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Birthdays Hit Gerry Hard

Birthday's Hit Gerry Hard

Crimewatch,  Kirsty Young asks McCanns about their missing daughter how much they miss her.

Gerry McCann:

When it’s a special occasion when you should be at your happiest erm and Madeleine's not not there that’s when it really hits home. Obviously Madeleine's bUrthday it goes without saying...

Kate McCann:

It’s when you have the big family occasions really I mean that's basically it really, isn't it, the family occasions and you haven't got your complete family.


The McCanns leave church on Madeleine's fourth birthday, 12 May 2007
Gerry McCann being 'hit hard' on Madeleine's 4th birthday, 12th May 2007, nine days after her disappearance.

Gerry McCann certainly wasn't finding it a solemn or sad occasion as he left the church in Praia da Luz in Portugal. And the twins where were they on Madeleine's 4th birthday - the creche?  

And a must see -


Gerry McCann looking relaxed, not a care in the world, laughing his head off, just days after his daughter had vanished.

Is it really possible for parents to laugh that heartily just days after their daughter vanishes, a daughter they believe was abducted by a paedophile?
6th April 2014

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