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Bolt Out of the Blue

Bolt out of the Blue

So just how unlucky were the McCanns?  Gerry McCann answers that question for us…

Gerry McCann:

Well in terms of the abduction of a foreign child in another country, it’s really very rare.  The only cases like this… certainly in British children, the only one we know of is Ben Needham which was in 1991.  That’s 16 years ago.  So that aspect is incredibly rare, and certainly when we were speaking to people in Portugal and Spain they are not aware of any other EU nationals having children abducted on the Iberian Peninsula.

“And you think about the tens of millions of tourists that come to Spain and Portugal every year – so this really was a bolt out of the blue… erm… in terms of what has happened to us, and I think also the circumstances of a child being abducted from a bedroom is pretty rare…as well!”

Gerry has described for us how rare it is for a child to be abducted while on holiday in Portugal.

1. Really very rare - Foreign child in another country.
2. Incredibly rare - British child in another country.
3. Pretty rare - to be taken from a bedroom.

(No. 3 is interesting - from a bedroom?)

Tens of millions EVERY YEAR go to Portugal and Spain and they ALL return home safe and well, Gerry tells us.

So good news all round, Portugal really is an incredibly safe place to holiday with your children.  

Good of Gerry McCann to do his bit for the Portuguese Tourist Industry!

Wonder what odds a bookie would give on this happening though, given that it's beyond rare?

I guess that rather depends on the circumstances surrounding any child vanishing without trace while on holiday!

Makes one wonder then what odds there are of the Met having more than one potential suspect - that is - a suspect (s) that they are now hoping to find evidence enough to lead to prosecution and conviction, other than the McCanns and their companions?

What odds were there of so many possible child murders/paeodphiles having descended on PDL that little village when in the whole of the Iberian Penisula as McCann said - it just doesn't happen?

How lucky did the alleged abductor get - an unlocked apartment with three little kids left alone, so many to choose from.

He didn't have to huff and puff and blow the house down - Kate and Gerry left the door unlocked for him...  How thoughtful of them! 

Such a lot I think the McCanns will now be wishing they had never said!


23rd June 2013

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