness a lot of the calls coming in, and as soon as the appeal started the phones were ringing."

Gerry McCann:

"I was quite surprised after the length of time, six and a half years, and multiple appeals... you think you know - 'Can we get anything more?'  But clearly the format of the programme the way the information was delivered meant people who had really relevant information came forward."


So Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book didn’t hinder any investigation?

Gerry McCann, did not hold out any hope according to him that when the Crimewatch production aired in October 2013, six and a half years after Madeleine was reported as missing, that they could get any more information after there being multiple appeals over the years!

The October 2013 Crimewatch was put together many months before it was aired.

Begs the question why did they continue to accept donations from public for the Fund if they felt it was not possible or unlikely to gain further information?

Also at the time the McCanns attended court in Portugal in connection with their legal action against Dr Amaral they therefore did not EXPECT to still gain further information due to the multiple appeals over the years which clearly did not lead to Madeleine's whereabouts her remains, or indeed to the perpetrators!

So why are they suing Dr Amaral if they didn't expect to get any further information through appeals, be those appeals put from Crimewatch or their own?  But as they did (get much response according to Gerry McCann through the Crimewatch appeal) they can hardly say that Dr Amaral's book hindered the investigation caused people not to call with information.   If McCann thought, believed there was no chance of getting anything further, looks as though it was for some other reason he felt there would be no more information rolling in.

He did say he was surprised at the response of the appeal.

Which makes me ask also - Why all of a sudden were there thousands of calls re this appeal this case yet not this response in the past?  Why did Jane Tanner's E.Fit not result in such a response for instance?

If we put the response to the Smithman E.Fits the ones shown on Crimewatch, the E.Fits which the McCanns had in their possession for FIVE years and kept hidden and buried from the public - one can only then assume that these relevant leads Gerry McCann was so pleased to tell us of - could have led  to Madeleine - FIVE YEARS EARLIER!

The McCanns should be ashamed of themselves on that count!  As, if Madeleine is with the paedophiles she could have been found FIVE years sooner...but oops...Andy Redwood despite ALL those thousands of responses to the E.Fits hasn't found her either!

It all sounds a bit dodgy eh, a bit like the public are having the piss taken out of them by Kate, Gerry and Andy?

Do any of Andy Redwood's "suspects" look like the guy in the E.Fits?

If my memory serves me correctly also,  they did not air Crimewatch in Portugal (they did in various other countries) but is it not Portugal where they say they need people to come forward where they believe the missing piece of their jigsaw lies?

Rather remiss of them not to have done so!  But hey ho - not to worry they got lots and lots of really interesting and really relevant information from Crimewatch UK appeal - and we all believe Gerry on that one!

Dr Amaral cannot be blamed for lack of response in Portugal especially so when they did not appeal there!

DCI Andy Redwood stated that they received thousands of calls and in amongst that information they got some "really interesting leads"

Begs another question - Pray tell Andy where the really interesting leads, well err led you, its been 11 months since you received them?

Gerry McCann went a bit further than Redwood he said they were not just really interesting leads but that they were really relevant leads.

So where is the case at now with these really interesting and really relevant leads?

It would be really interesting to know, and really relevant for the UK public to know since they are footing the bill!

All those really interesting and really relevant leads prompt me to ask, (as Gerry McCann would say) - 'where is the child?'

And how many of those thousands of calls were people calling to say to the Metropolitan Police 'hey that E.Fit, one of them, is a ringer for Gerry McCann?'

We have to shake our heads in dismay though, as the Crimewatch aired in October 2013 was far from an accurate account of the events of the night Madeleine was reported as missing according to what the McCanns and their buddies gave as police witness statements to both the Portuguese Police and the Leicestershire Police in UK.

  • Not a single mention in the Crimewatch production of the many inconsistencies in the stories told by the McCanns and their buddies.

  • Not a single mention in Crimewatch of Gerry McCann changing his story SEVEN DAYS after Madeleine vanished giving police a completely different account of events.


Gerry, Kate and Andy - deliberately misleading and lying to the public?

And it wasn't filmed in Portugal!  (funny that as the McCanns own documentary was filmed there - why not the Crimewatch Production?)

Right down to the re-enactment of the scene in the bedroom as they left their children this Crimewatch reconstruction was way off the mark - Not accurate. Not truthful.

Gerry McCann knows this.   Kate McCann knows this.  And rather more importantly – DCI Andy Redwood knows this.

The irony of that is in the words of the police officer in this latest Crimewatch -

"There's nothing more important than having accuracy in the reconstructions. They've got to be as close as possible to what we think are the facts of the case."

And of the presenter saying best to film on location where crime took place?

Oh lordy lordy - looks like in the Madeleine case for Crimewatch none of this crucial criteria was applied.  The reconstruction not accurate, and not filmed at the location of the crime!

What were they thinking of?   Not missing Madeleine!

So who is Andy Redwood trying to fool - the McCanns or the public?

If it's the public he's doing a lousy job!

Yes, Martin from the Crimewatch Crew said "let's start with a pair of chancers" in reference to a crime featured, relating to robbers, "if you know who they are tell us tonight"  said he.

I'm guessing that anyone not watching the screen 'at that moment' but hearing those words - 'Let's start with a pair of chancers', and knowing the McCanns were to make an appearance, didn't, not even for a split second, think he was referring to robbers!

But still, if anyone can help DCI Redwood out with information on the chancers he's looking for in the Madeleine case I'm sure your call will be important to him, and hopefully more relevant than the ones he received 11 months ago as they don't seem to have led him anywhere!

Madeleine McCann still missing.  No evidence of an abduction. Still missing!
16th September 2014
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