Lying in the Sun

Brunt Bit by Bit - 10

Brunt Bit by Bit - 10

                        .....and his shockingly irresponsible special report.

So whats left?  Who is left?

Well there's Jim Gamble, an ex cop who has befriended the McCanns.

Not a lot one can say about this character.

He congratulated Martin Brunt for what he did to Brenda Leyland, referring to it as 'great work'

He is on Twitter and befriends some very dark and dodgy people there.

He supports the book by Summers & Swan - which declares the McCanns innocent from any involvement in their daughter's disappearance. Odd to say the least for an ex cop to do that when there is an ongoing investigation and no conclusion as yet reached.

And he supported Brunt in his Special Report by making a 'special' appearance.

Oh and he announced on Twitter that the McCanns DID NOT pass the dossier to the Metropolitan Police.   

I guess he messed up on that one.  Trying to protect them but hell the Metropolitan Police had already declared that it WAS THE McCANN PARENTS WHO GAVE THEM THE DOSSIER!

Not much more one can say about a guy like that, clear to me he is not a decent sort, not a man of honesty or integrity.

Summers & Swan

Well, well, well - A deal gone so very wrong!   They played their part.  Damned to hell everyone who can see that the stories by the McCanns do not add up. Spoke about nuts, trolls and haters.   Now that is not nice.  That will not sell books. And they declared the McCanns innocent when there are ongoing police investigations and no conclusions reached.

They stated also that there has been for seven years people perpetuating the idea that the McCanns had something to do with Madeleine's disappearance.

I guess they didn't read the online police files - it's not people perpetuating an idea!

And is not the purpose of their book to perpetuate the idea that the McCanns are innocent not involved to counter those who challenge, but in doing so refer to them as haters, nuts and trolls.

Should they be referred to as haters for not having the same opinion as those who do believe they are involved?

Of course not - why would anyone want to behave in that way?

They choose to behave badly in this regard - leave them to it I say!

They  are not undercover cops by any chance working for either the PJ in Portugal or the Met in UK, and know for sure that the McCanns are not involved in any way?

Nah I didn't think so.  Just a pair who did a deal with the devil shall we say and it fell through.

People saw through their game!

Oh they must have thought a Madeleine Book one which supported the McCanns would make $millions - that train left the station long time ago!

Their greed landed them nowhere but on the seat of their pants!

And of course our Damsel in Distress,
Ducky the Dossier Dame, who fears for her safety, and feeds ducks - didn't give a rootin toot for Brenda Leyland's safety but she does for her own.

Not anything one can add to that.

It will be interesting to see who surfaces first and what tale they will have prepared to save their sorry assess.  Who will be first to demonstrate regret and remorse for what they did to Ms Leyland if any of them?

A smirk from Gerry McCann is all that has been forthcoming thus far.

Won't be so easy to wriggle out of this one, a lady lost her life through their stupid games.

They all,every one, from Brunt, McCanns, the anonymous Ducky, Jim Gamble, the odious Swan and Summers, Murdoch and not forgetting Mitchell played their part.

There is no doubt in my mind Mitchell had a hand in this - McCanns don't pay the guy this ex Government media monitor who they have employed for the past seven years, £70,000 per annum and around half of that when on a retainer, to sit around twiddling his thumbs.

What part if any the Metropolitan Police played whether they too knew of this report by Brunt his plans to attack Ms Leyland remains to be seen.

The others we know ALL knew that the attack on Brenda Leyland was happening.
2nd November 2014

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