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A Trickey Situation

A Trickey Situation


It is not clear if the McCann twins, Amelie and Sean remember their sister Madeleine’s abduction, David Trickey a Consultant Clinical Child Psychologist told the Court in Lisbon.


Trickey acts as an expert advisor to police and as an expert witness approximately 10 times each year in civil and criminal cases, particularly in the areas of trauma, bereavement and child testimony.

He has extensive experience of working with children who have witnessed one parent killing another. 


Whether he actually used the term ‘abduction’ I am not entirely sure but this is what is being reported.


If this is the case, the first point I must make is how does the psychologist know, or how can he possibly confirm absolutely that Madeleine McCann was abducted?


The McCanns lawyer in a previous case, the Bennett case in the UK stated that Madeleine had been abducted.  When challenged, she was forced to retract her statement, admitting that she had no proof that Madeleine had been abducted she was simply repeating what the McCanns had told her!

Quite incredulous! 


Did Trickey do likewise – just repeat what the McCanns had told him?


I ask, as, for a Consultant Clinical Child Psychologist to have been “treating” shall we say the McCann twins based on an abduction which may never have happened, in fact of which there is no evidence, not a shred to suggest Madeleine McCann was abducted, I find extremely disturbing.

And we can only presume that this is in fact what he has been doing with Amelie and Sean, as he spoke of abduction in Court.


We could ask – Does it make a difference if she was abducted or not, she is missing, the effect on the twin children is the same, their sister is no longer around?


Of course it does!

A doctor doesn't, unless he is a quack, examine your rear end, and give you a tube of haemorrhoid cream if you had simply called in to ask him to make a house call as your granny was unwell. 


Trickey has made a statement in Court – ‘That it is NOT clear whether the McCann twins remember their sister’s abduction.’

So he is not clear if either twin remembers anything?  They are two, not one!


I would ask firstly and I would imagine it is of great importance and relevance, to establish if it is at all clear as to whether either of the McCann twins remember Madeleine before pondering whether they remember her being abducted?


That is, actually remembering her being around, as opposed to them being told by their parents that she was once there, and having pictures of her shown to them. Speaking of her, repeating something they have been told about her, is not the same as actually remembering a time Madeleine was with them.


I find it odd that Tricky has not after 6 years been able to be clear as to whether they remember anything.  But I guess that rather depends on how closely and how regularly Trickey has met with Amelie and Sean, and of course how much and what memories Kate and Gerry McCann want their children to remember perhaps?  How much they want Trickey around probing.


If these children witnessed anything on that night, remembered anything of that night a noise, voices, saw someone unknown to them remove Madeleine from her bed, that is one hell of a difference than them seeing their mummy or daddy taking Madeleine from her bed.  They would think nothing of the latter – the former, a whole different kettle of fish.


Therefore I would imagine a psychologist must have to approach any “chats” he has with these children in a certain way if it is absolutely proven that their sister was abducted.  


As to the approach he must take when he does not know what became of Madeleine…

So a strange thing for this expert witness to say that he is not clear as to whether the twins remember an "abduction." 

If he had spoken with them met with them often over the past six years he would be able to be clear on this, clear as to whether the twin children witnessed not an abduction perse, but clear as to whether they remember seeing or hearing something on the night Madeleine disappeared.

The twins were very young so not likely they remember anything not now, but not only this, we have been told that they were virtually comatose on that night, that nothing, no sound, however loud, no change in light however bright, or change in temperature, in the room or outside, no matter how extreme, hot or cold, could rouse these children.

Their mother’s wailing and shrill cries did not disturb their sleep.

Their father cranking open the shutters on the window did not disturb their sleep.

I wonder what Trickey thinks of this?  He must surely know this, and knowing this must have enabled him to give a much more clear opinion as to whether he thinks these children remember anything of that night. 

If I recall correctly there was an article somewhere quite recently in which Kate McCann stated that one of the twins said something in reference to around that time, which surprised her as she did not think they could remember as far back.  I must look for this.


If they don't remember seeing or hearing, have no memory of that night, most likely no memory of Madeleine either, then fair to say that if they are affected in any way at this point in time, that the root of any problem they may be experiencing is due to whatever they have been told of this case by their parents, from whatever it is that goes on in their home, their life at home. 


But Trickey has been careful not to say that the McCann children have been affected by their sister not being around.  Because he cannot prove that they have in any way.  Also he was not there at Court for that purpose, but rather to make the case against  Dr Goncalo Amaral.

But even then how could he or anyone else for that matter, state that the book had harmed the twin children when the McCanns themselves have stated that they have protected their children from this book, that they are not allowed on the internet?

(Not allowed on it EVER or just that when they are on it, and as it should be for all 8 year old's, the normal child restrictions, safety measures in place to protect and keep them safe when using a computer or better still a parent sitting with them.)  

Loud laughter

Kate McCann sure knows how to tell a tale!

A statement such as that which Trickey, a McCann hired witnesses, gave is not only to paint Dr Goncalo Amaral black, but to give Kate McCann ammunition for her stories, to add to the drama which Kate likes to surround herself in - the scary abductor, the scary book, the scary Dr Goncalo Amaral, the scary person who might turn up at the petrol station steal her twins, the scary person who might shoot her at the marathon...

She's one scary female!

We’ve, seen it, heard it all from her before, a thousand times.

Kate McCanns amateur dramatics, fantastic tales, crocodile tears are now tiresome. 

And so glad the weather is fine in Portugal if I had to see another duffy coat - she seems to have one in every shade of black or grey, her special ‘Court Coats’ to add to the tragic look.  That said she clearly raided her granny’s wardrobe for those god awful frocks even granny Healy and the dowdy, Trish came looking less dated than Kate McCann.  One reporter, having a laugh I would think reported on her fetching frock, and what is with the yellow wristbands…that lark is past its sell by date too!

Yip Kate likes her drama.   Surprised her mother, scary Susan, didn't sort that out when she was younger...had she done so we might not all have to suffer it now...She makes you feel sorry for Gerry, and that ain't easy...


But I digress.


Kate McCann the mother of the twins has written 'Madeleine' the most awful book.  A book that no sane mother would ever wish their children to read, that is their grown up children.


The twins I trust have were not given a copy in their stockings last Christmas, if not, pretty impossible still for them not to know of its existence.


Unless the McCann twins are not allowed out of their home other than to go to school, and unless when there they are taught in seclusion from other children, they will have seen the book (I hate to even refer to it as a book it is trash disguised in book form) then these children will have seen this in stores – Madeleine’s face on the front cover smiling back at them as they walk by the Book Bargain Bucket.


Their school friends will speak of this too.  And there will surely be at least one copy at home.


Of course David Trickey was not at Court to discuss the rants and raves of Kate McCann in 'Madeleine' not there to give opinion on how such a 'piece' by her has affected her children, he was there to say that Dr Goncalo Amarals book MAY at some time in the future affect in some way the McCann children.

He could not say for definite, merely give his expert opinion that this
may happen.


But we must remember the twins are not one but two persons.  It may or may not affect one or both of them and at different times in their lives. They may read it and think 'hell that's what happened to the sister we never knew, no wonder maw and paw kept it a secret.'


They may read their mothers efforts too (her words written with them in mind) and be devastated to learn how they and their sister Madeleine were abandoned night after night, and that something terrible happened to Madeleine when their mummy and daddy were out having fun with people they knew.


They will discover that mummy and daddy were too busy to go out and physically search for Madeleine.


They will learn that their mummy and daddy and their holiday companions refused to return to Portugal and help the police find Madeleine.


They might be devastated to learn that Sean cried for his mummy and daddy and they did not come.


So many truths on the internet, not least the police files, and Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book that I can imagine Kate and Gerry McCann when the twins are 18 telling them, that whilst in their home they will do as they are told, not until they pay the bills will they have a say in matters, and ‘to stop googling Madeleine McCann Case!’


Reality is though that the twins very soon will be accessing all that the McCanns would hope that they could have kept from them.   Not vile sites, as Kate likes to tell the press, but the truth.  That is the McCanns fear. 

Do the McCanns fear that either of their twins may one day remember something from that night? 


I’m not so sure they do.  And not, if they drugged their children as some think may have happened.

If they were, and by the parents, was it before Madeleine 'disappeared' to keep them from waking while their parents wined and dined, or afterwards to keep them quiet while their parents 'cleaned up' and so that no one would ask questions of them?And if the McCanns did give these children "something" then they will be confident that the children will not remember that night.

And Trickey as an expert must surely be as confident as they are that the children at this time don't remember anything of the night Madeleine vanished.

How could he not if he has been working with them - and when he knows they never woke at any time on that night.

This is the man who has worked with children in the areas of trauma, bereavement, child testimony.  The man who has worked with children who have witnessed one parent killing another.

I think Trickey would know almost instantly if either Sean or Amelie McCann had memories of Madeleine being abducted - that is unless he has been "treating" them - over the phone!

How does that work I wonder? No, that's just silly, he wouldn't be evaluating over the phone, now would he?

So really not worth anyone getting their knickers in knots over the McCann witnesses, all par for the course, all paid for as they are in many cases. Expert witnesses in whatever field will appear in Court and say what is required of them to ensure that whomever they are speaking for has a good chance of hitting the jackpot!   

And Kate's mother?   Of course she will say anything at all for her daughter, that is what mother's do.  Some even protect their offspring when they have done the most awful of things, committed heinous crimes.

Kate's mum is hard faced from what I have witnessed.   (No wonder Kate McCann feared what her parents would say when they discovered she had abandoned her kids night after night...She knew her mother would be furious with her)...but still scary Susie Healy she will defend her daughter to the end.  Blood thicker than water!

A poor performance by all accounts then by the expert witness, the psychologist,David Trickey but then no different from the others heard so far.
14th September 2013

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