Lying in the Sun

And Here They Go Again

And Here They Go Again

If I may just a point or two -

  • In the following report by Sky News, Gerry McCann speaks of the alleged abductor laughing for SIX years.   He has not, as some seem to think, erred, forgotten that Madeleine vanished SEVEN year ago.  McCanns reference to SIX years is in relation to the time of the publication of Dr Goncalo Amaral's book, The Truth of the Lie.   The implication here is, that since its publication (6 years ago) - the alleged abductor will have been laughing.  Laughing at getting away with his crime while the 'poor parents' are left accused.

I agree, to a degree with Gerry McCann, that those responsible for removing the child Madeleine Beth McCann from the holiday apartment in Portugal have been laughing (all the way to the bank?) but for SEVEN YEARS!

There was in my opinion NO STRANGER ABDUCTION.  McCann never misses a chance to tell the world that there is no evidence that Madeleine has been seriously harmed.  

I don't like to miss a chance to add to this - There is NO EVIDENCE of an abduction.

  • As to Kate's now story that Sean listened to a radio broadcast on the school bus where he heard it being discussed that Mr Amaral had accused his parents of involvement in their sister's disappearance - Who exactly were the presenters?  And presumably if this happened, he must have heard this since the Court was last in session - as up until that time - the McCann witnesses, their pretendy psychologist made no mention of this incident.   In fact he praised the McCanns for having protected the children so well.

But we do know at that time, as the case was slipping down the pan - McCanns sister, I believe it was, came up with a story about one of the children looking online, and another having heard 'something' at school about the case.

When Sean and Amelie's (twins) parents neglected them at age two years old, and their older sister, Madeleine who was not quite 4 years of age, for FIVE consecutive nights, leaving them alone in an unlocked holiday apartment, and their sister vanishes, when they abused the Human Rights of the children, as I have stated many times on this blog, their right to be cared for, protected as far as is humanly possible and then attempt to silence a now retired police detective for doing his job, for stating what is the findings of the Portuguese Investigation, then there is something far wrong.   When they attempt to make financial gain from the abuse they brought on their children, one child losing her life.   Something is far wrong.

When they use their children in the way that they do this libel case the perfect example, of how they will use the twin children for their own gain, with no thought or care for the protection of Sean and Amelie - SOMEONE has to step in to put a STOP to this abuse.

I have stated many times that a Child Protection Body MUST look at the behaviour of the McCanns and the exposure and abuse these children are subjected to at the hands of their parents.

They cannot raise these legal actions against others, use the PRESS in the UK to publicise their outrageous tales and allegation, and to spin their lies, and then claim it is because of others that their children ask questions re the mysterious disappearance of their daughter.

I find it most strange that the McCann twins would not have asked their parents WHY THEY WERE LEFT ALONE EVERY NIGHT, ALONE IN AN UNLOCKED HOLIDAY APARTMENT.  OR, WHY THEY ALLOWED MATTHEW OLDFIELD A MAN THE CHILDREN DID NOT KNOW TO GO ON CHECK ON THEM.   But I think we all know he didn't.

And for the many many and expensive stories the McCanns have paid their spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, £70,000 per year for the almost seven years he has been employed by them, to concoct, one HOW THE TWINS WERE TO BE KIDNAPPED. or how THEIR MOTHER WAS GOING TO BE SHOT when taking part in some run she was involved in...

There is a desperate need that these parents are investigated by Child Protection.

There is something seriously wrong when Kate McCann the woman who abandoned her children night after night, speaks of their Human Rights!   There is something FAR WRONG with these parents, when in their arguably sick minds, they can put their children through what they have done back when they abandoned them, and ALL that they have done since.

To use them, for financial gain is sickening!
They have no shame!

These children most definitely cannot ever live a normal life, that is, the life one would expect them to have led if Madeleine had not vanished and they ALL had not been abandoned by their parents.
But they should be given every opportunity to live as normal a life as possible, and for that to happen, their parents should be protecting them in every way possible.

But the McCanns are not doing this.  Instead they use the children FOR MONEY!    THEY THRUST THEM INTO THE LIMELIGHT IN THIS LIBEL CASE.   It does not get much sicker than that!

Boulton and Co.

Sky Presenter (Studio)

The parents of Madeleine McCann say whoever abducted their daughter must have been laughing for the last SIX years at allegations made by a former Police Chief that they were involved in her disappearance.   Kate and Gerry McCann were speaking after giving personal impact statements at a libel case they brought against Goncalo Amaral.

Gerry McCann:

Whoever took Madeleine is still out there.  And whoever that person is, or persons, they must have been laughing during these last si ..six years at what’s been told… in the book… that there was no abduction.  That’s there’s yeah know, no predator out there - THERE IS, and he …he or she, or they may strike again!

Studio Presenter (Sky)

Let’s go live to Lisbon and our crime correspondent Martin Brunt.  What’s been happening inside the Court Martin?

Martin Brunt:

Well what happened today is what the McCanns hoped would have happen three weeks ago, when it was suddenly adjourned.  They’ve been allowed after a very long time to give impact statements to tell the Court, to tell the Judge, specifically the effect, that the publication of Mr Amaral’s book and a TV documentary that was based on it, had on their lives, but more importantly, the effect it had on the search for their daughter, because the book was published in 2008, a year after she vanished and three days after the Portuguese Police stopped looking for Madeleine.

The thrust of the book was that Madeleine had died accidentally, and it accused the parents of hiding her body and faking the abduction theory, the idea that she was stolen by somebody.  The effect of that, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann have said in their evidence this morning was that people stopped looking for her.  Anybody who might have had vital information was dissuaded from coming forward because the book was widely read, particularly in Portugal where the McCanns, say, those vital…more of those vital witnesses must exist.   And so nothing else happened and they felt defeated they said in their continuing search for Madeleine because they felt everybody else had stopped the possibility of helping them…they talked about sleepless nights.   But one very crucial point they both made was a moment when Sean their youngest child, one of the two twins, err who’s nine now, heard on his way to school on the school bus, heard a radio broadcast in which Mr Amaral had accused in his book  the parents of hiding Madeleine’s body, and Sean asked Mrs McCann, she said – Why did Mr Amaral say that you hid Madeleine's body.   Kate McCann said that’s one of the very difficult things that they have had to deal with as part of the fall out of Mr Amaral’s book

Sky Presenter:

Martin Brunt, thank you very much.
8th July 2014

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