Lying in the Sun



With the greatest of respect to all Liverpudlian's and apologies if I cause offence not my intention at all, but Kate McCanns pronunciation of the word book I find fascinating if somewhat sore on the ears... Surely not all pronounce it in this way?

The sound that comes out of her mouth is like no other I have ever heard - I can liken it only to that of a wounded wolf howling in the night

I guess I have only noticed this, as 'book' is the one word she appears unable to pronounce, and unfortunately is the one she needs use most during this libel trial...

Have seen it written when in reference to Kate McCann as bewk - boo-ook- bee-ook- bweook 

Not understanding her pronunciation at all...and not sure, if she was to give evidence in Court that the Judge would understand what a bewk, boo-ook is?
17th September 2013
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