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And When He's Not

And When He's Not  

'Collaborated and Convenient'

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When Jeremy Paxman began speaking, asking Gerry McCann about the press, McCann interjects and rather arrogantly so, but his smug smirk quickly disappeared when he heard Paxman speak the words collaborated and convenient.

Indeed Paxman nail on the head!

McCanns very much use the press, happy to collaborate with them, when it is convenient to them.

Since Madeleine was first reported missing over seven years ago, it has been convenient for the McCanns to collaborate constantly it would seem.  

At times there is a short spell of silence - when they re-appear, the public then discover the reason for the silence,  that during the silent period, they were actually collaborating with press TV in preparation for their next onslaught - be that Kate McCanns book, another documentary, the press stories they want out there when they are involved in a legal action.

At such times the McCanns collaborate absolutely, it is wall to wall McCann news for weeks on end as the McCanns want their views out there.  And Mitchell sees to it that this is what happens.

They will give press interviews during which they make have been known to make untruthful statements, generally, but in particular about Dr Goncalo Amaral - their recent stunt outside the Court in Lisbon, where they conducted themselves in the most appalling manner and wrongly and knowingly so, accused Dr Amaral of having several times deliberately caused the postponement of a trial which is still ongoing.

Kate McCann stood there and spat venom towards Dr Amaral, and both had faces like thunder.  They had not gotten things their own way, and someone was going to pay for it - on this occasion, Gerry took his temper out on Dr Amaral.

The statements made by McCanns cannot always be trusted.   Some may think that they can never be trusted.

The Paxman interview, his observations on McCanns are very relevant more so in light of the McCanns more recent antics.

What we can all see and hear from this interview is that McCann likes the world to sing and dance to his tune, and how quickly that temper flares if they don't, if they step out of line, and dare ask a question not to his liking.

The McCanns have to be allowed an opinion, in fact they have to be allowed very much more than opinion.  They have to be allowed the freedom to speak on matters relating to their missing child, and also not speak on matters relating to her disappearance!

It is the matters which quite frankly don't add up, do not make sense that they refuse to speak of that they are allowed not to answer, that they do not want challenged.  The Portuguese Police requested that the group take part in a reconstruction of events to test the statements they gave, those which do not add up, do not make sense, and for the very same reason the group refused! 

No one has to dare point out when what they the McCanns are saying is not the truth, or dare ask a simple but pertinent question, as we see here in the Paxman interview.

How quickly McCann 'lost it' at a question he was not prepared to answer.  The look on his face struggling to hide his anger with the strangest angriest of smiles I have ever seen, the rage inside McCann struggling to control.

In this interview what perhaps sticks out most for me is McCann saying:

"When I came back from the police station on Friday 4th May and saw the massive media internationally gathered know... it filled, the prospect of having them doorstepping invading your privacy raking up anything from you know, your school days to potentially university, to things that have absolutely no relevance to the ongoing search, filled me with dread."

McCann is speaking here about a time just hours after his daughter was reported as missing. 

Why oh why would he be thinking about himself at that moment?

His child has vanished in what was to them a foreign land (he thinks at that point in time she has been abducted by paedophiles) and yet on returning from the police station where he gave that first witness statement - when he sees the press gathered (and they themselves/their group, contacted the press in the UK the previous evening) McCanns worry is about himself, he is worried the press will invade his privacy, his days at university?

I find that extraordinary that his only thought at that moment was not for his missing daughter - that he was not at that point thinking, 'right now that police interview is over, I am going out to search for Madeleine, going out to rip that town up until I find her' - Even if a parent knows others have searched, they would still want to be out there looking over the same ground, calling their child's name as the search parties could have missed her.

He didn't.  His concern, only hours after Madeleine was reported as missing was his privacy.

The press very often are not responsible in what they print and their stories inaccurate to put it mildly - McCanns speaks of the press being more responsible but for the likes of Gerry McCann who pays a guy a fortune from the Missing Madeleine Fund the fund set up to find his missing child, to have printed in the press what HE  McCann wants out there - is rather hypocritical - his actions equally as irresponsible and equally as damaging to others - particularly so his twin children.

When the McCann kids see their parents on TV outside a Court of Law and stating untruths.  When they hear on the radio their father saying there is a threat to kidnap them.  (and no proof whatsoever of this has been produced, and no police investigation either into any credible threat)

When they hear their parents speak of them in public about what they do or say - it is damaging to these kids.

Sections of the public may want a more responsible press, but is there anyone who wants a situation like we have with McCann where he pays someone to have printed what suits his agenda his purpose - a situation where those who can afford it, can have their views, opinions and even lies seen, heard but others cannot, therefore have no right or opportunity to reply? 

'Collaboration, when convenient' - Paxman nailed it with McCann!

The Paxman interview pretty much sums up McCann - Do as I say, not as I do!
10th October 2014

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