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Blog Blip

Apologies to readers for the blip in the blog, will get it sorted out. Have put the very latest ones back where they should be!

Thanks to those who messaged in this regard.
I have a number of messages on Guestbook yet to publish but will do later.

Someone left a message this morning.  The same message received twice.  One time with a name attached, the second time, anonymously.

Could I ask that person if they wish the message to be published, to let me know, and if so, with the name attached or the one posted anonymously? 

I just like to double check, if I am uncertain as to what the wishes are of anyone leaving a message before publishing.  Everyone has the right to post anonymously or with their chosen tag name, and I would not like to cause upset by any misunderstanding, by my getting it wrong.  

Thanks, and apologies once more for the quirky blog having become quirkier!
7th June 2015
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