Lying in the Sun

A Life Lost

A Life Lost

Earlier this evening I posted a blog where I spoke of the appalling conduct of Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt his hounding, and harassment of a lady outside her home.   Of how it was not for Brunt to take the law into his own hands, that he should leave matters such as this to police authorities.  That he should hang his head in shame.  That if this lady had committed any offence that it was a matter for police, not Brunt!   

At the time of posting said blog I had no idea that this lady had died, taken her own life a direct result of Brunt's conduct?   I received an email from a friend to tell me this together with a link to the article in the mailonline which runs with a most dis-repectful headline that the woman Brenda Leyland was an internet troll.

But what defines a troll, the name itself is just so unbelievably infantile, silly!

I haven't read the tweets posted by this woman, but even if I had I would not comment.  Not the time for that and not my place.

First and foremost a troll did not die there is no such thing.

This lady was a human being, and from what her friends and neighbours those who knew her say, a decent one at that. She was a mum, had a son a young man who must be distraught at the death of his mother, distraught at how Sky, Martin Brunt treated her.  

The Metropolitan Police had not even investigated any Tweets by this woman. Yet Sky News, Martin Brunt took it upon themselves to confront her and film outside her home, make accusations based on a dossier put together by a bunch of crazed hate filled Twit people!

And the Mailonline article is no better - complete disregard for the loss of this lady's life and utter disrespect for her family who must be in shock, grief stricken.  

My heart goes out to this lady's family, especially so, her young son Ben. His pain and hurt at the loss of his mother in such a way unimaginable.

So tragic!
5th October 2014
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