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British Burglars?

British Burglars?


The E. Fits released on Crimewatch by the Metropolitan Police. in October 2013, that is the E.Fits which the McCann couple had drawn up in 2008, and had in their possession for a very long time, before handing over to police authorities in either UK or Portugal, depict that of a man more British in looks than Portuguese.  

The Crimewatch production also has a guy, a dead ringer for Gerry McCann playing the part of the man seen by the Smith family carrying off a little girl of Madeleine's description.

The E. Fits having been held by Madeleine's parents and remaining undisclosed for such a lengthy time, demonstrate a shocking lack of urgency by the couple in their 'Leaving No Stone Unturned' campaign to find the missing girl.

There cannot possibly be any acceptable excuse as to why they would do this to their missing daughter - withholding vital E.Fits?

The eye witness who saw a man carrying off a child who looked like young Madeleine, believes the man he saw carrying the child to be Gerry McCann.

Perhaps the McCann couple felt that the E.Fits were 'too close to Gerry' for comfort, and this is why they did not disclose them?


The recent flurry of press articles in relation to the Metropolitan Police seeking to speak with 3 burglars, who it is reported, the Met Police believe to have been in the area of the McCann holiday apartment on the night the child vanished, suggest that the burglars could be the culprits, the persons who removed Madeleine from the apartment.

 (These reports have not been confirmed by the Met.  They have confirmed only, that they have sent a communication to Portuguese authorities, but not detailing the content - though DCI Redwood of the Met, did speak of burglars on Crimewatch.) 

The story appears to have come from Clarence Mitchell, the McCann, spokesperson – up to his tricks again?

As I said in a previous blog, if the Met Police are seeking to speak with these three persons it is most likely as witnesses, not suspects!

If DCI Redwood/the Metropolitan Police know who the three are, their names, which I imagine they must if they have asked the Portuguese Police permission to interview them, and that they know too their nationalities – it would seem we could assume that they already know ALSO if any of the three fit the description of the man the Smith family saw.     And if any of them fit that description I would wager there would have been a more urgent response by the Metropolitan police to such a discovery, to another of Redwood's revelations!

So are they British burglars, Portuguese, and or other?

London (CNN) -- After a renewed push for leads in the case of missing British girl Madeleine McCann, authorities in the United Kingdom are turning to Portuguese officials for help.

A letter sent by the Crown Prosecution Services to authorities in Portugal on Friday is requesting permission to conduct interviews in connection with the girl's 2007 disappearance from her family's holiday villa in the resort town of Praia da Luz.

Pedro do Carmo, the deputy national director of the Judiciary Police in Portugal, said Portuguese authorities have not yet received the letter, but he noted the latest lines in the Scotland Yard investigation focus on three people.
Do Carmo declined to provide the nationalities of those three people, who he said have not been detained.



Neither the British or the Portuguese authorities appear to have stated which nationality, but we know a man who has:-


Martin Brunt, Sky News had this to say re the nationality of the three:

“It appears, from what Scotland Yard has discovered, that three phones were used to phone each other many, many times in the minutes, and then in the hours, after Madeleine disappeared. Errr... Police believe they know who those phones belong to; three local Portuguese men."  



So who did the Smith family see - An English man, an Irish man, a Welsh man, or one of three Portuguese men, or a Scots man? 

And who did the three local Portuguese men, the burglars see?

   Gerry McCann
  I like this one        and I like this one 

Seems to me, if these three burglars exist, they might just be needed by Redwood, to identify the man seen by Smith family.  Perhaps they saw him?
15th January 2014

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