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Brunt Bit by Bit - 9

Brunt Bit by Bit - 9   ....

                                   ....His shockingly irresponsible Special Report


A dossier containing evidence of hundreds of malicious and threatening internet postings has been sent to the Commissioner of Scotland Yard.  It calls for a police clamp down of the online abuse.  It has been compiled by a group of web users appalled at the attacks on the McCanns.

The Metropolitan Police told the group:

‘This material has now been forwarded to us here at the operational investigation team dealing with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Operation Grange.   In consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service and the McCann family the material will now be assessed and decisions made as to what further action, if any should  be undertaken?'


We know that after Brunt's Special Report, that Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe of Metropolitan Police spoke on radio interview.

He stated that the 'material' as in the dossier had been given to Operation Grange the team which is dealing with the missing Madeleine Investigation, but that they did not deal with it at all but passed it on, to Leicestershire Police who were ONLY considering the content.  No one had been spoken to.  No charges had been brought against anyone at all.  No action had been taken.

What was extremely interesting about the Hogan-Howe interview was that he stated the dossier had been handed to the Metropolitan Police
by the parents of Madeleine McCann.

What is interesting too is the above statement by the Met from Brunt's Report.

In this communication which is addressed to the 'group' that is the group of McCann online supporters (as Brunt has described them) telling them that the material that they had put together, had now reached their Operation Grange Team.

From the two Metropolitan Police Statements, the one by Hogan-Howe and the one Brunt used in his report, we can form a chain of events.

The document/dossier whatever you prefer to call it, was put together by the McCann online supporters.  It was then passed to the McCanns, who in turn passed it to the Metropolitan Police.


1. Dossier Dame
2. McCanns
3. Metropolitan Police Operation Grange

We know this as the communication to the group from the Met is telling them that the material has NOW been forwarded to them.

This tells us also that the 'group' had previously been in contact with the Met, and this was the Met now confirming receipt of the material.

The material we know sent in by the McCanns!

Who gave a copy to Brunt?

Three parties had a copy.  

  • The McCanns
  • The Metropolitan Police,
  • The Dossier Dame (the one in Brunt's report with the dumpy legs clad in black boots who feeds ducks has her voice dubbed and her identity hidden)
Some believe this female is a McCann family member, the boots rule Kate McCann out she is a sandal type of gal!

But whoever it is is of absolutely no concern to me.  She has the right to remain anonymous as does everyone else.

Just a pity she and those she colluded with to compile their dossier didn't afford the innocent Brenda Leyland the same courtesy and respect.  Things would have been so much different if they had.  Brenda Leyland may not have lost her life.

This female will of course remain anonymous until the police decide differently, she must absolutely now be someone who the police will be interested in speaking with, who will be questioned in relation to this whole horrible affair.

Who she is should not matter to others, ONLY TO THE POLICE.

She must be afforded the courtesy of anonymity that which she, her fellow supporters, Martin Brunt, Sky, Summers & Swan, Jim Gamble and all others involved took upon themselves not to allow Brenda Leyland.  Out this female and those who do are no better than she is!

So who gave Brunt a copy of the documents?

Stands to reason it has to be one of three I have listed.

I rule out the Metropolitan Police!

That leaves me with McCann and the Dossier Dame.

I'm going with the Dame - who hereinafter I will give the handle Ducky!

Ducky I believe will have colluded with the McCanns their family member who they say monitors the internet for them.  This was stated in Court that this is what the McCann family member does.  And of course with Mitchell, he will have had a hand in this, no question about that.

I therefore cannot see that Ducky and Co, would not have collaborated with the MCanns and their own media monitor.

I cannot see either that Kate and Gerry McCann would not have been aware of Brenda Leyland, her Twitter comments.  I cannot see how, if they were contained in the documents compiled by Ducky and passed to them/collaborated with to compile them that he could not have read any of the comments.

Now this niggles away at me, because Gerry McCann when speaking with a press reporter quite recently and when asked about the comments by Brenda Leyland he responded thus:

"I haven't read her tweets"

Hell now, if I had handed in to police a 67 page dossier about persons on Twitter their tweets, I would make darn well damn well sure I had read every single page, every last last word.  Or, had some trusted member of my family read them to me.

I take it the line the McCanns will adopt is that  they do not know the persons, these supporters who compiled the dossier, that they simply accepted receipt of it.

(Sorry Ducky, if you are hoping for their support in the event that you might need it, my money is on you being hung out to dry)

Now McCann receives a dossier - 67 pages.  Doesn't read it.  Doesn't read about the person who Martin Brunt is going to attack in his Special Report, he just mosey's on down to the cops and hands it in?

What IF those 67 pages were filled with the inconsistencies in their stories?

What IF 30 pages or so were simply a repeat of his change of story.  His first police statement where he told Portuguese Police he entered by the front locked door using his key, and his second police statement where he changed his story to having entered the apartment by the patio door?

What IF there were pages detailing Fiona Payne's story that Kate McCann had told her at the dinner table on the night Madeleine vanished, that Kate McCann had said she had left the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine could get out of the apartment to go look for her parents should she wake in their absence?

What IF there were pages of Kate McCann contradicting Payne's story as she did on the Tubridy Show screened on TV? 

What IF the Metropolitan Police decided to question these two females about their contradictory stories?

What IF the dossier highlight that Russell O'Brien lied about checking the McCann children?

What IF it highlighted that Gerry McCann told police that he thought David Payne checked on his children mid week, when McCann knew absolutely that NO ONE checked on his children during that week, when McCann knew that the Payne's had a monitor and did not leave the table to check on their own kids so why on theirs?

I could go through WHAT IF's all night long, but I think you get the picture?

Why would anyone at all, hand police a dossier without checking to see what the dossier contained?

Short answer - they would not!

But Gerry McCann has stated that he had not read the tweets by Brenda Leyland.

Now there's a thing!

Next question WHO ALL KNEW about Brunt's bit of mischief that he was planning his little mission?

I think both, Gerry McCann and Ducky on this one!

How could Gerry McCann not know?   All that lead up to it - demanding that twit people be made an example of...stating there had been threats to kidnap his twin children?

Brunt did not come up with this on his own, and dear Ducky we must not forget took part in the Special Report.   She did not do that without Gerry McCanns knowledge...

They ALL HAD to know what Brunt was about to do to Brenda Leyland.

The fact that Brunt did carry this out, that Gamble, Summers & Swan, that Ducky the Dossier Dame were the main players in this Special Report - not a chance in hell that McCann did not know of it.

Which makes the whole thing so much more tragic.  

Was he so filled with hate, and so cowardly, that they chose to target this lady?

Why were they not at the doors of all of those whom Brunt said had made threats?

Why were they not at the door of those who McCann said had threatened to kidnap his children?

I think we all know, knowing what we do of the McCanns, the answer to that one.
2nd November 2014
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