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A Passing Thought

A Passing Thought

The picture of Gerry McCann coming down the steps of the plane, he is carrying his child one of his children in his left arm, the child's head resting on McCanns left shoulder.

McCanns right arm is across the child's back.

Kate McCann carries their other child on her left side too but unlike McCann it appears to be so that her right hand is free to hold onto the rail.

Did the man the Smith saw carry the child on the left side also, with his right hand across the child's back?

Is Gerry McCann left handed?

Would a left handed person be more inclined to carry a child on their left side?

Martin Smith said the man he saw carried the child with her head resting against the man's left shoulder.

Smith however did say that the man looked uncomfortable carrying the child as if not habitual!

I guess though if one was carrying a child who was not alive - it would be not habitual!

It could be argued also that the man Tanner saw who carried that child in the awkward way he did was someone for whom this was not habitual, yet we are led to believe it was a father and daughter!

So we must assume then what seems awkward to us may be perfectly normal to others, normal for Tanner's man, and normal for Smith's man.

What is to be considered is the position of the child how she was actually carried as in which shoulder she rested, and how much alike both the man and the child were to Gerry McCann and Madeleine McCann.

As I said...a passing thought!
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