Lying in the Sun

Abductor Almost Caught

Abductor Almost Caught

By Who?  

By Jane" (full interview)

Sandra Felgeuiras - SF
Gerry McCann - GM
Kate McCann - KM


And you say that you regularly was checking her... were checking on the children every 15 minutes. So do you still maintain that, errr... this is the person that you believe has abducted Madeleine.

[SF holds up newspaper, with the 'Cooperman' sketch beside the 'Tanner' sketch]

Do you still believe that this is the man?


We... we have never 
said that that is the man who abducted Madeleine. We said that it's someone, who multiple witnesses... had a description similar to this man. 

[GM holds up a sheet of paper showing the same two sketches]

Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."
Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."

 [points to 'Jane Tanner' sketch, on right ] We believe this is the man...


The man that Jane Tanner saw?





KM:    [points to 'Gail Cooper' sketch, on left]

Now, this is the man who has... who has obviously been flagged up by certain people acting strangely and he's not that dissimilar to this man but we don't know.     Basically, it'll... we almost wanted to eliminate him.


And how do you think that he could have opportunity to get into the apartment if you were checking on the children every 15 minutes?


Ehh... Ehh... How often did you say we were checking?


15 minutes. No?


That's... that's not what we've said, you know...




 ...and it's been widely reported that it was about 30 minutes. Now, that was what our checks were. Clearly, different people were going at different times and there was a small window of opportunity.

There's no doubt about it; it was a small window.

I believe it's a high risk strategy and that person almost got caught.


By who?


By Jane!


But do you fear to go back?

Do you fear the Portuguese justice?    I mean, the PJ inquiry?


We have anx... anxiety about the way the situation has transpired.

When we were in Portugal, early on, we would... could never have imagined, errr... that attention would have focused on us.


So it's official the case has been re-opened in Portugal!

Brilliant news!

And what a difference a day or 1825 days (5 years) make!

Will the McCanns be less anxious to return to Portugal if they are requested by the Portuguese Police to return to be questioned again?  

Will they co-operate this time around?

Will they now be prepared to take part in a reconstruction if this is requested of them?    Will they be as anxious as they clearly were in the interview with Sandra Felgueiras?

Will they do another interview with Sandra Felgueiras?

And this time if she asks them 'by who?'   Will Gerry reply - 'by Kate?'

Kate is now the 'catcher' is she not?   Or the 'almost catcher!'

So she must now be more 'key' than ever to the investigation now that the baton has been passed to her!

Redwood moved the goalposts - nudged Jane out of the picture, kicked Tannerman 1 into touch, overlooked Oldfield (but we saw him in the video sneaking back to the table AFTER Jane) pretended the Payne pair never existed - allowed O'Brien to nip home and do his washing - leaving Catcher Kate out on a limb!   And Gerry too - the two main players Redwood, left alone - yet to decide where they fit in the puzzle?

He has certainly been very selective in as to who stays in the picture,  and who goes!

Will a culprit appear in the next few days, weeks and the need for the McCanns their companions be zero-ed?

Two separate investigations it was announced, following two different paths -

The Portuguese have four leads which are taking them down one path and they are different leads from those the British Police are following.   Not sure of Andy's numbers - we were at one hundred and ninety five leads last time we heard from him!

But we are told, they are both  in agreement that the McCann couple had no criminal involvement in Madeleine's disappearance reported Emma Murphy, ITV News.

Oddly enough though she also said:

"What would be very significant is, if in the coming days those investigations start to come together, that would suggest that these two teams are working along the same lines and possibly then starting to reach a point in the investigation that might produce some answers."

They are going down different paths, following different leads, but it would be significant if they come together and work along same lines - in coming days?  Boy that would be a quick turnaround! 

Does she know something more?

As long as,  if,  and when the two forces come together, they get it right, and discover why: 

  • Gerry McCann changed his story!  

  • Why the tapas group/McCann holiday companions have continually lied.

  • Why Kate McCann has so many accounts, she's lost count.

  • Get answers to all of the lies and discrepancies, discover how the alleged abductor got in and out of that apartment, and so much more besides...

As is obvious to one and all - McCann didn't change their stories and all else for no good reason!

Interesting that Redwood said he is taking matters back to zero, as long as that too does not include wiping from existence so to speak the statements made by the McCann party and given to police both in Portugal and UK, as their accounts of that night.

One has to wonder if this might happen, as the drama made for Crime Watch was not true to these statements, and officer Andy Redwood knows this!

He did also throw in little clues as to how he is going to 'zero' matters.

Those burglaries he mentioned? He doesn't believe for a split second a burglar took Madeleine of course he doesn't - burglars don't take kids - he spoke of burglars who gained access through windows!   I think we can see where he was going with that one!

But there is as has been reported yesterday now two investigations, two quite separate investigations we are told.

If true and reporting is accurate - 

Be interesting to see who comes up with what, or if in the coming days, they will see eye to eye and a bunch of blonde blokes get the blame!

Theresa May was quite amusing, she added that she hopes there can be some sort of resolution to this "thing" that happened to McCanns- so that they the McCanns  will know what happened to Madeleine!

Interesting comment that one - nothing about finding Madeleine, dead or alive, or of  bringing the real and findable little girl home to the McCanns- so doesn't look as though that is on the cards!   Also,  she could not have been less sincere if she tried!

She certainly didn't use the term abduction either!  It is a 'thing' apparently that happened to Kate and Gerry McCann - not Madeleine!

Kate and Gerry -  

 "Please be patient and respect the work of the police as they endeavour to find the answers we so desperately need."

Good to see Kate has learned some manners last we heard she was calling the Portuguese Police - Fucking Tossers!  

And interesting the now lack of urgency to find Madeleine?  Anything to do with I wonder, Met saying they are not suspects?

The Met also said they have a very long way to go with their investigation, and as we see - things change!

Not sure though if she is asking that respect be shown to all officers, as technically it is
not a joint investigation, it is two separate investigations, until such times their paths may meet...she may only be referring to the British! 

As to respecting the work of the police - the persons who  didn't do that were the guilty party, the  McCanns, guilty of neglecting their children, and so much more, yet demanded the respect of others!

The Portguese Police are highly respected.   Without the work they did in the original investigation there would be no 30,000 + files for the Metropolitan Police to trawl through.

Demonstrates the shear volume of work, time and effort by the Portuguese authorities, definitely they were not sitting around munching sardines as the sillier amongst us have accused them!

But then the Met get accused of pushing pork pies down their throats and in US, it's donuts!

Interesting times ahead and interesting that the McCanns still seem to need to seek re-assurance that they will not be held responsible!  So I'll wager they are still 'lawyered to the hilt'

Interesting too the silence of their companions...

If they truly played no part in their beautiful daughter Madeleine's disappearance as Gerry McCann famously said - then no matter which path the Portuguese Police or the Metropolitan Police take separately or together - the McCanns and their companions should have nothing to fear or become anxious about. 

The holiday party do still have much to explain though -
Why Gerry McCann changed his story for one thing?   Which clearly hindered the police investigation!  Why the different paths their story has taken?

Unless of course Andy Redwood as part of
his investigation has 'zero-ed' this too?

What have the Portuguese discovered?  What have they 'zero-ed' if anything?

Whether it is in the coming days or months before this information is released - we will have to wait.

There is still the libel trial taking place in Lisbon, and it would be naive of us to not consider the timing of all else that has happened of late, and the rapid release of information - not the rapid release of information newly discovered, but a planned release, worked on over many months!

For Madeleine justice needs to be served - again I am cautiously optimistic that this may happen.

For the McCanns to have lost a child no matter the circumstances even if they covered up a tragic accident, which is quite likely, in fact more than likely - they still lost their first born child, and must surely have grieved her loss, miss their little girl terribly.    How could they not?

Where I have no thought for them is in the stories they have told.  The mess they created, not co-operating with police in Portugal, their Fund all the many millions of people who gave so generously to people who were less than truthful...

And at this juncture I must ask - Where is Dave Edgar, the McCann private detective?   Zero-ed too?

Whatever it is the McCanns felt the need to lie about, to' hide' as retired British detective John Stalker said, to create the stories they did, it hindered an investigation.

And, if Madeleine was removed by a stranger from 5A - they put themselves, their careers, their reputations before the safe return of their first born child, and each and every one of their holiday companions, did likewise!

And that is unforgivable!

The perfect example of their dishonesty,  in the most recent series of Crime Watch style productions aired in the various European countries.

You see, those who have read the police files, know that these were not honest accounts as per the statements this group of people gave police in Portugal and the Leicestershire Police in UK - which is simply shocking - and Redwood knows they were not true accounts...perhaps more shocking, or to be expected?

For those who have read the files, followed the case, the Crime Watch series aired, served only to re-inforce what they already knew with regards their honesty-

That these parents could allow for such inaccurate material to be aired, to be presented to the public as though the truth, answers much.   That their holiday companions allowed for this also, with not a one coming out in support of Madeleine - tells us all one needs to know about the characters of the entire group.

That the Portuguese have definitely re-opened the case is of course the most wonderful news - for Madeleine - a chance to discover what truly happened to her.

It is doubtful Madeleine will be found alive - the first investigation tells us this - and naive of anyone to dismiss it!

But if what is currently going on results in the culprits whoever they may be, being caught that is most probably as much as one can reasonably hope for!

Of course I wonder too who next will
'almost catch' the culprit -  Or will someone drop the baton, and who will pick it up, catch the culprits, not almost catch them, but catch them - the Metropolitan Police, the Portuguese Police or will they cross the line together?

And a question still very relevant now is that of Sandra Felgueiras speaking of the alleged intruder:- 

'And how do you think that he could have opportunity to get into the apartment if you were checking on the children every 15 minutes?'

Gerry of course replies that it was not 15 minutes but nearer 30 minutes (do remember when Madeleine was first reported as missing it was 20) but, he then also goes on to say - 


"Clearly, different people were going at different times and there was a SMALL window of opportunity."


So once more Gerry and Kate - How do you think 'he' could have had opportunity?

And not forgetting the bedroom door Gerry you found it open at 9:05 PM!   

So your intruder, for Kate, to have 'almost caught him' hung around for one hour!

How I wonder will the Portuguese Police and the Metropolitan Police reconcile this and other, still very much outstanding matters?
25th October 2013

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