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Billy No Mates

Billy No Mates

We all know based on the statements given by the McCanns and their buddies just how selfish, cold, cruel, uncaring and utterly neglectful they were towards their children when on vacation in Portugal.  

It is extremely difficult to understand why eight professionals, the majority medics could possibly abandon nine little kids, all under the age of 4 years, night after night, for 5 nights on the trot, in dark unfamiliar apartments.   And as Clarence Mitchell said of the McCann apartment situated in a remote location of the resort.

Their stories of checking the children are clearly and obviously not truthful.

DCI Redwood and the Met know this.  I say this with confidence as it is just not possible that they, this 37 strong team of Metropolitan Police Detectives have not established this, not noticed the great FAT LIES.   Would be impossible for that many detectives to have swallowed the tales of the McCanns and their buddies!   If however they want to pretend, stick their heads in the sand - then they cannot be taken seriously.  But more importantly they will not have done right by young Madeleine McCann and all other children who are abused in the many ways which tragically children are.  Let's hope that is not what is happening here.

Some and not without good reason believe that the McCann children together with the children of their buddies were not left alone each and every night of their time in Portugal, they believe that the group of parents were taking it in turn to look after ALL of the children.  And I can certainly see how they would think this.

On the first evening of their vacation, a Saturday, all ate together at the Millennium Restaurant.

From the Sunday evening onwards they ate at the tapas bar/restaurant, that is the adults ate there, not the children.

On Sunday evening Matthew Oldfield said that he was unwell, so he did not go to dinner with the group.

Tuesday evening, Russell O'Brien stayed in his apartment as his daughter was unwell.

Wednesday evening Rachael Oldfield stayed in her apartment as she felt unwell.

(to be noted out of the 5 nights the group claim the children were alone, two of those night one or other of the Oldfield couple were in their apartment with their daughter.  Therefore,the Oldfield's as a couple only on three occasions ate at the tapas bar together.  So only on 3 of the 5 nights (Sunday to Thursday) would the Oldfield's need to leave the dinner table to check on their daughter)  

Overall though there were only 2 evenings between Sunday and Thursday where there was not an adult who remained in their apartment to look after their own kids, at least not that I know of..

So did this group of people have a thing goin' on whereby one of them looked after all of the children, but they just didn't want to tell the police that?

But why would they not want to tell the police this, as surely this was much better for them being able to say that one of them looked after all of the children as opposed to them all having to declare the gross neglect of their kids?
I suppose it would unless whatever happened to Madeleine, happened on someone's 'watch.'

But if it was not on say, Oldfield's watch why would he go along with his ridiculous and unbelievable story?  Why would they, all of those 'not on duty' go along with this, this pretending that they did not take it in turn to look after the kids as a group?

I've never been fully on board with this, that the adults in the group took it in turn to 'stay home' with the kids.  But perhaps they did.  Anything is possible in this case of missing Madeleine, such are the lies, the money, the powerful people who have worked tirelessly to bury this story, to deflect from the McCanns their buddies, and to, I believe, bury Madeleine.

The recent shenanigans of Murdoch, Mitchell, Gamble, the McCanns, and the online vigilante group, together with writers and authors Swan and Summers, and the vast sums of money thrown at it, the tragic death of Brenda Leyland, leave us in no doubt of the agenda being followed by this group.  Leaves us in no doubt how desperate this group are to silence others, prevent them from discussing this case.  It tells us that they fear the ever increasing numbers who question and challenge their tales, and it cannot be denied that since the death of Brenda Leyland those numbers have grown.  People are waking up and asking WHO AND WHAT are the McCanns? WHO is funding them, not in a search for Madeleine but in their battle to silence anyone who speaks out, who questions them, because it is far from normal for parents of a missing child who had no money to their name to speak of when their child vanished (why else would they have taken Fund monies to pay their mortgage before a stop was put to that) to have the funds not only to search for a missing child, but to take legal actions against others to finance, all of the other spin and nonsense and hate campaigns against others which they do.

I'm not sure as I said that the adults were taking turns to look after ALL children. If this was the case - do we exclude the Payne's from this babysitting routine as they we are told used a child monitor?

I don't believe for a moment they left that patio door unlocked each night while their three children lay asleep inside, or that Gerry McCann went inside discovered a bedroom door lying wide open, established that his kids had not been out of bed, therefore knowing someone had been in the apartment, that he just walked out and left his kids once more never mentioning this to his wife.  

If he did - he should be in a prison cell and for a very long time!

But is it possible that the adults were taking turns to look after all children on the various nights.  Not listening at shuttered window etc, not that nonsense that they spouted, but is it possible that they took it in turns, not to eat with the other adults but to look after ALL children in one of the apartments or that one of the adults the one on duty went between the apartments checking the children?

As I read through the Oldfield witness statement a few things struck me this time around as I have mentioned.  Take a look at what he had to say about childcare.  I have highlighted what I feel has bearing on the idea that members of the group took it in turn to babysit.

Note that Oldfield at times begins to state something in this regard, then trails off...See what you think...

If nothing else it confirms how selfish they are, and his statement about his little daughter crying for ten minutes or so in their absence meaning little to them should it happen, positively sickening.  This child was two years old I believe and unwell during this time.

What to make of these people...

Oldfield speaking to Leicestershire Police:

"And that was the sort of thing that we were looking for when we booked the MARK WARNER because, it kind of seems funny when you look at it from this perspective, but at the time, it was just about having a safe environment where, you know, the kids, because all the time and all through this, the thing you ever worry about is, if I leave them alone and they're, you think that they're safe because they're all locked, you're not really thinking that anything horrible would happen, you think, what happens if they wake up and they're crying and you're not there and, you know, they're going to be upset and you think, well, you know, if they've got this then it's going to be ten minutes at the most, erm, and it's going to be awful and you'll feel bad about it if it happens, but G**** is a really good sleeper and, you know, we've got that sort of safety net, so we were looking for that for Praia da Luz.

And it was one of the things that made us think, maybe we shouldn't go, because when we were trying to book, you know, it said it's a village, it's not enclosed, it's sort of apartments throughout the village and, erm, there isn't a baby listening service and we can't guarantee that you'll be together, you know, because I think there were three centres, there's one up by the Millennium, there's one Ocean Club and then there was the one near the main entrance, and so we were concerned that if one member of the group, we were all going -

'oh perhaps we'll be the
Billy no mates, the really unpopular ones will get stuck at the Millennium and, you know, we won't be able to, we won't be able to go out and visit our friends because we're not going to leave, you know, we're not going to leave to, erm, to go and see them and we won't be able to SHARE CHILD CARE and so it would be fairly difficult and it was a big issue because they couldn't guarantee, they couldn't allocate the rooms, erm, for us and they said it'll have to wait until you get in the resort, erm, but in the end it was sort of quite quiet and so they sort of could stick us really close together. I can't remember why I started talking about that?"


So Oldfield didn't know why he started talking about what he did.  But aren't we glad he did.

1. It demonstrates that they all put themselves, their interests before that of their children, their children's safety.
2. Demonstrates that a child crying when alone afraid in a holiday apartment meant nothing to them.  To say oh well she'll be upset but it will only be for 10 minutes or so is staggering.

But note what Oldfield says when speaking of
'Billy No Mates'  He tell us that whoever would be Billy No Mates would not be able to go out and visit with their friends as they would be too far away from the others and they were not going to LEAVE...(Oldfield drifts of at this - What was he going to say before he changed tack and said 'we're not going to be able to visit them?"

That they were not going to
leave the children alone?

And interestingly he then continues by saying and we won't be able to SHARE CHILD CARE!

'Share childcare'     Now why would Oldfield speak of sharing childcare unless they as a grou[ at very least spoke of doing that?

I'm still uncertain that
shared childcare is what happened, but this remark by Oldfield certainly gives food for thought and shows that the group did in fact DISCUSS CHILDCARE, that it was not as Kate and Gerry McCann would have us believe that they never gave it a thought as it was just so safe that it felt right to leave their kids on their own. 

So for all that could give us cause to believe that perhaps they did all take a turn to babysit all children, there are also so many reasons to believe they did not.

It also caused me to recall McCann stating that he thought David Payne had checked on his children on one of the evenings.   When Payne we are told did not leave the dinner table at all on any evening to check on anyone's kids, he used the monitor.

Or what of O'Brien when he said he was IN the McCann apartment on a night the McCanns claimed no one checked on their kids on that night.

And what of O'Brien claiming that he took the keys of the Oldfield apartment and checked on the Oldfield child at a time when Oldfield said he was IN his apartment as he was ill?

So what is the truth with this checking of the children, as they are all telling different tales?

Has DCI Redwood managed to discover WHY they the McCanns and their buddies have not been truthful when it comes to their statements in respect of the checking of these kids?
18th November 2014
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