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Age Appropriate


Age Appropriate


Of Gerry McCann it was said:


And he revealed they were at pains to ensure the twins never feel overlooked or over-protected because of their tireless search for Madeleine since she was abducted from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007.


How do we know she was abducted from a holiday apartment?  No evidence of abduction has been found as yet!


Madeleine McCann is listed as a missing child, not a child abducted.


So Gerry and Kate are at pains to ensure their remaining children will never feel overlooked or over protected?


Why?   Because of their tireless search for Madeleine!


Now if I recall correctly when Madeleine first was reported as missing, neither of the McCann parents went out to physically search for their missing child.


Their reason as told by Kate McCann in televised interview as to why the McCann couple did not join the many local people in PDL who gave up weeks of their time to search for Madeleine:



Did you as a MOTHER Kate just sometimes think ‘I’ve got to go and be out there with them, I WANT to go and just physically look as well?’



Kate McCann:


Long pause…. “I mean I did erm  tut “ -   long pause –


“We’d been working really hard really apart from the first 48 hours as Gerry said are incredibly difficult and we were almost non-functioning I would say but after that you get strength from somewhere and we’ve certainly had loads of support and that has given us strength and it’s been able to make us focus really so we have actually in OUR OWN WAY, it might NOT BE PHYSICALLY SEARCHING but we’ve been working really hard and doing everything we can really to get Madeleine back.”


Short answer – NO the McCann parents DID NOT physically search for their missing child!




They were too busy!  Working really hard?


Busy doing what one might ask.   Looking after their other two children?


NOPE – they were put in the crèche in PDL every day!


Did they work on Gerry’s NEW STORY for the Portuguese Police in those first SEVEN DAYS? – YES SIREE!


Didn’t go out and look for their daughter – but they DID get together with their holiday companions  to produce the NEW LOOK TIMELINE which they had presented to the Portuguese Police on 10th May 2007

 – SEVEN DAYS after the child vanished.  

 SEVEN DAYS after Gerry McCann gave Portuguese Police his FIRST ACCOUNT OF EVENTS.  

SEVEN DAYS after the group presented the Portuguese Police with their FIRST TIMELINE written on the back of missing Madeleine’s colouring book which they tore apart to scribble on!


Now, in that SEVEN DAYS what would have helped Madeleine most?



1.    Her parents and their companions getting together to produce ANOTHER version, of EVENTS of the evening Madeleine vanished.  An account which made even less sense was even less credible than their original story?




2.   Madeleine’s parents and their companions getting off their butts and going out and looking for the child as just about every man woman and child in PDL were doing?


The McCann twins couldn’t possibly have felt overlooked due to any TIRELESS SEARCH that first week – as there was NO tireless search by their parents.


And the twins certainly wouldn’t feel overprotected – as their parents PUT THEM IN THE CRECHE every day!  Knowing the BIG BAD ABDUCTOR was still on the loose!


So job done Gerry and Kate, the twins would not have felt either over protected or overlooked by the ‘situation Madeleine found herself’ – as even missing Madeleine wasn’t getting their full attention – no physical searching by her parents to try and find her.


If the parents were too busy to search for their missing child – fat chance the other two would have of getting any attention!  So no chance of them feeling overprotected!


Not then in the early days!


And now?

Gerry, 45, said: "They talk about Madeleine all the time, that hasn't changed. They talk about her regularly and draw pictures of her and talk about finding her."


Still they are using the twins, giving press stories about these two kids, hardly what you could describe as protecting them never mind overprotecting them.  So Gerry is keeping to his plan...ensuring they don't feel overprotected.   


"There's not a day goes by when we don't think about Madeleine, miss her in some way, and obviously wonder where she is and what's happened to her."


Yeah, obviously! 


We’re all wondering the very same thing - where she is, and what happened to her after Gerry left her on top of the bed then went to the bar with his wife, then abracadabra, kid was missing never to be seen again!

"We kinda have that all the time, but we've sort of adapted in many ways, and life seems pretty normal most of the time."


Life is normal now they have adapted to life without Madeleine? 


Well that’s good news – Goncalo Amaral’s book hasn’t prevented them getting on with their lives – and the twins are always talking about finding her Gerry said, and it hasn’t stopped anyone searching for Madeleine looking out for her, press is never free of alleged sightings of the missing child reported by members of the public.


(An example of how stories invented by their spokesperson can come back to haunt them?)


The twins according to their parents in interviews have not been affected in any way by Madeleine’s disappearance.  Happy, normal children we are led to believe in interviews.  ‘They’re great’ as Kate and Gerry tell us.


So no harm has come to them from Goncalo Amaral’s book?


Has any harm come to them from the ‘Madeleine’ Kate McCanns book as some dodgy material contained therein?


And really – No matter whether the public believe Madeleine to be dead, and most do – nevertheless, should they see a child who they think possibly could be her, they would report it to the proper authorities.  


That is what responsible adults who apply common sense would do.


I could read in a thousand books that Madeleine is dead.  I might personally firmly believe she is dead, but if I saw a child who I truly thought could be her – still I would report it.

As for McCanns suggesting that the public in any country go out to physically search now for Madeleine is madness!   Madness to suggest, that those who may have read Truth of the Lie stopped searching due to the content.

Do Kate and Gerry McCann have evidence of anyone who was searching, then read Goncalo Amaral's book and thought - oh, okay, Madeleine's dead - search over? 


Looks like the ONLY ones who have stopped searching are Gerry and Kate McCann.   But I suspect that is because they are trying to save what’s left in the Fund, the monies donated by the public to keep all to themselves.  Why should they spend what’s in the Fund when they can keep it for a rainy day, and have the UK taxpayer cough up for the Metropolitan Police Investigation.  And that rainy day might be upon them very soon.

"Working hard and doing all the family things with the kids is important. I've been PRETTY ADAMANT that we have got to let them develop and they can't be closeted."


Yeah you go for it Gerry, you tell that Kate of yours that your children will not be closeted, never locked up in holiday apartments ever again, not seen and not heard.

 Insist that the door at home is left unlocked, in fact all the doors should be left wide open, windows too, or at least the kids should get their own keys so that they can come and go as they please…be adamant, be really adamant show her who’s boss – let those 8 year olds run free…

And you’re right it is important to do all the family things with the kids – take them with you to pub next time you’re on a five day bender… (Well what other excuse do you have for not recalling which doors you used at 5A?)


"I know, for us, there is increased anxiety but we can't let that impact on them having a normal upbringing. Obviously it will get harder. They are eight now so they are always supervised, but in the next couple of years it will be different."


Increased anxiety – Well that’s to be expected, we are reading news reports every day, about kids in Rothley being ‘taken’ ...its huge problem in that area.  Even, when parents are sitting in their gardens, kids being snatched from their beds left right and centre. It’s rife in Rothley, paedophiles roaming the streets.


Good though Gerry’s twins are 8 years old now, as seems 8 is the magic number, they always get supervised when 8. 


If they were 2 or 3 years of age…well hell that’s a different story, no constant supervision for under 5’s.


And when they reach 9/10 the luxury of being protected by their parents being supervised at all times must end, Gerry said it will be different then, in next couple years.


“Little things - we were at the hotel and they (twins) said, 

'I will go and do it and go to reception and ask for something'.  

 And you've got to let them.  

 In a secure environment obviously, appropriate for their age!


Yeah Gerry most 8 year old kids go to the reception in strange hotels and ask for “something” – some champagne with breakfast, an early morning alarm call – morning papers, and as you say you’ve JUST GOT TO LET THEM!  


And if there are any paedophiles watching them, well, it won’t be your fault – if they come to harm – if like Madeleine they find themselves in a ‘situation’  8 year olds these days – minds of their own, what will we do with them?


Gerry if I could just remind you, your kids were not in a secure environment the night Madeleine vanished, and leaving them to fend for themselves UNSUPERVISED at age 2 and 3 years was NOT AGE APPROPRIATE – just as it’s not appropriate, age wise or otherwise to allow 8 year old kids to go to hotel receptions and ask for “something.”


What is this “thing” they have with their kids and hotel rooms?


Didn’t think, that six years on they would have to be reminded again– that NO you don’t have to LET  8 year old kids go to hotel receptions! 


In fact, it’s a big fat NO NO Gerry!

Interesting that McCann feels that at 8 years old his children require to be supervised at all times.  He feels it is appropriate that at age 8 they require this constant supervision.

Has he had a change of heart since 2007 when the then 3 year old Madeleine vanished on the fifth night of having been abandoned by her parents together with her 2 year old twin siblings?

Do he and his wife now understand that what they did was so awful, to have left three tots all of those nights alone in an unlocked holiday apartment?

Do they now understand that their shocking lack of care and protection caused the most terrible harm to come to Madeleine, and has also now shaped the lives of Sean and Amelie? 

None of these three children will lead the normal lives they should have due to the gross negligence of their parents.

But no, sadly they have not changed their attitude to the care and protection of children, how could they have when they still will not accept in any way that what they did to Amelie, Madeleine and Sean was wrong, that they treated them so very cruelly.

Still in interview they sit and defend what they did.

Until they stand up and be counted on this, admit that what they “know” to be wrong – then statements such ‘age appropriate’ are hollow.


"For any parent it's a difficult thing, how far that envelope stretches into what they want to do and what they think they are capable of. It's important they do get the level of freedom appropriate, but it is a difficult balance."


No Gerry you still just ain’t gettin’ it.  You stretched too far, back in 2007 - it’s not a matter of what THEY WANT to do, and what THEY THINK they are capable of.


Eight year old kids think they are capable of taking on the world.  They are indeed capable of doing lots of things, but we just DON’T LET THEM go ahead just because they can or want to do something.


It’s a matter of what they tell you they want to do and how you as a responsible parent respond, what YOU as a responsible parent allow them to do based on, at all times how SAFE it is for them and if its suitable for the age they are.


Let’s make it simple for Gerry:


Gerry -   YOU PARENT

Sean and Amelie – they EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILDREN!


Parent protects 8 year old kids.  Parent tells 8 year old kids hotel receptions not good place to be mucking around asking for things.


Responsible parent knows hotel reception not for little ones!


The McCanns sound more stupid with every interview they give. 

Any story at all will do to get the attention they so crave. 

Their tales more bizarre - by the marathon!  

We’ve had the petrol station stories when Kate was doing her ‘run’ how she left the twins in the car…


Gerry then, not to be left out of the fitness frenzy, starts hopping, skipping AND jumping, and of course, no show without punch, he too had a story about Sean and Amelie, one with more ‘daring do’ than Kate’s paedophiles at the petrol station story.  Not to be outdone – he comes up with his Revelations at Reception…


Soon these kids will be taking over, filling the car with petrol, and making the hotel reservations for the next family holiday – Perhaps even doing the hop, skipping and jumping!


At this rate it’ll be Kate and Gerry who will be left in a locked apartment while Sean and Amelie hit the tapas in town…meet with their spokesperson (oops wrong order – that’s after they make mummy and daddy disappear) and their publicist.


They’ll make lots plans for 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th year anniversaries and beyond – and have a book published, of course – or a whole series of them, like Janet and John – Peter and Jane


A Gerry and Kate series!

Gerry and Kate go on Holiday

Gerry and Kate Play Tennis

Gerry and Kate Jog

Gerry and Kate Jog Again

Gerry and Kate –Come Dine with Us

Gerry and Kate Leave the Kids

Gerry and Kate and the Patio Door

Gerry and Kate and the Front Door

Gerry and Kate Hire a Car

Gerry and Kate and the Cadaver Dogs

Gerry and Kate and the Dirty Nappies

Gerry and Kate Fishy Story Series

Gerry and Kate and the Red Herrings

Gerry and Kate Love Sea Bass

Gerry and Kate – Their Best Day Ever

Gerry and Kate New Best Friend Matt

Gerry and Kate Leave kids Again

Gerry and Kate Meet Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Gerry and Kate and Mrs Plummy Voice

Gerry and Kate and the Fucking Tossers

Gerry and Kate –We Love our Kids, Erm Really we Do…

Gerry and Kate go to Court

Gerry and Kate lose in Court

Gerry and Kate Lose in Court Again

Gerry and Kate Lose in Court Once More

Gerry and Kate and the Lost Fund 

Gerry and Kate –Where were you (Sean and Amelie) When We Were Crying, ooops dying for a drinki poo?

Gerry and Kate Phone Home

Gerry and Kate - It's a Disaster

Gerry and Kate Tell the Truth


The kids will tell us stories of how Kate and Gerry still talk about Madeleine.  How they are sorry they never physically searched for her…Not in the hours which they told the world were the most crucial and how they will slay the ‘burglar’ who took her… 


One has to fear for the McCann twins for many reasons – not least that their parents insist in giving the press stories about them, which really is not fair if they are to lead as “normal” a life as children can, when they and their sister were abandoned by their parents 5 nights on the trot in a holiday apartment, their sister disappearing, never to be found, their parent’s globe-trotting, giving interviews speaking about how they the twins will find Madeleine.


These are the same stories we heard from McCanns when the twins were but toddlers.  Not so sure at 8 years old they are obsessed with finding the sister they never got to know.   And if they are, that is quite sad for these kids. 


They have lives to be lived.  Madeleine did too.  She no longer does, not the life she should have been living, but that does not mean that the twins should have to live their lives in her shadow, or indeed, live Madeleine’s life for her.  Or rather for their parents! 


The McCanns speak of their twins as though the twins think the same thoughts about Madeleine, as though one.  Perhaps they do.  But they are not one, but two persons.   They will not grow up thinking the same thoughts be it about Madeleine or anything else.


Perhaps the McCanns should stop and think of how Sean and Amelie will feel when they are older reading what their parents have said about them.


Gerry McCann said he doesn’t want them to feel overprotected –Not a chance in hell of that happening.


The parents, constantly feeding the press stories about these twin children, show how adamant McCann is on that count!


How terribly sad for Madeleine!


Had I not heard for myself Kate McCann say these words, I would never have believed any loving parent would not have searched for their missing child, and certainly not because they were too busy with other things... Nothing could have been more important than the child, finding her quickly. 


She may have been hidden somewhere, alone afraid just waiting for mummy and daddy to come find her…She may have exited that apartment, become trapped somewhere…yet they didn’t bother to go out and rip that town apart in search of her…


Kate McCann said the first 48 hours were incredibly difficult for her and her husband…


How difficult were they for Madeleine?  And if the child is alive how difficult are times for her now?


Her parents have adapted to life without her, life is pretty normal now said her dad.


For Madeleine if alive, she too will have adapted to her ‘new life’ but there won’t be a thing about it that can be described as ‘pretty normal’   Living with a paedophile can never be described as that.


One has to wonder – did the McCanns not search – because they knew she would not be found alive?  


And, if, as some believe they know where she was taken and left, had they searched would they naturally have been drawn to that place?  Or rather would Kate McCann as Madeleine’s mother have been drawn to that place - something, if they are responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance, Gerry could not let happen?


Was it a case of Kate McCann not being allowed to “search” rather than her not wanting to search/being too busy to search?


Kate McCanns wrists after Madeleine’s disappearance were bruised, clearly visible in photographs, marks as though she had been restrained in some way.   The story is that she punched walls on the night Madeleine vanished.  But does punching walls result in the type of ‘injury’ to her wrists seen in the photographs?

How could the McCanns have been so sure Madeleine was abducted, so sure she would not soon be found close by?


How could they be so sure, that none of their holiday companions, not good friends but acquaintances, had not harmed their daughter – Perhaps because the patio door was not unlocked, and none of them at any time checked on the McCann children?


We now know too, that the window was not forced open as was the story the McCanns fed the press, their friends and family back home in the UK – So no abductor, intruder breaking into that apartment!


So where does that leave this story? – Right back at the McCanns door it would seem….but which door?


Until the police unravel the McCanns ever changing story of the night the child was reported as missing, until they and their holiday companions come clean on this count Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police can interview every paedophile who ever breathed air in PDL in Portugal, and it will take him nowhere, as the answer lies not with paedophiles, dead or alive, of any and every nationality, but with the McCanns themselves, and of course their companions.

Common sense tells us this.


That does not necessarily mean they physically harmed Madeleine – but their silence as to the truth of that night has harmed this little girl for sure -  and as to why no one appears to be interested in getting to the bottom of the ever changing stories by way of a reconstruction of the events of that night is a bit of a mystery.


As Goncalo Amaral said, if this case was re-opened by the Portuguese authorities, the reconstruction of events which the McCanns and their companions refused to take part – would be top of the agenda!


How relieved they must be that the case has not been re-opened.


An investigation by the Metropolitan Police – not quite the same as the re-opening of the case in Portugal - which would lead to a reconstruction, which they so obviously fear...
8th September 2013

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