Lying in the Sun

Bit Puzzled

Bit Puzzled

'Earlier, the athlete sobbed as he was asked to look at a photograph of Ms Steenkamp slumped on the toilet bowl.'

The above from a Sky News article.

What is puzzling - 

Who took a picture of Miss Steenkamp slumped on the toilet bowl?   
Did not Pistorius carry her out of the bathroom before anyone, the police, arrived on scene?

An error in the Sky article?

But it raises a point.  Was Miss Steenkamp alive when Pistorius broke down the door?

According to him she appears not to have made a sound at any time, before or after being shot, not a single word after she supposedly got out of bed, not a murmur after being shot.

For him to admit that she had, he would have to have admitted that before he battered down that door, that he knew she was in there.

He claims his ears were ringing so could not hear anything after he fired four shots into the door.  

How long did that ringing, his temporary deafness last - as he was able to speak on the phone and hear what the person at the other end was saying?

And why would Pistorius drag a very seriously injured/possibly dead Miss Steenkamp from the toilet cubicle and carry her downstairs?

By doing so - he very much "changed" the crime scene.

One has to ask if that was deliberate as he appears to have been pretty calculating in his actions.

Pistorius has lied, and lied, denied, and denied, under oath, the Prosecutor has proven this without any question of doubt.

The only person here who knows the full truth of what happened is Pistorius, and Pistorius is lying through his teeth because as he says
HIS life is now on the line.  

Miss Steenkamp is not here, he took her life, she cannot speak and tell the Court how this man terrified her.  Gerrie Nel, Prosecutor has done that.

And, as Llewelyn Curlewis SA Legal Experts said, this case has only '
ONE "loving" eye witness'

Oscar Pistorius is not the first "Loving" partner to have killed their other half whilst being part of what the Defence has described in this case as being a "loving" relationship. 

A Valantine's Day Card, by Miss Steenkamp, using Miss Steenkamp's words, her "voice" in a bid to save his own neck, is a desperate and despicable act by Pistorius,  

Does he really think a 'smilie' will save him?
15th April 2014
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