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Big Pyjamas

Big Pyjamas

After the screening of Crimewatch last night, there were hundreds of calls if not thousands to their hotline.  Andy Redwood was derrlighted!

Seems all over the UK parents wanted to know who stocks those pyjamas - the ones that grow with your kid!

As Andy revealed the 'Big Pyjamas' he told viewers - This will be the ones to buy this Christmas.   Stocks will be limited - they may be difficult to find.

Holding back the tears, he spoke poignantly of the moment he discovered the pyjamas.   He'd heard they existed - pyjamas that grow with your child - but like everyone else - he would not believe it until he saw a pair for himself.

He had not wanted to promise his young offspring a pair until he was sure such a thing existed.    Little did he know when he took on the Review of the Madeleine case, that he would soon have a proud father moment where he could present them with a pair - as unknown to him and just around the corner - a pair of magic pj's !

The Big Pyjamas launched during Crimewatch UK are sure to be this years best seller over the festive season!

The Mystery British father said:  My wife and I recommend them - Our kid, now 8 years old has been wearing them for the past six years - Sometimes we've slipped up and put them in washing machine at 60 degrees, and they just don't shrink...Unbelievable!

I remember well, the first time Officer Redwood saw the pyjamas, an emotional moment, he broke down, what a tiny tears for a big guy.

When would that have been..?   Now let me think, that would have been around the time...let me think...oh yeh when there was all that stuff in the papers about a libel trial - and his Review wasn't going too well so I'd heard... - I hadn't heard Madeleine was missing though or anything at all about a sighting of a man who looked like me, carrying a child that funny way I do, the child wearing pyjamas just like my daughter's and from just around the corner from the McCann holiday apartment where I had  passed that night.  What are the chances of that eh?     Yes, M'Lud, No M'Lud, Yes I'm sure M'Lud  I'm not making it up.  Me and the wife - we never knew nuffin about Madeleine going missing -it was when Officer Redwood called at our home we could see how distraught he was. David Cameron had given him mission impossible he said sumfin like that, said through his tears.   

When we showed him the pyjamas he started jumping up and down, shouting about a 'rerverlayshun'  we thought it must be a police term - wife and I just looked at each other  -  A rerverlayshun?'  

We thought it would be a nice thing to do - so we offered him the pyjamas - my child hadn't outgrown them- I guffawed at my own joke, you can't outgrow these big pyjamas!    Officer Redwood - said he was derrlighted, proper derrlighted he was.  

My wife and I,thought it would be another nice thing to do, so WE suggested to HIM that if his Review wasn't going so well, that we could be the 'Tanner sighting' if he wanted us to -he  broke down...his prayers had been answered he said.

It was grand seeing the pyjamas on Crimewatch - the wife said though she hopes the public do understand the magic and the mystery they hold - that back six years ago - those pyjama legs would not have been so long that they could have covered the legs of a child three times the size of our then 2 year old daughter, that they understood the pyjamas grow with you....

I said to her - they will - they will understand exactly what is going on...'the public are not stupid' I said to her.


A friend called me last night, no, not to ask where she could purchase these wonderful pyjamas but to ask if the mystery British man had been in prison for the past six years along with his wife of course!
15th October 2013
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