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A Christmas Cracker

A Christmas Cracker

Christmas 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our supporters.

Once again we have been amazed this year by the support we continue to have for our search for Madeleine - and opening the hundreds of Christmas cards has once again been a truly humbling experience. The warmth, kindness and commitment to never forget has precipitated more than a few happy tears! Thank you.

It's hard to ignore that 'here we are again' feeling at this time of year, still with no idea where our daughter is or of what's happened. What we can say is that our resolve to find out, as well as the hope which has always been present, has not lessened. In addition it's very apparent that the determination of the Metropolitan Police remains steadfast, in spite of the persistent challenges they face.

No matter where she is, Madeleine will, as always, be very much with us and our family this Christmas.

Thank you for holding her in your hearts too.

Kate and Gerry


Oh lordy, lordy  - that
'here we are again' feeling!  

They are right though, it cannot be ignored.  How can anyone ignore this never ending pantomime!

The continued support they have for their search for Madeleine?

There is no search for Madeleine, no private search that is!  And the Metropolitan Police are looking for a burglar who killed the kid. As if!  But hell that is how the story goes of late, a burglary gone wrong.   So the Metropolitan police aren't searching for Madeleine either!  I can therefore understand the McCanns amazement at people supporting a non existent search!  Blown me away it has!

Still, McCanns say it is apparent that the Met Police remain steadfast in their determination to ignore the dogs,  to treat this as anything but what it is despite the persistent challenges they face.

Wonder what challenges they might be, as if we do not know what they are alluding to.

"...still with no idea where our daughter is or of what's happened."

She was abducted was she not, is that not their story, by paedophiles if I recall correctly, not same story as Met Police but hey ho...

I took some time to read through the McCanns Christmas messages posted over the years since the little girl mysteriously vanished, and they are eye openers for sure.  Much is made of THEIR suffering, the injustices they have suffered, of how others put put obstacles in their way, try to compound their suffering.   As always young Madeleine plays second fiddle to their own self pity.  Loads of telling material, Christmas crackers to be precise, very revealing.

Christmas 2010 they speak of Madeleine, of their hope that her captors are treating her with the love and respect she deserves.

Now maybe somewhere along the line I have gotten the wrong end of the stick but did they not say back then she was with paedophiles!  They must be having a laugh to hope that a paedophile is treating their daughter with LOVE AND THE RESPECT SHE DESERVES.

Leaving the child alone in a holiday apartment, not quite 4 years of age night after night, leaving the door unlocked, LEAVING these kids in the most dangerous of situations was not loving nor respectful of their needs as vulnerable tots.  Had they shown any thought or care for the kids, they would not have been in a position in 2010 to be hoping the alleged paedophile abductor was showing their daughter love and the respect she deserves.

That statement by parents of a missing child is positively sick, so off makes you want to throw up.

It is the following comment which stands out most for me, a true insight into the mind of the writer (the hate filled Kate?) she continued, in reference to smears and unfounded allegations against which she claims were made against them: 

"This has been seized on as an opportunity by those who wish to compound our suffering and hamper our efforts, INCLUDING THE VERY PERSON WHO WAS ENTRUSTED WITH FINDING OUR DAUGHTER.  Those who could help Madeleine but choose to do nothing are also complicit in this injustice." 

Oh what a nasty, nasty Christmas message from the allegedly holier than thou devout Roman Catholic!

Lordy, Lordy, whatever happened to goodwill to all men.  Perhaps in McCannland they have an exceptions list!

The Metropolitan Police for the past three and one half years have been entrusted to find their daughter - thus far they have failed?

But you really have gotta question this woman.   The Police authorities and the officers who were part of the team assigned to the Madeleine McCann case cannot guarantee that they will find ANY missing person, that is the situation around the world.  No police authority can guarantee they will be able to trace a missing person, or their remains.

What they do guarantee is that they will do their utmost to try and find the missing person.

The Portuguese authorities did EXACTLY THAT!  

The persons who DID NOT search, who DID NOT fully co-operate with the investigation were the missing child's parents and their holiday buddies!

For the parents of a child entrusted with her life, her welfare, her well being, her safety, a child who trusted them to look after her to keep her safe, who ignored their duty to care for her as they should have done, in a way that ALL children should be, to then to come out with such a remark about an officer of the law leaves us in no doubt of the type of people they are!

The McCann private detectives after being given £half million of the monies donated by the public promised to have Madeleine home by Christmas 2007!

As Gerry McCann once famously said when snapping at a reporter:-

 "Where is the child"
27th December 2014

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