Lying in the Sun

A 2nd Kick in the Teeth

A 2nd Kick in the Teeth

The McCanns and the Conman Documentary...

'The public has never been told how the investigation was conducted but the files reveal that one of the key witnesses was recorded - Jane Tanner the woman who had seen a man carrying a child away on the night of the 3rd May.'.

Jane, Jane, the woman whose story each time she tells it, is never the same.

Gerry McCann stated in interview with Sandra Felgueiras that the alleged abductor - "almost got caught."

When asked by Sandra Felgueiras by whom? - the ever arrogant McCann replied -   "By Jane!"


26:45 mins

Yeah, Gerry McCann likes his little joke.   He and his wife Kate Healy McCann know Jane Tanner never saw anyone carrying off a child, let alone a man carrying off Madeleine, a man he claims, she almost caught in the act of abducting his kid!

Almost funny McCann, if it were not for the fact it's YOUR daughter who is missing.

When God was giving out gall - he gave it in abundance to the Gerry and Kate McCann.

Not only do they ask you for your cash and fully expect to get it as though they have a right to it - they expect also, that you believe the lies, the spin.

Dr Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese Investigation sussed Tanner her BIG FAT LIE right from the start.  She was NOT a credible witness.

Andy Redwood, the Metropolitan Police, also sussed Tanner her BIG FAT LIE, he knows too that she is not a credible witness that she never saw a man carrying off Madeleine.

Redwood did however dress it up a bit - he came up with another tale to cover for her BIG FAT LIE by saying that, well she did see someone, she did see a guy carrying a child BUT IT JUST WASN'T A MAN CARRYING OFF MADELEINE.

He wants the public to believe that there was, in this sleepy village, on the night Madeleine vanished a man walking around carrying a child dressed in pyjamas which he said were similar to Madeleine's.   Only problem was he produced a pair of 6 year old pyjamas that were nothing like those Madeleine supposedly was wearing!

There was also another man walking around the village that evening with a child of similar age to Madeleine, and yes you've guessed it, she too was wearing pyjamas similar to Madeleine's, and the man carrying her described by an eye witness as being Gerry McCann.

Redwood however, as far as one can tell, is not considering that this man could have been McCann.

So what we now have is two men wearing almost identical clothing carrying a child dressed in pyjamas, one man being long haired the other short haired like Gerry McCann.

Boy, what are the chances of that - two guys dressed the same, carrying kids who were also dressed the same, in pyjamas, walking through the village on the same night Madeleine vanished, one with short hair, one with long?
The first one sighted by Tanner (supposedly) Redwood ruled out altogether. The second guy, seen by an independent witness and his family, thought at least one of them, to be McCann - begs the question really - Why is Redwood not looking at McCann?

Does this mean that he does not believe Mr Smith the eye witness, or does it mean that Mr Smith is not now sure of who he saw?

And if Redwood is not going down the route that this was Gerry McCann - what makes him so sure then that it was Madeleine being carried off? Redwood doesn't know that it was.   If he did, and had the evidence, quite possibly there would have been arrests.

If it wasn't Madeleine, we then have three children on that night, three little girls wearing pyjamas who were taken from one location to another on this night.  Two carried through the streets.  Was Madeleine?  Or was Madeleine taken from one location to another in a vehicle, and out of town?

Who is to say she wasn't?

The persons who planned this "abduction" would surely not have planned to carry her through the streets in her pyjamas.  A better plan would have been a vehicle for sure.  And they definitely didn't plan to kill her and wander a few hundred yards down the road and bury her!

This also means that not only were there at least two guys walking around carrying a child in this village on that night, but that there was also a Gerry McCann look-a-like on the loose!   God forbid, two Gerry McCanns!

Redwood might have gotten rid of Tannerman, but in doing so (if he is not looking at Gerry McCann as being the man Mr Smith saw) he dug himself a big hole, and he now doesn't appear able to get out of it.   By leaving McCann out of it - he leaves too many unanswered questions!

  • The Timeline
  • The whooshing curtain story
  • The Checking of the children - which is a pack of lies!
  • The tale told by Gerry McCann about how he entered the apartment, one police statement he said he entered by front door.  The next - through an unlocked patio door.
  • The tale told by Matthew Oldfield about checking the McCann kids, not once but twice on this night something he'd never done before.
  • The tale told by Tanner and her sighting
  • The tale told by O'Brien who filled up the washer that night.
  • The tale told by David Payne who claims to have visited Kate and kids in 5A
  • The tale told by Fiona Payne who claims Kate McCann left the patio door unlocked to allow Madeleine to leave if she so wished, to go look for her parents.
  • The tale told about jemmied shutters - which were not jemmied but opened from inside - a staged scene as the British forensic expert alluded to.

The list is endless - So if Redwood is not considering McCann as a suspect or any of this group - then he has one hell of a lot of explaining to do as to the lies and inconsistencies told by the McCanns and their buddies!

But back to Jane Tanner.  Seems its a hat- trick.   Not only did the Portuguese Police not believe her fantastic tale of seeing Madeleine being carried off, neither did Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police, and now, due to this documentary 'The McCanns and the Con Man' we now know that the private detectives too knew she was lying through her teeth, that it was all a BIG FAT LIE!

In the course of the private investigation by Halligan he and a colleague conducted an interview with Jane Tanner.  They began by checking one of her witness statements.  There was a recording device in the room.

Meanwhile in another room Major Tim Craig-Harvey, Halligan's business parter was sitting alone listening to the conversation which was being recorded.

Jane Tanner was shown a picture of a man (an innocent man) and asked if this is who she had seen on the night Madeleine vanished.  She confirmed that it was.

Major Tim Craig-Harvey:

"She was then presented with a photograph of this guy George in the market at which point she broke down and said 'that's the guy I saw carrying the child.'  "

Dr Richard Parton
Analyst Omega Investigation speaking of Tanner:

" ... but the more she had to describe him, the more inaccurate she became"

Major Tim Craig- Harvey:

"My understanding is that it was felt she was not as credible a witness as we had hoped."

No one believed Jane Tanner - Not the Portuguese Police, not the Metropolitan Police and NOT the McCanns OWN PRIVATE INVESTIGATION!

The public have been led up the garden path in respect of the Find Madeleine Fund, and here too we see that 'up the garden path' is exactly where they were led by the McCanns in relation to the McCann private investigation - in fact in respect of ALL the McCann private investigations.

  • Metodo 3 the crooks - a nonsense of an investigation which cost £350,000 of publicly donated monies.
  • The sham that was the documentary 'Madeleine Was Here' - which Dave Edgar another of the McCann detectives oversaw during the course of his private investigation. A documentary filled to bursting with misleading information, lies and deceit.  A documentary where Edgar went along with Jane Tanner's sighting!   That tells us such a lot about him his character, his integrity, or lack of!
  • And the Halligan Investigation, Omega. 
In the case of Halligan and his team, unlike the others, Metodo and Edgar, they were the only group to investigate and come up with credible information.

They ruled out Jane Tanner as being a credible witness, and they also produced E.Fits of the man seen by the Smith family.

Sadly for Madeleine - her parents chose NOT to have these E.Fits published and circulated.

Her parents dished her a double whammy!  As we now know from this documentary - Halligan and his team were able to discredit the witness statements given by Jane Tanner, her sighting of a man with a child was just not credible, but her mummy and daddy kept plugging this from then until NOW.

Despite Andy Redwood also dismissing this sighting the McCanns did not remove the image from their Find Madeleine website>

Why would her parents do this - IGNORE the findings of TWO police forces (three if we count Leicestershire, if they agreed with the others) and HIDE also the E.Fits of the man seen by the Smith family, keeping them under wraps for years?

Does that sound like parents desperate to find their missing kid?

And did I say a double whammy?  Well let's make it a triple!

The McCann private investigation by Halligan and his team of MI5 agents produced a Report back in 2008 which was also kept under wraps by the McCanns in other words  - hidden away.

The report was said to be hypercritical of the McCanns and their friends.  

'A report they produced was "hypercritical" of the McCanns and their friends, and the authors were threatened with legal action if it were ever published, the paper reported.'

How can DCI Andy Redwood and his team not be "looking at" Kate and Gerry McCann and their team of buddies?

There is quite clearly much more to go on which points to them being involved in the disappearance of Madeleine than there is against unknown burglars, drug addicts, paedophiles, cleaners, cooks, laundry men, tractor fact anyone else on the planet! 

This documentary McCanns and the Con Man cannot possibly have gone down well with Team McCann with this second kick in the teeth!
7th June 2014
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