Lying in the Sun

A Disturbing Diary

A Disturbing Diary

Sunday, June 17th 2007

Kate McCann Diary Entry:


'I want to speak to someone now, but it's too late.

I changed my mind and I sent a text message to Ricardo (Portuguese police family liaison officer).

I don't know if was a sensible idea but I feel really annoyed.


In January 2010 at a Court Hearing in Portugal, the above named Portuguese Police Officer, Ricardo Paiva the Family Liaison Officer to the McCann family, stated that Kate McCann had phoned him two months after the disappearance of Madeleine, it was at a time I believe when Gerry McCann was not in Portugal with his family.  He further stated that Kate McCann had told him of a dream she had where Madeleine was dead, buried on a hillside in Praia da Luz.

An extremely angry Gerry McCann, leaving the Court, and not accompanied by his wife Kate McCann (who left later) had this to say to waiting reporters:

"I would like to make it absolutely clear that Kate has never had a dream that Madeleine was buried somewhere.  And, I don't know if something has been lost in translation, but that didn't happen."

It is perfectly clear from the above diary entry by Kate McCann that SHE DID make contact with Portuguese Police Family Liaison Officer, Ricardo Paiva two months after Madeleine disappeared - exactly as the officer had stated in Court in Portugal had happened. 

What was said during that conversation, only Kate McCann and Ricardo Paiva know for sure.

What we can know for sure though, is that nothing was 'lost in interpretation' be that in a simple misunderstanding, or in interpretation of language - Officer Paiva I am sure was appointed the Family Liaison Officer to the McCanns as he spoke English - would be pretty daft to have sent an officer who didn't, as McCanns speak only the English language!  

It would be very difficult to misinterpret someone saying they had a dream about their missing daughter being buried on a hillside.   That's a statement that would have any police officer springing into action.    And one would have to think that Kate McCann knew this.

Gerry McCann by his angry statement outside the Court, though is in fact declaring that Officer Ricardo Paiva lied.

Reading the material, police witness statements, interviews given by McCanns what comes across and overwhelmingly so, is that anyone, anyone at all, be that a member of the public, the police, from any nation, any witnesses who make a statement which is shall we say 'not helpful' to their still unproven story that Madeleine was abducted, have to be openly deemed as liars!

Gerry McCann stated also that there was no evidence that Madeleine is dead.

There is no evidence she was ever abducted.  

The evidence gathered by the police investigation in Portugal, points to a very different scenario from that of abduction.

And, the

 Metropolitan Police have been unable, during the course of their two year investigative review of this case, to come up with any evidence of an abduction having taken place!

But why would all of these people lie, members of the public, police about what they saw or heard in relation to the McCanns, and Madeleine's disappearance?

They did not know the McCanns.  They were simply individuals who came forward in response to police authority appeals, helping with police inquiries, giving their witness statements.  They did not, and have not any reason to lie, make false statements.

On the other hand, the McCanns and their holiday companions, it is on record, well documented, have not been entirely truthful, have indeed made false statements, and on a grand scale.

It was Kate McCanns call to Officer Paiva, which he correctly reported to his superior officers which resulted it is said in the cadaver and blood dogs being brought to Portugal.   The hillside being searched.

It would seem from Gerry McCanns outburst outside the Court, that his wife Kate McCann had not informed him of the contact she had made with Officer Paiva which had led to this search.

But why would any search for Madeleine be a bad thing?   Is that not what the McCanns want/ed for 'no stone to be left unturned?  It is a search one would have thought they would have welcomed.

What if Madeleine was buried on the hillside and the police had not taken action?    I guess that too would have given Gerry McCann cause to complain about the police.   

So who do we believe -  Gerry McCann (who on behalf of his wife denies that she made any such statement) Gerry McCann, a man not known for being truthful in the case of his missing daughter.   A man WHO CHANGED HIS VERSION OF ACCOUNTS OF HIS MOVEMENTS on the night his daughter vanished - OR, Police Officer Paiva?

Police Officer Paiva has no reason to lie - why would he?

It is interesting that Officer Paiva stated that Kate McCann told him she had a dream about Madeleine being buried on the hillside in Praia da Luz.   Why would he say a hillside?

Perhaps this next diary entry by Kate McCann throws a little light on the matter, as it is clear Officer Paiva would not randomly say that Kate McCann mentioned a hillside!

Diary Entry

Monday May 14th


After getting back I decided to go running' for the first time since THE day (already 11 days ago). I knew that it was going to be physically difficult, but I also knew that I wasn't going to give up, because it was for Madeleine and also because the level of pain is far higher now.

No cameras or journalists, which was great. I went running towards the beach and then along it and again climbed that hill so steep 'without stopping! (I carried a photo of M in my hand to keep me going.) 


So Kate McCann went running for the first time since Madeleine vanished or since ‘THE’ day as she describes it in her diary entry, and AGAIN climbed that hill (presumably by this statement, she climbed 'that hill' at some point before Madeleine’s reported disappearance if this was her first time out running since?)

I would say from this, it reinforces the truth told by Officer Paiva!

Kate McCann, as early as 11 days after her daughters disappearance went running on the hillside.   She states 'again' therefore she had done this also at some point before this '11 day' marker (before
Madeleine vanished?)   And she would no doubt have done so more times after this date in May when she made the entry in her diary, and the time she contacted Officer Paiva in June 2007.

There can be no doubt as to where the 'hillside story' came from - Kate McCann!

To be noted also, on that same day, Monday, May 14th 2007 Kate McCann made this following entry in her diary:

" I slept well last night after a not very good end of the day, frustration with the FLO (Portuguese police family liaison officer) asking me where would my little M be."

***Her 'little 'M' being Madeleine***  

Again this statement confirms that Kate McCann did speak with Officer Paiva with regards where Madeleine could be and on more than one occasion!

So Officer Paiva had asked of her at some point -  where she thought Madeleine could be, and this had caused her frustration?

Did this prompt the call to Paiva some weeks later, telling him of her dream that Madeleine was buried on the hillside?

I would suggest Kate McCann was rattled by Paiva asking her this question as to Madeleine's whereabouts (in May 2007)...I would further suggest that she did not have a dream about where Madeleine was buried, but dreamed up a story to tell Paiva, the Portuguese Police some weeks later in June 2007...

This type of tactic by the McCanns has been used so very often throughout this case - look there, not here!

When it comes to the truth of matters, I know who my money is on!

Rather interestingly too is that Kate McCann said:

"No cameras or journalists, which was great."  

Much has been said about the McCanns not being able to do anything unseen or unhindered, after Madeleine vanished - the press were always around - how could they have done this or that - their every movement monitored.

If we are to believe Kate McCanns diary entries, she did an awful lot, and when Gerry was not around too, and there were as she said -

NO cameras or journalists.  
So they could have done anything really, and unnoticed.

Would the press have missed the opportunity to snap Kate McCann running up the hillside, photo of Madeleine in hand?

So which is it?  They could not move without being hounded by media - OR did Kate McCann
invent her little story of carrying Madeleine's picture up the hillside?  Her running gear has no pockets, so unless she stuck the pic in her running shoe - or her knickers...

And why did she not take cuddle cat for a jog up the hillside?  Was
he only a prop for when there were cameras and journalists around?

But how interesting she states
 -  no cameras, no journalists?

Goncalo Amaral said that Kate McCanns book 'Madeleine' may become a document of evidence - I think we can safely add her diary to that too...
27th July 2013

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