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Brunt Bears the Brunt

Brunt Bears the Brunt

There is no such thing as coincidence in the McCann case.

Every move, every announcement by the Metropolitan Police, Redwood in particular, the Crimewatch Production, planned and presented always at a time when there was something going on in Portugal regarding the case, or should that be 'cases', as there has been more than one, against Dr Amaral, or as we know around the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.

Nothing is from the heart, all manipulation, orchestrated for best effect, for the benefit of the parents so that they can keep the farce going, keep asking for your money.

The death of Brenda Leyland though did stop both Brunt and McCanns in their tracks, that is for a period of time, up until the Inquest into her death.  

The Inquest over, it was time for re-grouping, planning their next move.

McCanns clearly could not have the usual anniversary pantomime which we have come to associate with these parents.  After all, the McCanns were up to their necks in the Death Dossier, as much as Brunt, Gamble, Sky, the god awful Swan and Summers duo.

An exit for Gerry and Kate McCann was needed, and daft old Brunt was going to be the one served up as the sacrifice as we saw today.

A new look Brunt was wheeled out to tell the world that OOPS, the Leicestershire Police were NOT going to take any action against those named in this dirty dossier, as NO LAW HAD BEEN BROKEN!

Is it any wonder that Martin Brunt sat giving this report, looking not only decidedly uncomfortable, but guilty as hell.

And so he should.

He attacked Brenda Leyland with this DIRTY DOSSIER.

Not he, NOT the McCanns, NOT Murdoch, NOT Jim Gamble waited for the result of any Police Investigation before attacking this lady, before presenting on Sky TV his SPECIAL REPORT, in which Gamble participated as did the DOSSIER COMPILERS.

Not a one of them waited to see what the police had to say about this dossier, if anything.

All too late for Brenda Leyland, her family.

And what is so appalling about this is that this lady Brenda Leyland had NOT sent the McCanns any tweets.  Had NOT threatened them in any way.

She had NOT done that which those who compiled the dossier had accused her of, and Martin Brunt had NO reason whatsoever to have attacked her.

What made him think he had the right to do so? 

He sat today in the Sky Central Studio, with a look on his face that said he wished he was elsewhere.  But clearly he had been ordered to stick to the script.  Matches, handcuffs, torture are the words he spouted, words we are led to believe used by those accused of threatening the McCanns.  

Sound pretty much to me like the same stuff Kate McCann used when describing what she would like to happen to Dr Amaral - misery, fear, death!   The destruction of his family, his children, his home.

Undeniably Kate McCanns comments are EXTREMELY DISTASTEFUL, and UNPLEASANT IN NATURE.

Not right for anyone to threaten another.

But Kate McCann is no different from those Brunt claims verbally abused the McCanns.

Kate McCann has abused Dr Amaral in the most appalling of ways.

Never does this decent and honourable man respond in kind, to her vile antics.  He remains dignified always.  Never stooping to her low and crude level.

Oh but Brunt and the dossier compilers, poor babies - that is those who contributed, together with Brunt, and the others aforementioned, in the death of Brenda Leyland (and kid yourselves not, whatever way you cut it, that is what they did contributed in driving this lady to her death) Brunt had such sympathy for their dismay.  Yes they were dismayed he said.

He forgot to add, dismayed that another life was not lost in the same way as that of Ms Leyland.

Brunt in his report, a very one sided report, failed to produce the tweets where these very people, gloated over the death of Brenda Leyland, who hoped what became of Ms Leyland would happen to others also. 

These people are scum, as is ANYONE who threatens another!

And he, Brunt, is sure he said the McCanns will be astonished at the decision by the Leicestershire Police not to take action against anyone.

That may be so.

Not half as astonished as the public the world over are, Mr Brunt, at no legal action ever having been taken against the McCanns, and not half astonished that you are able to sit there and be their mouthpiece after what you did.

Shame on all of you.

But I am not astonished at all.  

There was never going to be action taken.  Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said as much at the time Brunt/Sky were revealing their dossier.

So Brunt can cut the crap about the 'astonishment' the McCanns will be feeling.

I reckon the McCanns are rather relieved that they have managed to come up with a way of distancing them from the whole dirty affair.

Brunt knew there was never going to be action taken, and McCann knew this.  The whole thing from the door stepping to Brunts Special Report, all planned to make McCanns out to be victims, all part of the McCann agenda, but an agenda that went tragically wrong, costing Brenda Leyland her life. 

Oh and of course Brunt threw in the outcome of two other cases which he referred to as troll cases - a little frightener just in case anyone out there based on his revelations of today - the non action by police - get smart and thinks they can get away with, whatever...

Not a word from Brunt in this report today about the death of Brenda Leyland, or how sorry he is for what he did.

Not a word about how sure he is that the McCanns are devastated at the death of Brenda Leyland, or how sorry they are that the false accusations against her led to her death.  Perhaps because they are not?

Not a word about how sure he is that those dossier compilers are devastated at the death of Brenda Leyland?

Not a single word that ANY one of them, from Brunt, the McCanns, Gamble, Murdoch, Summers and Swan, the Dirty Dossier compilers have remorse for what they did to Brenda Leyland.   Not a single word.

They took from this lady's family, a loving mother in the most heinous of ways, and Brunt sits there expecting the viewer to feel sympathy for everyone involved in the attack on Ms Leyland?

What is the world coming to?

As for Leicestershire Police not taking action?

You can bet your life that even had they been able to under whatever section of the law that permitted them to, that after Ms Leyland's death, that NO action would have been taken.  

Quite simply, if it had been, the McCanns themselves, their family and friends, ALL who absolutely MUST have known about this dossier, been part of at some level, they would have no doubt then had to appear in Court in connection with same, bringing into question also the death of Brenda Leyland.

And the McCanns, and all and sundry involved wanted most of all to distance themselves from Ms Leyland's death.

The McCanns are protected in many ways as is as plain as day to see.

If persons could have been prosecuted without it tarnishing McCann name you can bet your boots they would have been.

Brunt has been sent out today to do the clean up before the 8th Anniversary.

McCanns have had this hanging over them, the reason they have not been sofa surfing this year.

That and the case against Dr Amaral!

I note that Brunt stated that Gerry McCann called for trolls to be prosecuted.  He said Gerry McCann said this AFTER he Brunt revealed the dossier?

Did not McCann before the dossier was released, in an interview with BBC Radio call for persons to be prosecuted?

Brunt taking the heat off McCann?

No, nothing in the McCann case is a coincidence, and certainly not the timing of anything that is reported when there is activity in Portugal re Court proceedings or around the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.

Brunt was sent out today, to take the brunt, to take the heat off McCann.

We can now expect poor Kate and Gerry to come out and feign astonishment (they will have been practicing to get the expression right for weeks no doubt) as that is what Brunt said they will be feeling, astonished!

Pull the other one Brunt old boy.

The only time the McCanns have shown real feeling about anything, in public is when angry.   Anger when in Portugal.  Anger towards Dr Goncalo Amaral.  They lose it when they do not get their way.

I guess Brunt, Sky, Murdoch, the McCanns, Mitchell, Gamble, feel 'job done' today.

Cleared the way for Kate and Gerry to now make an appearance. Poor dossier compilers, astonished McCanns, yes, job done.

Swept the tragic case of Brenda Leyland under the carpet, and been economical with the truth regarding the reporting on the case against Dr Amaral in Portugal.

Nothing new then!

Brunt is reaping what he sowed.  He got into bed with McCann, and that is a dirtier deed than the dossier itself!

Unlike McCann, Brunt did have a good name to lose, and that is exactly what has happened!
1st May 2015

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