Lying in the Sun

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?


All that hullabaloo in the press just prior to the libel trial commencing in Lisbon.  Spokespersons for the McCanns telling us they had been advised by the Metropolitan Police not to go, as they, the Met were there working in Portugal and they did not want a circus.


So what did Gerry and Kate McCann do – they went to Portugal to start a media circus.  They ignored the advice they said they received from the Metropolitan Police!


There never was any warning - the McCanns were in effect the ‘warm-up’ guys for the bigger plan - the soon to be screened Crimewatch Programme!


Now is it not odd that the Metropolitan Police always come up with one of their stories at a time crucial to the McCanns by way of aiding them?


A libel trial going on in Lisbon which is going badly for the McCanns, and low and behold the press are now reporting on Crimewatch!


But perhaps more puzzling of all, is that the Metropolitan Police are said to have warned the McCanns off, from setting foot in Portugal as they were there, did not want their investigation disrupted – but if so why then are we now being told-

Times 4th October 2013 Paper Edition


‘It had been anticipated that a small team of Scotland Yard detectives would be based in the Algarve but that has NOT yet transpired. Mr Rowley said that a team of six Portuguese…’


So there was no need for any advice, any warning to stay away from Portugal – because once again – Team McCann were lying!

4th October 2013

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