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Bowled Over By Barry?

Bowled Over by Barry?

I have listened to Alex Crawford her reports from SA on the Pistorius case.  She speaks of Arnold Pistorius, the uncle of Oscar Pistorius, referring to him as ‘Uncle Arnold’ almost as though he is a friend.   And she certainly gives the impression she is in awe of the bad boy of the Court, Barry Roux, bowled over by him.  That is Barry Roux, Oscar Pistorius’ Number 1 Defence lawyer.  There is of course a Number 2, and if I didn’t know better I might have understood Crawford to be if not Number 3, perhaps a Pistorius spokesperson!   Most certainly she appears to be Barry’s Number 1 fan! 

Listening to her jumping to the defence of the ‘Defence’ in this case is quite astonishing.  Who would have thought old Barry Roux-thless would have set Crawford’s heart on fire!  

Very little is ever mentioned of Miss Steenkamp, her family the anguish this trial must bring them.

Sky News Reporter Jeremy Thomson:

So at the end of Day 15 the Prosecution has finally rested its case for the moment.  Next, the Defence, but that could be a couple of days away.  Another extraordinary day in Court that has featured not only the cell phones that the couple had and the messages between them which could prove all important in trying to establish a motive….Alex just run us through, and what were the highlights in Court, what were the main points?

Alex Crawford

Well we have learnt an awful lot from the State IT specialist they can not only decipher all your messages  including 'Whats App' they can monitor your internet activity whether you logged onto a certain website and when you logged off but also they can  work out where you are when you’re actually accessing your phone.    So he painted a very detailed picture of what Reeva and Oscar Pistorius were doing in the lead up to that night in Oscar’s home,  and the impression the State were wanting to give was that…and they highlighted 4 very difficult to listen to messages where she talked about being scared about being permanently criticised from him, how he criticised her accent that’s what we had yesterday it was absolutely excruciating sitting in Court listening to it, it really felt like you were sitting in their bedroom listening to the very intimate detailed conversation between them.

Today was the Defence’ case to try and right some of that, and as his uncle Arnold Pistorius turned round and told reporters -  “I have worked out how many of those messages the State zoned in on and they are 0.7%.”

There were more than 1700 messages between the two, they highlighted 4 of them, the State.  Today the Defence wanted to draw everyone’s attention, the Judge in particular to the very loving relationship.  There was (laughs) I mean it was amazing listening to Barry Roux having to say ‘there were 11 kisses weren’t there, there were 5 messages with 11 kisses, and another smiley face’, and they were talking to each other using pet names, like babba, baby, angel.

Sky Reporter Thomson:

Dr Dutoit you specialise as a criminologist in abusive relationships.  What are we looking for here?  What what caught your attention? What do you hear between the lines when Defence and Prosecution are talking about a couple, and how they get on , and what their relationship is like?

Criminologist Dr Pixie Dutoit

“You know a person in an abuse relationship, the abuser himself he has what we refer to as a dual personality in other words he has this outward personality where he’s a good person, everybody likes him and he’s sociable, and you know loving and everything. And then he also has an inward personality which is the bad one where he can be very manipulative, he can be cruel.  So an abusive relationship doesn’t have to be aggressive or does not have to be violent it can also be very subtle and I think this is what happened here because he criticised her he humiliated her in public in front of their friends.”

Crawford – interrupts…

Can I just  say Jeremy that  Barry Roux did make the point that after all these rows, that he drew attention to messages, where they had almost immediately 'made up', and were referring to each other with affectionate terms all the time.  That was one of his central points today.

Sky Reporter Thomson

A couple days break and then, it’s possible we could see Oscar Pistorius.  What are you hearing from the Defence?


Well of course this is what everyone is waiting for.  There’s no question I think that he will be called, cos he has already indicated he wants to talk, and he wants to give his own evidence, and certainly having spoken to Barry Roux on the way out he was being … trying to be enigmatic because he hasn’t liked the Prosecution just pulling people out willy nilly and him not being given advanced notice.  So he wants to leave a bit of element of surprise but I think everyone is really focusing and banking on him being first up as the first witness.  I think we’ll be very surprised if he’s not.  A couple of the reporters spoke to him on the way out and they asked him how he felt about it, he was very nervous, but the said… he didn’t say he was nervous, but he appeared nervous.  The whole of the family is giving the impression that they are absolutely resolutely behind him err and err that he is going to do pretty well on that witness stand.

Sky Reporter:

Alex, Pixie thank you…


What is interesting too in Crawford’s report, not only that she seems to have fallen for Roux’s stunt, and it was  no more than a stunt, he was struggling if this is the best he can do, bringing to the attention of the Court more than 1700 texts ‘What Apps’ messages, mostly one-liners of a couple words, which would he said, prove a loving relationship – put the whole lot together and you would be lucky to fill one or two A4 sized sheets – and that’s including the ‘xxx’s’  (kisses) smiley faces, and pet names hardly love lettersbut that there existed obvious abuse, as the criminologist stated seems to have gone over the top of her head.

Crawford seems so easily to have accepted Uncle Arnold saying it was only 0.7% of the messages where Miss Steenkamp voiced her fear of the abusive conduct of Pistorius as though that made it all okay.

Have good old Uncle Arnold and Barry Roux never heard of ZERO tolerance?

And it really doesn’t matter Ms Crawford whether the couple made up 2 seconds later or 2 days later, 2 weeks after the guy was abusive to her the fact remains, the young woman at times feared this man and told him so!

So quick was Crawford to jump in when the criminologist said that it was her opinion that Pistorius had treated Miss Steenkamp badly, humiliated her in front of friends  - to tell us –‘but they 'made up' almost immediately’ as stated in Court by Barry!


On the night Pistorius shot and killed Ms Steenkamp if having argued prior to – he had no intention  of  ‘making-up’ immediately!

4 emails written by Miss Steenkamp describing her fear of Oscar Pistorius = only 0.7% of messages between the pair, said good old Uncle Arnie.  

 That is 0.7% too many!

This means that the 1st message where Miss Steenkamp voiced this, her fear of Pistorius her concern, had fallen on deaf ears, else she would not have had to write, 2, 3, and 4!

Do we then say Pistorius only fired 4 bullets, hell it could have been more and quote the percentage, and that makes it right?   As right as Ms Crawford said the Defence were trying to make it!

It cannot be ‘made right.’    The messages detailing Miss Steenkamp’s fear of this man exist.  They cannot be wiped out, ignored by any number of one- liners with a smiley attached!

If I bashed your brains in with a hammer but once, and patted you gently on the head, ruffled your hair 1700 times beforehand would that make up for, excuse a bloody hammering?

Whether bullets, or messages expressing fear of Pitorius - Four is four too many Ms Crawford!

The South African lawyer/judge, Motloung said that much of what we hear in the Court will be thrown by the wayside as the only question which remains to be answered is whether Pistorius knew who was in that toilet cubicle.  Pointing out also, that even it had been a burglar, it is against SA Law for Pistorius to shoot and kill in such a situation! Further he stated that there is no question Pistorius intended to kill whomever was behind the door of the cubicle!

Pistorius may speak for himself as Crawford has suggested. He wants to give his own evidence she said...Barry told her!
28th March 2014

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