Lying in the Sun

Brunt Bit by Bit Part 2

Brunt Bit by Bit - Part 2...

       ...his shockingly irresponsible Special Report

Martin Brunt:

"This woman uses Twitter to attack the parents of Madeleine McCann. On the internet she’s anonymous – NOT ANY MORE!"

Where in Martin Brunt's mind did he get the idea that it was right and proper for him to do what he did to this lady?

Where did he get the idea that it was right and proper for him to take from this innocent lady her right to remain anonymous?

Apart from celebrities who post under their real identity and for obvious reasons, (most seek and need all the attention they can get and Twitter provides that) there will be few who do.   It is their right to choose, and most choose from what I can see, to remain anonymous for many and varied reasons I would imagine.  

But NOT because they are on Twitter with the intention to abuse, intimidate or threaten anyone.

Brunt could hardly conceal his glee as he spouted the words - 'Not any more.'

It is not something he should have been proud of then, and certainly not now.

It further begs the question:

Martin Brunt speaking of the woman, the McCann Supporter, whom he stated ORGANISED the dossier"  

"Because she is so worried about her own safety we have hidden her identity, and dubbed her voice."

So, it was imperative that he, Brunt allow this person, this person who made the accusations, to remain anonymous, to be protected, and on HER word, not that of the Metropolitan Police, he took it upon himself on the say so of this ANONYMOUS PERSON to attack Brenda Leyland!

This anonymous person, absolutely had NOT A REASON IN THE WORLD TO FEAR Brenda Leyland.  Not a reason in the world to fear that harm would come to her at Brenda Leyland's hands.

Brunt did NOT make this clear in his report.   That Brenda Leyland would not harm a fly. and did not!   

This anonymous person, who Brunt KNOWS her identity, if she has any real fear at all, any genuine concern, she should be making it known to the police NOT BRUNT!  Because she too must know who it is that she supposedly fears!   She knew enough to make her dossier.

As a McCann supporter (Brunt's description of her) she must know who amongst her fellow supporters, those like minded nasty people, who made the appalling threats against Brenda Leyland.  She will no doubt know them, every one!

And Brunt must know this also.   Yet he made not a mention of this in his SPECIAL REPORT!

And don't you just love the little cutie voice they chose when dubbing this lady!
1st November 2014

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