Lying in the Sun

Brave Mum Kate McCann

Brave Mum Kate McCann?

According to the Daily Express!

The Express reported as follows: 

Kate agreed to attend court at the last moment on the advice of her Portuguese lawyer Isabel Duarte.

A source close to the McCanns said yesterday:

“Kate’s lawyers felt that one of Madeleine’s parents should be there in person. Kate agreed to go while Gerry looks after the twins. “She is not expected to give evidence but will be sitting in the courtroom.”


(Loud laughter)

A libel case that has been on- going for years against the man they say has been their tormentor and not until the ‘last minute’ did this team of lawyers, think ‘oh perhaps one or other of the two who brought this actions should attend.’

The first hearings, of this particular round which commenced on 12th and 13th September 2013 very quickly descended into a disaster for the McCanns.

Their witnesses were ill informed and ill prepared, they knew little of the McCann children.  Little of the McCanns - and more to the point little of this case!

One witness a female by name of Loach (related to Ken Loach?) stated she had seen the book Maddie the Truth of the Lie (Maddie a Verdade da Mentira) written by Dr Goncalo Amaral on sale in UK. 

There is no English version of this book!

Angus McBride, a lawyer to McCanns spoke of the McCann twins, but his testimony made no sense as he was speaking of a time before the book was published, so irrelevant!

The child psychologist, it appeared had only ever met with the McCann twins on one occasion when they were two years old and shortly after Madeleine had vanished.  They are now 8 years 6 months of age!

The Anglican priests’ wife said she had not a clue if the book written by Dr Goncalo Amaral had stopped the public looking for Madeleine (which is the claim made by Gerry and Kate McCann)

And so it went on, a string of people who did not know the McCanns before Madeleine’s disappearance, and had come to meet, through being employed by the McCanns in one form or other. All therefore persons who had benefited financially by her disappearance through business.

It was a sad day for Madeleine her brother and sister, as the sorry bunch of witnesses were marched in and out of Court..

Even the ex- private detective Dave Edgar gave a poor performance!   He stated that he had not, during his investigations read all of the police files the information available to him.

£hundred thousands spent on this private detective and he produced zilch.  One thing not to be able to find an abductor or any evidence of one, but to then admit in Court he had not bothered to read all the information available to him contained in the police files!

No wonder he also stated a while back that it would take him 10 years to find Madeleine!

At the end of 2 days Kate McCann the disgraced mother who had left her children alone night after night in a holiday apartment, had failed to produce a single witness who could provide credible evidence or proof of the claims made against Dr Goncalo Amaral.  No more than 'hearsay.'

It was, an embarrassing affair not least due to Isabel Duarte, the McCann lawyer in Portugal, seemingly slandering Dr Goncalo Amaral when interviewed by Martin Brunt, Crime Reporter for Sky News.   As Duarte headed into Court she stopped to speak to Martin Brunt and to at least one other reporter at the Palace of Justice in Lisbon.

Astonishingly Duarte claimed that Goncalo Amaral had hidden away his legal earnings the profit from book sales, and that they had not yet found it!

Why oh why would Duarte/her clients the McCanns be searching for the monies belonging to Dr Goncalo Amaral, looking into his personal business and financial affairs?

Very dangerous ground!

The McCanns have lost previous cases to Dr Goncalo Amaral, which I am sure placed a heavy financial burden on the Madeleine Fund.   The Fund set up to search for Madeleine.  It relies on donations from the public.

Should they lose again – Can the Fund survive?  Can it meet the legal costs of this case?

It is such a shame that such huge amounts of money from the Fund is to be used in this way, when already, it has been damaged by previously lost  legal actions raised by Madeleine’s parents.

£hundreds of thousands from the Fund also lost to criminals and fraudsters!

To add to the ‘disaster’ the defence lawyers, were allowed by the Court to introduce the following:

Extract from the book ‘The Truth of the Lie’ by Dr Goncalo Amaral

1. The minor, Madeleine McCann died inside apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Vila da Luz, on the night of 3rd May 2007;

2. There was simulation of abduction.

3. Kate Healy and Gerald McCann are suspects of involvement in the concealment of their daughter's body.

4. The death could have occurred as a result of a tragic accident;

5. There are clues about the parents' negligence concerning the care and safety of the children.


Also introduced and by way of comparison was a report resulting from the Official Police Investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance (McCann lawyer Isabel Duarte objected to this and it is easy to see why she would But the Judge over-ruled as the information is available and legally so on the internet. )

Investigation Report dated 10th September 2007 which is also on the internet.

From all the elements that have been exposed, it results that:

A) The minor Madeleine McCann died in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club resort, on the night of 3rd May 2007;

B) There was a simulation of abduction;

C) In order to make it appear impossible that the death of the minor occurred before 22.00hr, a system of checks on the McCann children while they slept was created;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their child Madeleine McCann;

E) At this moment, there is no evidence that the death of the minor didn't happen due to a tragic accident;

F) From what has been established until now, everything indicates that the McCanns, by virtue of self- preservation, don't want to deliver immediately and voluntarily the cadaver, even though there is a strong possibility that the same was transported from the initial place of deposition. This situation consequently raises questions about the circumstances under which the death of the minor occurred.


The case is due to continue today in Portugal at the Palace of Justice in Portugal.

What will be disclosed today is anyone’s guess, but what the public have heard thus far has surely been shocking – witnesses who were less than credible, an expensive lawyer who it would appear slandered Dr Goncalo Amaral on her way into Court, and a report on this case and concerning the McCanns which is jaw dropping!

Let us see what happens…

See if the brave mum Kate McCann or the (less brave?) and thus far absent father Gerry McCann will show face to answer their claims and accusations?

19th September 2013

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