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Bewkin' the Babysitter

Bewkin' the Babysitter

Seven years too late for that Madame closed the patio door after the abductor had bolted...or should that be you opened it after the child was removed from the apartment?

Still, good to know she didn't leave the twins alone in Rothley when on her recent trip to the Court in Portugal.

What would have been Kate's reaction if she had returned home and the babysitter she had bewked had left the patio door open and an abductor had called by and whisked them away?

What if the babysitter said - 'but I was only out dining in your back garden, someone must have been watching us, it was just a tiny window of opportunity, and it's not my fault I was on my second glass bottle of red before I noticed the jemmied shutters.   I did look in through the patio doors honest, but I was just listening for crying or laughing, in fact if I'm being even more honest, If it wasn't for noticing the play room door open more further than I'd left it, I wouldn't have bothered checking further on them at all.  The more I think of it though, I think the shutter and the window were opened by the abductor, a sort of blue, err white, err, red herring, sorry its the vino talking...yeah a red herring.  Wot d'ya think Kate and Gerry?

Would Gerry and Kate McCann be forgiving?   Of course they would, especially when the babysitter produced letters from the public assuring her that they too do it all of the time, leave their kids alone... what more re-assurance that the babysitter had acted in the best interests of the kids, their safety, could a parent feasibly expect...
3rd July 2014

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