Lying in the Sun

Brave Mum's, Mum

Brave Mum's, Mum

The brave mum of Kate McCann lashed out at her daughter and her husband Gerry - brave, as not many mother's would.

Of Kate and Gerry she had this to say:

 Well I have to say that I am surprised that Kate and Gerry left their children AT ALL, and I've thought about it A LOT, because they're such caring parents, and I think - WHY?"

April 2008

Seems even Granny Healy did not 'buy' the story told by her daughter, her husband Gerry and the Tapas bunch that it was SAFE to leave the children, like dining in their garden!

Discovering that Madeleine had told her mummy and daddy on the morning of her disappearance that she and her baby brother had been crying the previous night, must break Granny Healy's heart, that her daughter Kate and her husband Gerry could have acted so cold- heartedly, and irresponsibly towards her grandchildren.
19th September 2013

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