Lying in the Sun

Abductor May Strike Agai

Abductor May Strike Again...


Alleged abductor may not...

Alleged abductor may not exist...

Fact is there is no evidence that  s/he exists...

Fact is there is no evidence of this alleged abductor having  struck any time at any date before Madeleine McCann was reported as missing by her parents.

Fact is, there is no evidence of this alleged abductor having struck any time in the EIGHT years since Madeleine McCann was reported as missing by her parents.

Fact is there is no evidence that this alleged abductor struck on the night Madeleine McCann was reported as missing by her parents.

Fact is, the evidence gathered by police in the initial investigation rather points to there NOT being an abductor, that is someone unknown to the McCanns and/or their buddies who were on vacation with them.

Fact is too there is no record in Portuguese Police Files, of anyone having died in the holiday apartment which the McCanns rented, prior to the McCanns have lived there.

The dogs however, did  alert in the apartment, after Madeleine mysteriously vanished, indicating the scent of cadaver.

Gerry McCann stated in interview that cadaver dogs are INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE!

Not the ones brought into the McCann holiday apartment.

In over 200 cases these dogs were spot on!

What are the chances of them wrongly alerting in the McCann apartment?  

Probably Zero!

But the McCanns insist on telling the world that this alleged abductor 'may strike again.'

There is probably as much chance of that, as there is sadly of young Madeleine being found alive.

Based on the evidence, some indeed circumstantial, but still it seems most unlikely that this child was whisked away from the apartment by a stranger, snatched from her bed as the McCanns tell us.

A tremendous amount of what the McCanns have stated has been proven not to be true, why should anyone believe the child was even in bed just prior to having been removed from the apartment by whomever carried out that particular deed?

Gerry McCann: (Mailonline July 2014)

'Whoever took Madeleine is still out there and whoever the person is they must have been laughing these past six years at what was told in the book, that there was no predator out there.

'There was and he or she may strike again.'

The book McCann refers to in above statement is of course Dr Amaral's the contents of which reflect the official police investigation.

It could equally be said that the McCanns and their buddies have been laughing for the same length of time, (as is claimed by McCann -this alleged abductor has been doing) laughing at the those members of the public being duped by the stories and claims made by Kate McCann in her book that there is out there an abductor who snatched Madeleine.

Kate McCann, Crimewatch 2013 stated that ultimately it was not them (her and Gerry McCann who had committed THIS crime) it is the person who has gone into that apartment and taken a little girl away from her family.   Said she.

And on that note we are right back to square one - 

Who could have gone into that apartment?
How could they have gotten in?
How could they have gotten out carrying Madeleine?
How did no one hear or see a thing?

It all rather depends on what the truth is of the events of that evening.

And it is plain for all to see the stories told by the McCanns and their buddies have changed so often, so many lies in this regard.

But still, based on what they have said, time to explore in the next blog, how the abductor could have gotten in and out.

Explore also the McCanns claim that they acted within the bounds of responsible parenting, which they claim they were instructed by someone in the legal field (who they never named, and no prizes for guessing why that would be - responsible parenting indeed!) was the case.

I say to explore this, as it is this, which determines in many ways, what is the truth of what became of young Madeleine.

Forget alleged abductors/intruders, or burglaries gone wrong.

Back to the beginning with this one.

Back to those kids being left alone by McCanns in that apartment, their claimed checking routines.
17th May 2015

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