Lying in the Sun

Abductor May Strike Prt3

Abductor May Strike Again Part 3

Within the bounds of responsible parenting continued.
Oh how they like to spin a tale

The ‘One Year On ‘ Documentary

Q: Tell me what happened, that morning... what Madeleine said.

Kate McCann: 

"Well, I... I can't remember if we'd just had breakfast, it was rou... it was, sort of, fairly early in the morning and she just very casually, really, said: (mimics Madeleine's voice) 'Where were you last night, when me and Sean cried?' and we immediately looked and said, you know: 'When was this, Madeleine? Was this when you were going to sleep?' and she didn't answer and then she just carried on playing, totally un-distressed."

"It was a passing remark, you know, and..." 

Gerry McCann: 

"Madeleine's very articulate and, errr... for her age, and, errm... you know, it's unlike her, if she's got something to say, to drop it. She just did... literally, dropped it, errm... and we both, kind of, looked at each other and said: 'Was it when we had just put them down?"

Dermot Murnaghan interview 
Sky News

(must watch)

Dermot Murnaghan: 

"Was Madeleine upset the night before, about being left alone. Had she… had she had a moment and got out of bed and started crying and started looking for you?"


Kate McCann: 

"I mean, I don't want to dwell on it too much, I mean, I don't know if you saw the documentary last night, so, I mean, I have talked about it, errm... Madeleine made a comment, errm… in passing, that, errm… 'Where were you when I cried?' Not just to mummy, by the way, just generally, errm… and it just seemed a bit odd. I mean, it was a very, kind of, passing remark and we just thought, 'Oh, she doesn't usually wake up' and, she woke up; that means that, you know, she must have fallen back asleep very quickly, errm... and then she moved on… you know, she moved on."


Gerry McCann: 

"Anybody with young children will understand that children cry; they wake up at night. During that week there was one night, errr… and we can't give too much detail because it's part of the investigation file but there was one night where Madeleine came through and one of the other, errr… twins were crying, so, you know, and when she did mention to it… it to us and we asked her about it and she just dropped… she was completely fine and we thought, 'Was it when they were bathing, getting them, you know, first putting them down in that period when they're really tired."

Crimewatch UK October 2013

Kate McCann:

"I think we all woke up about 7.30 and went through to have breakfast, and it was at that point Madeleine said:

(childs voice now asking where they were when she was crying_

It was one of those questions that kinda throws yah"

Gerry McCann

"We just made a mental note of it and said you know actually when we go out tonight we just need to make sure we're really checking, we don't want, we wouldn't like to think they wake up, be crying and looking for us."

Sandra Felgueiras interviews McCanns


Sandra Felgueiras:

Why haven’t you took Madeleine with you if you have already admitted that during breakfast she told you -  why didn’t you come up the night before while she and Sean were crying why didn’t you decide that evening to take them with you?

Kate McCann:

The thing is Sandra it was a passing remark I mean it was you know Madeleine just said ‘where were you when Sean and I cried?’   And we thought… it was one of those where you think, was that kinda maybe when they were getting their bath or you know cos sometimes at that time of night they are a bit tired and they cry a little bit err cos ah thought well we were checking so regularly that ah thought if she’d woken up that obviously that means she’d fallen back to sleep again very  quickly erm you know and obviously at that point you’re thinking if someone’s woken up, you know they’ve just woken up, you never for a million years and I’m sure everyone can appreciate you would not for one minute think that somebody had tried to take her out of the bedroom you know.

Sandra Felgueiras:

So you didn’t wonder any time to take them with you...

Kate McCann:

But obviously then I said to her you know – ‘What do you mean Madeleine when was this?’  And she dropped it she started playing with something.  So it was just a passing remark and to be fair hindsight is a wonderful thing you know, you know, phew.  Ah mean if what happened hadn’t happened then that comment would never have passed through my head again.

It was only because what happened that suddenly you are thinking of everything. You’re thinking 'was that relevant?' and that’s why I mentioned it to police in case it was significant.


Gerry McCann:  

" The next morning she (Madeleine) said err mummy...I can't remember now whether it was mummy or daddy...why didn't you come when me and Sean were crying last night?  We both looked at each other and thought 'that's odd crying' and we didn't hear anything and we had been back checking.  So we asked 'When did you cry?'  Sometimes when we first put them to bed they cry, but she just dropped it, and as we said Madeleine is very articulate, did she wake up.... " 

Kate McCann

"  there was something about it that obviously stopped us in our tracks.  It was probably just because our MAIN CONCERN was that the children had woken up, I mean never for one second did I think there was anything sinister going on and I just thought, have they woken up and obviously you know I WAS UPSET ABOUT THAT..."

Tubridy then asked Kate McCann if the point she is making is that someone had been in the apartment on this night the Wednesday, the night
before Madeleine was reported as missing.

Kate McCann confirms that this is EXACTLY THE POINT she is making.  'Absolutely' she replied.

One really has to watch this pair in action, the faces they pull to demonstrate how puzzled they are, are quite hilarious.

But their 'acting' is also positively shameful!

And no flies on Tubridy eh - 'Is that the point you are making?' said he to Kate McCann.

Of course it is.

They've been trying to sell that story for years now.   That not only did this alleged abductor call once when he allegedly stole/snatched Madeleine from her bed as they  keep telling us, but he called the night prior to this, also.

Interesting is that Kate McCann said in one of these interviews that they did not return to the apartment that night until just before MIDNIGHT.

That's a long time for these kids to have been on their own.

Interesting also is why after Madeleine telling them she cried, did they leave those kids again and in an UNLOCKED APARTMENT?

And as we see from the Tubridy interview, she tells the viewers that SHE WAS UPSET at hearing Madeleine and Sean had been crying.

Makes it even more unbelievable that they walked out on the kids again.

And Gerry McCann stating that they took a MENTAL NOTE?

Well knock me down with a flying feather, that was gonna keep their kids safe:  'A note to self'

Gerry McCann always talks about the abductor striking, as being a 'high risk strategy'

There you are folks.   Case solved!

What to me is a high risk strategy, was this story about Madeleine crying.

Oh how they wanted a story of how this alleged abductor had called more than once.  How he had made their kids cry.  Sounds good doesn't it.

Nothing to do with them then leaving them alone in a holiday apartment night after night?

But there is always the other side of the coin.

Madeleine told them she and her brother had cried, but they STILL left them alone again, and left the door open!

Liar, liar pants on fire, methinks.

All OUTWITH the bounds of responsible parenting.

They have taken the world for a ride, and one hell of an expensive one!

And how did the guy get in on this Wednesday night?

Do we take it the unlocked patio door - as he NEVER BUSTED the shutter or window to gain access.


Liar, liar pants on fire.

Not a lawyer in the land could spin this one out in Court as being 'within the bounds of responsible parenting.'

'Yes, your honor, as Madeleine, Sean and Amelie's  mother, I thought it best to leave them alone every night.   I did indeed, then decide it would be a good idea to leave the patio door unlocked too.  And I know Madeleine said she and her baby brother had been crying, and it DID UPSET ME, but the tapas bar and my buddies were beckoning, so YES, I walked out on my kids again.  I reckoned Madeleine was a big girl now, she was about to celebrate her 4th birthday.  She was such a little mother to the twins, and she'd never go out through that UNLOCKED patio door and leave them on their own.  Gerry?  Well what you see is what you get with Gerry your honor, he just didn't give a fuck - mental note, kids distressed, sorted'

What the heck is responsible about knowing your kids were alone in an unlocked holiday apartment, crying distressed and you, then treating them in the exact same way the very next night?

Outwith the bounds of responsible parenting - child cruelty more like!

Give it up!

Anyone still swallowing this?
17th May 2015

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