Lying in the Sun


All?   Everyone..?


Ma Hubbard told the Court in Lisbon that ALL the McCanns energy was used in defending themselves, instead of searching for Madeleine!


As adults, professionals, parents, that was their choice to make, to prioritise! 


If they felt that defending themselves (from what exactly) meant more to them than searching for Madeleine then so be it, not a decision I would imagine that many in the same circumstances would choose, putting themselves before their missing child!


But no, Ma didn’t stop there she said they were forced to defend themselves! 


We are of course to understand from this statement that it was the book by Dr Goncalo Amaral which ‘forced’ their decision to act so selfishly!


As they were defending themselves from the moment they broke the story of their daughter’s disappearance, one wonders WHAT forced them to take such action as it could not possibly have been Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book?


Ma Hubbard also told the Court that Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book ‘MADE’  EVERYONE  believe that Madeleine was dead!


Could be that not a single reader, read and believed the child was dead. 


We know for sure many supporters of the McCann couple read the book.   Did they then believe the child was dead?


It is hardly likely!


I see the supporters argued on the forums last evening – Ma they said, didn’t mean ‘all’ No of course she didn’t they argued.


Loud laughter


You see, if the supporters agreed that Ma had indeed meant ‘all’ of the McCanns energy had been used saving their own hides, it followed as Ma so kindly pointed out to the Court, that Madeleine’s parents did not search for her.   They had, as Ma said, defended themselves instead of searching for Madeleine.



Which, brings us to - ‘everyone’


Ma said everyone read the book and believed Madeleine was dead?


When Ma said ‘all’ if we follow the trend of thought of the supporters, we are to take it she did not mean this in the true sense of the word.


When Ma said ‘everyone’ do we therefore understand that she did not actually mean ‘everyone’ just as she didn’t actually mean ‘all?’


Supporters cannot have it both ways!


Loud laughter


But of course, Ma Hubbard is not an authority in the ‘numbers!’


There is no way possible that she can confirm who read this book, and the thoughts of all who did, their conclusions reached.


In fact, none of us can.


No one can say Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book caused all, everyone, to believe Madeleine was dead.


Just as we cannot say that all of the McCanns energies were spent on defending themselves, forced by Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book!


Unless Ma Hubbard is the Mystic Meg of the Missing Madeleine case then safe to say we should take her statements in Court with a pinch of salt.  After all, Ma is simply sticking to the script given to her by her new best friend!

It is how the Court perceives the book to have been received in the public domain that will count – and whether they agree it hindered the McCann private search.


Any number of persons on the McCann witness list can come forward and make statements such as Ma has.  Statements which cannot be backed with facts, statements designed to gain sympathy for Kate and Gerry McCann.


Unless the McCanns are saving their star witness till last, I would have to say that that there is, a distinct  possibility that Granny Healy phoned Gerry McCann last night to say – It’s a Disaster!  Day 1 Gerry, and it’s a disaster!’  Duarte didn't tell us she hadn't yet found Dr Goncalo Amaral's money!  Hope you haven't paid her yet!


Thus far Madame Duarte, Ma, and the Loach female have done them no favours!

13th September 2013

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