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A Tapas Reconstruction

A Tapas Reconstruction

DCI Redwood has said that he has taken this case back to zero.   For Scotland Yard to have done so, surely they would have then had to address a re-enactment of the events of the night little Madeleine vanished?

The Portuguese Police attempted to get this group of people together to do exactly that, but as we know they all refused to participate in such a diligence. Astounding really when the McCanns insist their daughter is alive, that they would not fully co-operate with police, and further, more astounding that they agreed that their holiday companions should not participate either.

Any other parents would have dragged their holiday companions back to Portugal whether it meant them screaming and kicking all the way - not the McCanns.  They agreed with their buddies that they should not take part.

Madeleine was most definitely was not a priority for any of these people. Parents who believe their daughter was alive, and held by paedophiles yet they didn't want to help?

But it was not only the the McCanns and their companions who were requested to take part in a reconstruction of events, Jez Wilkins, he too was requested by police to return to Portugal.  Jez Wilkins, a British holidaymaker who had befriended Gerry McCann through their interest in playing tennis, was out walking that evening, his young child could not sleep so he had taken the little one out in the pushchair hoping  a walk around would remedy.

This case has been re-opened in Portugal.   If the Portuguese are to once more request that the McCanns and their buddies return - would they do so?

If DCI Andy Redwood was to request of the Portuguese that Scotland Yard be allowed to carry out a reconstruction there - would the McCanns refuse Scotland Yard as they did the Portuguese Police?

And it also crossed my mind that should any reconstruction ever take place that the sighting by Jane Tanner of a man, who up until Crimewatch in October 2013 his identity was unknown to police, and who DCI Redwood then stated at that time,  was a British dad carrying home his child from the night creche (hence nicknamed Crecheman) surely this man therefore has a very important role to play in any reconstruction?

Crecheman most definitely must have noted who and what he saw that night, I mean this is the guy who can remember almost 7 years on, exactly what he and his little daughter were wearing!

It would be difficult to see how he could have missed seeing Jane Tanner, Gerry McCann and Jez Wilkins who all claim to have been on the street at the time this man passed.

Before Crecheman crossed the road carrying his child he must have checked that there was no vehicular traffic heading towards him, and if he did, he would have seen the above named trio.

In the McCann documentary back in the days when this guy was known as Tannerman,  we had this man walk straight across the road looking straight ahead, not checking for traffic, left or right.

Now that Andy Redwood has tracked down the guy and is now Crecheman, he can demonstrate exactly what he did, describe exactly who or what he saw.  

Perhaps whoever dealt with him as he signed his child out of the creche that night could also confirm the time at which this happened.

Andy Redwood one would hope has already asked Crecheman if he did in fact see the three on the street that night.

One would hope the team in Portugal would now also have interviewed this Andy surely discussed this with them when he made his discovery as to who the guy was?
23rd March 2014

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