Lying in the Sun

A Wright Lie?

A Wright Lie?

(I’m sure by now Michael Wright must wish his name was Smith or Jones)


Thinking out loud -

Michael Wright testified at Court in Lisbon that he was the person responsible for giving Gerry and Kate McCann a copy of Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book – Maddie-A Verdade da Mentira (Maddie-The Truth of the Lie)


He claims to have done so in August 2008.


From the transcript of the Hearing in Lisbon by Anne Guedes and in reference as to when the McCanns read the book by Dr Goncalo Amaral.


ID = Isabel Duarte, McCann lawyer.

MW = Michael Wright, husband of Kate McCanns cousin.


ID - When did they read the book and watch the documentary?

MW - They read the book when I sent them the translation that was on the internet in August 2008.

It has to be noted also that the Judge asked Wright if he had read the book.  He stated that he had, or rather he had read the English translation on the internet (2008)


The Judge asked Wright when he had read the book.  He replied it was very shortly after it was published.


So, very shortly after the book was published in 2008, Wright claims he sent a translation of it to Gerry and Kate McCann.


Dr Martin Roberts who writes for McCannfiles in a recent article – ‘Wright’s Folly’ observed that in 2008 there was no English translation of the book available online.


Much discussion has followed, seems this has caused a bit of a flurry on the forums!


One point being raised is that in September 2008, the McCanns had stated in an interview that they had not read the book.


It is most likely as there was NO English translation available at that time (contrary to Wright’s testimony) and unless either of the McCanns speak Portuguese that they were being truthful when stating they had not read the book at the time of being interviewed (September 2008.)


But the plot thickens!


Indeed they may not themselves have read it – but there is every possibility that someone, someone who spoke Portuguese, read it to them if you like/had translated it for them?


Not having sat down and read it themselves does not mean they had not a clue of the content.  Which really is the crux of the matter – whether they read it themselves, not so important.


Again from McCannfiles: 

Press Association National Newswire

25th July 2008 

By Sam Marsden

PA Chief Reporter


The McCanns, both from Rothley, Leicestershire, were formally cleared of involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance on Monday, when prosecutors lifted their status as ‘arguidos’ or formal suspects.

They say they will continue to believe their daughter is alive until given firm evidence to the contrary, and their lawyers are now scrutinising Mr Amaral’s book.

Mr Mitchell said the McCann’s legal team would “take their time” to go through the text.

He refused to comment on Portuguese newspaper reports that the book is to be published in English, and that its film rights have already been sold.

“We are not talking about Mr Amaral and his book.  We are not giving him any oxygen of publicity,” he said.

“All I will say is I hope he and his publishers, and the newspapers reporting his libellous allegations, are very brave because action will be taken if required at a time of our choosing.”



On 25th July 2008 we know for sure that Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns, their legal team had already decided the content of the book was libellous.


He tells us though that their legal team will take their time to go through the text.


I think we all tend to - at least I know I do, when they speak of their legal team, think more of the team based in the UK, forgetting the Portuguese side.


But as the book, back in 2008 had not been published in English (and the position I believe remains the same) and despite the testimony Wright gave in Court, there was no online English translation of the book available either in August 2008.


One would therefore have to assume that the McCann legal team who were ‘taking their time’ to go through the text – were either on the Portuguese side, or that they had already had the book translated from Portuguese to English, to allow their English legal team to ‘take their time’ and go through the text? And to have allowed Clarence Mitchell to feel so confident as to make the bold statements and threats to others which he did.

Because they sure weren't reading 'the book' an online English version sent to them by Michael Wright!

Let us not forget, Kate McCann has stated that she met with Isabel Duarte on 20th April 2009 and it was at this time that they decided they would sue Dr Goncalo Amaral!


So the book which Wright claimed also was easy to read, and could be read in a day – seems to have taken the McCann legal team Portuguese side/English Side whichever, rather longer than one day!  What 9/10 months?


Kate McCann said that on 20th April 2009, after having discussed suing Dr Goncalo Amaral, that they left her (Duarte) to commence preparation, whilst she and Gerry popped on a plane to US to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.


Kate McCann (From her book Madeleine)

“Amaral's documentary was the last straw. On 20 April we took the decision with Isabel Duarte to sue him. 

While she did the preparatory work, we were off to the States again – to appear on Oprah Winfrey's talk show."

(The documentary was the 
last straw, not the book?)


It leaves us with a couple of things to ponder:


  • Wright clearly got it wrong – a deliberate lie?


  • McCanns may not have personally read the book (depends whether they had an English translation in the hands of their lawyers at that time) but absolutely by September 2008 they were aware of the content, as Clarence Mitchell has stated without question on 25th July 2008 that they considered the book libellous.  They could not have reached such conclusion without having read it – or having had it read to them!


  • Perhaps most interesting of all – Clarence states in his warning, his threat to Dr Goncalo Amaral, the publishers and the newspapers (Portuguese?) that –


‘Action, will be taken if required at a time of their choosing’


In July 2008 having stated the book was libellous, and having threatened the above mentioned parties, he still did not know if they would sue?


They would wait for a time of their choosing?


Did Clarence not know that the book had caused Kate to cry for a few days?  And time was of the essence, she may have taken a ‘dip’ before he decided which day to choose to commence libel proceedings?


Did he not know that the book had interrupted their private search for Madeleine?


Clearly he didn’t if he was waiting for a time of their choosing before suing!

I think we can safely take from this that Kate McCanns health was not the reason for this libel case!


Clarence also said ‘if required’ they would take action?


So what were his requirements if not Kate's health, and the interruption to the investigation?


He’d already, in his mind, established the book was libellous – He surely must have known that Kate was suicidal (albeit pretendy) and he must have known the private investigation had been interrupted?


And that was not enough to take action?  What was he waiting for?


To see how healthy the balance of the Fund?


This whole thing just keeps getting messier and messier!

29th September 2013

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