Lying in the Sun

Ask the Dogs Andy

Ask the Dogs Andy

So almost three years, and around £7.5m into Metropolitan Police  investigation and DCI Andy Redwood, and his 30 + strong team of detectives are still asking public for clues.

They must know they are looking pretty damn stupid right now.   Police teams around the globe will be doubled up in laughter.

Portuguese Police handed it to them on a plate and still they are just not getting it.

Two weeks ago they announced they knew the names of the alleged culprits- the burglars, remember the burglars, the ones who decided instead of a wallet they'd take a kid?  Yeah right!
(Then again this is Gerry McCanns wallet we're talking about, and he was far from flush back then (that Fund was a godsend) he probably left it lying around in hope burglar would take pity and leave him few bucks.)

Now the burglars are no longer in the picture, like Spotty Man, Scary man, Tractorman, Tannerman, Dead Man 1, Dead Man 2, Laundry Man, Cigarette Man, German Man, Swarthy Foreign Man, White Van Man, and the many others... 

Now we hear that Andy is looking for Smelly Man, a guy who is lacking in the hygiene department.   When smelly man is around there is to be heard the sound of refuse trucks...

Next we'll be hearing that Ernie, the guy who drove the fastest milk truck in the west, took Madeleine, if not him, the evil looking one, Two Ton Ted from Teddington who drove the Bakers Van - well why in hell not - we haven't had a milkman or a baker man as yet!

But back to Smelly Man, is he a bin man/refuse collector/dustman/garbage guy whatever you want to call him?  Is that what Andy is trying to tell us in his latest revelations?   Madeleine was whisked off in garbage truck?

For crying out loud - Redwood's desperation he cannot conceal - bin men?

Wonder if he'll ever get round to checking out professionals - the medical profession in particular?

If Andy is in need of some help, and he obviously is - over 5,000 calls he claims and he still has zilch - the guy's in trouble!

Anyone notice he only works in large numbers?   He never has only a few leads or clues, or phone calls - he's always got hundreds if not thousands - Not sure if he understands the greater the numbers the harder he falls - that many leads and phone calls and he's come up with nothing's not looking good Andy!

I'm sure if Redwood was to ask Gerry McCann for assistance in finding his missing daughter, he would advise the DCI to - Ask the Dogs! 

Or maybe the following might help him, give him a bit of a clue:

Andy might like this one          Andy might like this one

Gerry doesn't like this one     Gerry doesn't like this one

Gerry kept this one a secret    Gerry kept this one a secret for
for 5 years                              5 years


I like this one. And I like this one Gerry doesn't like this one Gerry doesn't like this one

 Clarence Mitchell lies on NZ RadioMichael Wright, relative of McCanns

No one likes this one        No one likes this one  Or this one

Eddie and Keela       Keela, The pride of South Yorkshire

We ALL like these ones

But THIS ONE doesn't like
  ..................................This one!

Gerry doesn't like dogs!



Nine Days after Madeleine Vanished

Does anyone like these ones?
19th March 2014
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