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9 Hearts of Stone

  9 Hearts of Stone

“No one even with a heart of stone can take away that there is a little girl missing why anyone would not help find her is a mystery, and obviously if we find her everybody can move on.”


Gerry McCann

Madeleine Was Here 3/5


07.32 video

There were 9 persons who categorically refused to return to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction of events to help Madeleine, help Portuguese Police discover what may have become of her.

One can only imagine they did so as they knew the child was dead, as why else would anyone, even those with a heart of stone, refuse to help a missing child?

McCann said it’s a mystery why anyone would do that, why anyone would not help find her.  Yet he, his wife Kate McCann, and his holiday companions did EXACTLY that!

They all know the reason why they refused to help the child, so no mystery at least not for them.  Perhaps it was because they knew the Portuguese Police had identified the inconsistencies and lies they had told during police interviews?

Almost 7 years since the child vanished and still they are not prepared to come clean to be honest do the decent thing.

The Portuguese Police know they have not been truthful.
Leicestershire UK Police who interviewed them know this too,


Andy Redwood and his 30 + Metropolitan Police detectives do too.   They cannot possibly have read the Portuguese Police Files and the interviews by the Leicestershire Police, and not know!

The Refusal Blogs above detail the pathetic excuses the 9 cold hearted parents gave for not helping police with their inquiries. I include Dianne Webster, she is after all a parent and a grandparent, and she was there on holiday when Madeleine vanished, she too is a witness who was called upon  - how would she have felt if it had been one of her grandchildren who had been the child to vanish, and the group refused to help?

More puzzling is that Kate and Gerry McCann AGREED with their holiday companions that they should not return to assist police?

The Refusals in Blogs above:

Refusal Blog Number 1   is    Matthew Oldfield.

Refusal Blog Number 2   is    Jane Tanner

Refusal Blog Number  3  is    Fiona Payne

Refusal Blog Number 4   is    Russell O’Brien

Refusal Blog Number 5   is     Dianne Webster

Refusal Blog Number 6   is     Rachael Oldfield

Refusal Blog Number 7   is      David Payne 

And their correspondence with police where they make it official that they have no intention whatsoever of helping the child, can be found in the above blogs:

  • Payne’s and Police

  • Oldfield’s and Police
  • O’Brien/Tanner and Police 

Also Kate and Gerry McCann, THEIR excuse for not returning to Portugal to help their daughter, why they too have hearts of stone, how they considered helping her, and then thought what?  'Oh what the FUCK... why bother' as one does when your child is missing, in the hands of paedophiles, as they insisted was the case.

But Madeleine's parents are not rotten to the core - they would have returned to help the police investigation, to help find their daughter if they had been ORDERED TO!

How comforting for Madeleine had she been alive at that time, and in the hands of peadophiles to know that her parents would try and help if ORDERED TO!

Who'll Take Part In Madeleine Reconstruction?

May 15, 2008


By Crime correspondent Martin Brunt

Sky News

Will they, won't they go to back to Praia da Luz for the reconstruction?

A call from Portugal tells me the McCanns' lawyer has said the couple are now prepared to take part in a re-enactment of the night Madeleine disappeared.

But the McCanns' spokesman, Clarence, says they are still considering the "request" from the Portuguese police and their legal man in Lisbon has been misquoted.

They still want their arguido status lifted, but would go back if ordered to.

Anything to help the investigation, he says.

But if they have a choice, they don't see the point in a reconstruction that would not be televised as an appeal for information.

He says the detectives turned down that idea months ago.

And, says a friend, no one has bothered to consider the emotional impact on Kate who would find it difficult to watch a young girl playing her missing daughter.

It's unlikely to happen unless everyone agrees to return, including the Tapas 7, some of whom have reservations after twice being quizzed over the events of that night.

Apparently, a third date for the reconstruction has been scheduled, but what's the point if the protagonists are not there?

It was to have been before the year's anniversary, then this week, now the May 30.

Written by Martin, May 15, 2008
29th March 2014

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