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We have seen from the previous blog post ‘Dodgy Detectives’ how easily it comes to this man Horrocks to overlook the facts of the Madeleine case, preferring fabrication to truth, this while commissioned to produce a report for publication by The Sun, the newspaper which recently, after 23 years admitted to LYING blatantly re the Hillsborough Disaster, or rather, they could not bring themselves to use the word LIE, they glossed over by saying they would now tell the REAL truth as opposed to the, not so real “truth” that which they claimed as the truth all those years ago?

“Real truth” is there any other kind?

Well it seems there is, according to some…

To the rest of us though, and in plain English – they lied and knowingly so!

You see sometimes persons can make a mistake.  Can make a comment, a statement in the belief that they are being truthful, others, well they just blatantly lie for any number of reasons!  But there is always a reason.

A lie might be of the ‘white’ variety, told simply so as to keep secret a surprise party being arranged for a family member perhaps, done solely so as not to spoil the surprise. 

Some feel they need to lie because they find themselves in a 'tricky situation' - Kate McCann -'Madeleine.'

There are the great black lies, told to cover more serious matters, calculated, carefully executed at times so that it cannot directly be attributed to a particular individual – enter a ‘source.’

Horrocks in my next blogs is our ‘source.’

It is a worrying factor of the missing Madeleine case that there are ‘paid for’ reports by the Sun for instance where deliberate and obvious twisting of facts, misinformation and shaped stories are the order of the day, or at least they seem to be deliberate, either that or extremely sloppy investigating and reporting!

It should be of grave concern to us all, all who care to discover the truth of what happened to Madeleine that this is what is happening.

Those who support the nonsense written by persons such as Horrocks on behalf of The Sun cannot claim to support justice in general, our children in particular, in any way whatsoever, all children, and of course they cannot claim at all to be supporters of Madeleine McCann.

By accepting the spin, the stories, the lies, which are as clear as day to any right thinking individual, they fail our children.  Children have no voice Madeleine has no voice and never will when there are people out there happy to accept what they are fed despite knowing it to be not truthful, to be so very wrong.

For these hard line supporters of Kate and Gerry McCann, these Sun worshippers, who are so accepting of the treatment the McCann children suffered at the hands of their parents, who will not accept at all that these parents did wrong in any way by leaving young children alone on all of those FIVE nights, children who had been awake and crying in their parents absence,  those who will never contemplate the possibility that the parents could be further involved,  I suspect there will be but one line from the Horrocks piece -  a  ‘piece’ clearly not based on the official police files - that they will have taken on board and will have remembered -  The absolution of the McCanns of any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter by his holiness Horrocks!

His words no doubt hailed.

For the hard liners that is all that matters - Kate and Gerry McCann - not Madeleine, not truth, honesty or justice.

If proof positive of involvement in the child’s disappearance was to be  presented to them at some point,  their stance would not change.

We know too, the children cried on at least two occasions in their parents absence.  We know also they cried during the night when the parents were present.

It was little Madeleine who would it seems go to the parents bedroom to alert them to the crying of her baby siblings.  Sadly for the children the parents were not always there when she did so!

The McCann couple confirm and acknowledge in televised interview and police witness statements, the crying incidents.

Confirming also that the children cried during the night when they the parents were at home, and confirm that Madeleine told them she and her brother were crying in their absence the night prior to her disappearance.

I read a comment on a blog a few evenings ago a rather shocking comment.  It was in response to a contributor having said that the McCann children had been upset and crying when left on their own.   The contributor defending the McCann couple, defending their neglect of the children, stated:

 ‘Sean and Madeleine only cried when their parents were absent, Kate never said they were upset!’

The fact that the children cried should to any responsible, sensible adult be a clear indicator that these children were upset!

As Mrs Fenn the elderly witness who lived above the McCann apartment stated, on one evening the crying lasted for over an hour with a child calling out for her daddy.

This incident too is defended, with excuse after excuse being made for the children being left alone, and of course they insist the  witness Mrs Fenn must have been wrong.

I rest my case! 

There was also another comment where all  sorts of excuse was made for Gerry and Kate McCann for having forgotten which door they entered the apartment when checking on their children. Their forgetfulness resulted in their police witness statements requiring to be changed!   (Key Problems)

Seems its easily done, forgetting how we entered/exited our homes, which doors were locked/opened/closed. 

Thank heavens the Drs McCann are not surgeons, with such poor memory, they might 'open' then forget to 'close.'

But what chance did or does Madeleine have when adults then and now fail her.  What chance do other children have, when we have people like this among us, who will defend all that is so very wrong in this case, when they will sacrifice little children, allow them to suffer for some unfathomable reason in support of those who inflict/ed suffering!

It is more than disturbing!

Let’s hope that those who committed crimes against this child do not continue to receive protection, as someone is protecting the culprits, that it will not take 23 years for the REAL truth to be told...

Lying in the Sun


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