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A Word in Gerry's Ear

A Word in Gerry's Ear

Sunday Mirror
Matthew Drake
23rd March 2014

...Last week Scotland Yard expressed frustration at the speed of the ­Portuguese legal system as they try to discover what has happened to the missing ­youngster.

David Cameron has said he would be willing to appeal directly to the P­ortuguese government if British police felt their investigation into Madeleine's disappearance was being hampered by bureaucracy.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said Mr Cameron would be prepared to "make further representations" to the government in Portugal if it would help Scotland Yard's inquiry...

I'm just wondering if while good old Dave is at it, and since he believes in everyone 'in it together' if he wouldn't mind asking Gerry McCann why he changed his story?

First McCann told Portuguese Police he entered the apartment to check on his kids the night he reported Madeleine as missing, through the front locked door using his key to open it. That was on 4th May 2007.

Seven days later Gerry McCann decided to present the Portuguese Police with an entirely different account of his movements on that night.

On 10th May 2007 he told them that he hadn't gone in through the front door at all.  He then claimed he had left a patio door unlocked and had gone in through this door - 'as was usual' he said.

Now that cannot be right.  If he did this, and it was usual why did he tell police on the night the child vanished that he had entered by the front locked door using his key?

The McCanns and their buddies sure gave the Portuguese Police the run around.  Telling them they did one thing then changing it to another.   Telling the police they entered the McCann apartment and checked on their kids when they did no such thing.

Why did this group of people lie to police?

If good old Dave wants to interfere help, I suggest he get together with Gerry and Kate McCann and have a word in Gerry's ear as to which door he used, and a word with Kate about appearing in nothing but a bath towel to speak with David Payne at her patio door that night - something which Payne denies.   Oh he admits he was there alright but he never saw Kate in a bath towel - I think he might just have remembered that.  One of them claims he was there 30 minutes, the other 30 seconds.  Doctor Payne would you believe cannot remember either which route he took to get to the McCann apartment, and he cannot remember either exactly why he was there only that Gerry McCann he said asked him to check on his wife...yeah as if!

Sunday Mirror has provided a nice little layout of the complex, maybe Dr David Payne might care to look at it and see if he remembers the route he took from the tennis courts where he said he met with Gerry and at which time Gerry asked him to go check on his wife

The McCann apartment 5A certainly became very popular on that day/night.   Never before did anyone check on their children, and never before did Gerry ask anyone to check on his wife.  But on the night Madeleine vanished the place was buzzing.

Even the burglars must have wondered what was going on!

Aerial shot of the Ocean Club

And I'm sure Andy and his team of 30 + detectives, Scotland Yards finest, must be wondering how Payne failed to notice the fair Kate standing in her bath towel!

But he did notice the kids pyjamas
- all three McCann kids sitting like angels dressed in white.  

How odd is that, a red blooded male didn't notice Kate half naked before him, doesn't remember what she was wearing but he is able to remember the pyjamas all three kids were wearing!

To see the kids, did he have to enter the apartment, or did he look over the half naked Kate's shoulder to view them?

I do wonder if Andy Redwood has managed to clear up differences in Kate McCann and David Paynes stories, the differences also in Gerry's story, get to the bottom of why he claimed one thing then another, as you see, it makes a huge difference to the whole scenario, and timeline, what Gerry McCann saw, and what others perhaps saw of him, which door he used.

It certainly would hurry along DCI Redwood's investigation if these and other similar type questions could be answered. And it would save Dave Cameron dipping his hand in the UK taxpayers pocket to fund any more of the nonsense by these people.
23rd March 2014

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