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Brunt Bit by Bit Part 3

Brunt Bit by Bit - Part 3...

                                        ...his shocking and irresponsible Special Report

Martin Brunt:

"On Twitter she uses the name ‘Sweepyface’ and the profile picture of a pet.  She tweets many times a day and mostly about the McCanns.  In one message she spread rumours about the couples marriage and in another she hoped Madeleine’s parents would suffer forever."

What does it matter what 'handle' this woman used?  They all, all the Twit people use some handle or another.   What does it matter that she had a pet as her profile picture?

And this rumour Brunt said she was spreading (I think Twitter in general is rumour based, the chat, and not only in reference to McCanns)

What this lady said was:

'"Little bird who lives near Rothley said (unverified) that K&G are in essence separated.  Anyone else heard of this?"

So Brenda Leyland stated she'd heard that Kate and Gerry McCann were separated.  She stated also that this is unverified.  She does NOT state this as a fact, and IN fact she simply asks if anyone else has heard of this.

Brunt also said that in another tweet B. Leyland said she hoped that Madeleine's parents would suffer forever.

And perhaps she did hope this.  I imagine she was not alone in this regard in this thought.

When parents have treated their children so appallingly with such cruelty, when they have placed them in the most terrifyingly vulnerable position alone and afraid, night after night, and when they will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the part they played in one of the most appalling cases of child cruelty that I have ever come across, one of their children losing her life, vanishing without trace, then there will be millions around the world who believe they should suffer for what they did.  Millions who feel that justice will not be served for Madeleine until those responsible for the neglect of the children, and other crimes committed against this child are brought to justice.

Justice for crimes committed especially heinous crimes against children are generally punishable by those responsible being given a custodial sentence. Arguably these persons will suffer behind bars for their sins.

So why is it considered so wrong by some for Brenda Leyland or anyone else for that matter to state that they hope those who played a part in this child's demise/disappearance (the parents also) suffer for their sins?

When the parents in this tragic case are doctors educated persons who knew absolutely what they were doing, it adds to the outrage people feel.   Others of course astoundingly condone the treatment meted out to the McCann children by their parents.  Dismiss it as a mistake!  

A mistake that spanned FIVE NIGHTS.
A mistake to leave their children despite their daughter telling them of her and her siblings distress when alone?

That's NO mistake - That's child cruelty!


But according to them and that is all the public have to go on - FIVE nights these kids according to their parents versions of events, endured the suffering their parents inflicted on them by their neglectful conduct, and Madeleine paid the highest price of all.  Their twin children now also paying a high price for the actions of their parents.

It is therefore perfectly understandable that people will feel so strongly when children are treated in this way.

Little Madeleine, again according to her parents version (or one of their versions) telling her parents on the very morning before she later disappeared that she and her baby sibling had cried when left alone the previous night, and the McCanns saying they aSTILL WALKED OUT AND LEFT THEM ALONE IN AN UNLOCKED APARTMENT?

Brunt wants to get a grip - It is NOT for any member of the public to forgive the McCanns - that is not up to the public - but they the public are entitled to their opinions, and they are entitled to voice those opinions, absolutely they are, but FORGIVENESS I think that is up to the McCanns themselves their family.  

  • Have they forgiven themselves their cruelty towards their kids?
  • Have they forgiven themselves for not accepting responsibility?

  • Have their close and extended family members forgiven them what they did to these children?
  • Will the twins forgive their parents for what they did?

I reckon that the McCanns might feel they have no need for forgiveness, no need to forgive themselves or for others to forgive them - they have never accepted that what they did was so horribly wrong, so nothing to be forgiven for in their book.

Taking a comment out of context is easy to do and that is what Brunt has done throughout his special report in respect of Brenda Leyland and at the same time taken the opportunity to portray all who do not believe the McCann tale as being not nice people.

Why is it that those who question the outrageous and unbelievable tales of the McCanns and their buddies have to be the baddies in this sad saga of missing Madeleine McCann, and those who are happy to accept not only the cruelty towards the children, but all else, are to be the goodies?

Oh I think we all know why!

B. Leyland, like millions of others may have hoped that the McCanns suffer for what they did to Madeleine and her baby brother and sister.  Just as they would any other parent or individual who harmed their child/ren in any way.

Let's call it as it is - forget all this namby pambying - a child lost her life for god damn sake, and the public are expected to tippy toe round the McCanns and their buddies.

It is a perfectly normal human reaction to have when children have suffered, and a perfectly normal comment to make when speaking of parents like the McCanns who harmed their children in the way that they did.

When we hear of other child abusers, neglecters, those who treat their children cruelly, who place them in vulnerable situations just like the McCanns did - THE PUBLIC do not come out and offer overwhelming support and forgiveness for the harm caused to the little ones.

Why would anyone expect it to be any different for the McCanns?

Why would the McCanns expect people to think that what they did to their kids was acceptable?

Why would they or Martin Brunt expect anyone to forgive them that which they accept no responsibility for?

If their outrageous tales have to be accepted as the truth, then what they did was blatant child cruelty, and people who care about children, their human rights will speak out against the appalling treatment of the McCann kids at the hands of their parents, those who should have been looking out for them, protecting them, putting them above all else, and in particular putting them before FIVE BOOZY NIGHTS WITH THEIR BUDDIES.  

These parents are happy to say 'hey we didn't think there was any danger' we acted within the bound of responsible parenting, when they know absolutely that that is a shed load of shit they are talking.

  • They have admitted they left the children alone night after night.  
  • They have admitted they left a door unlocked, a sliding door through which anyone could gain access and through which Madeleine could exit.  
  • They have admitted that Madeleine told them of her distress. 

McCanns cannot have it both ways - we left them but we didn't see any danger!

They have gotta be kiddin' themselves because they ain't foolin' anyone else!

One of the comments which was shown on screen on Brunt's special report posted by Brenda Leyland:

" Kate and 

Gerry McCann you will be hated by millions for the rest of your miserable evil conniving lives. Have a nice day."

Now if we call a spade a spade.  This lady her comment that the McCanns will be hated for the rest of their lives – it may indeed happen, become true, or rather, as the lady states they will be hated for their evil and conniving lives.

And there is no one out there who can say with hand on heart that Team McCann have not been conniving, that is a pretty mild description in my book of their actions since this little girl vanished.  And like Brenda Leyland, some will  also believe that their actions have been evil, and again with very good reason.

To read the police files available online will leave those who have not already done so in no doubt that things are NOT right in this case.   That the Portuguese Police did not get it wrong, were not the bungling fools which the McCanns would like the world to believe.

Now if we get down to the nitty gritty also.   The McCanns have appeared on TV screens globally, making the most damning, hate filled comments, regarding Dr Goncalo Amaral, and several others.

Kate McCann stated she wants Dr Amaral to suffer pain misery and fear.   She published this also in her book Madeleine, in her diary.  This is what she said he deserves!   She also wished the death of Robert Murat.

I may have missed it, but I did not see any mention of this in Brunt's special report?

Why have the public to accept Kate McCann voicing her opinion, and not only her opinion, spouting sheer hatred and venom regarding innocent others, but members of the public who make their feelings clear as to how they feel regarding the neglect of the McCann children have to be demonised?

Kate McCann has shown the utmost hatred for her fellow man and has voiced this in the most shocking and appalling of ways.  

This McCann woman treats her children with the utmost cruelty, tells the world she left them alone night after night, feeds the press the world this outrageous story, but she and Gerry McCann EXPECT no one to make comment on this?

They EXPECT people to say:

 'Oh, okay then, you didn't foresee any danger, well that's okay.  Your kid vanished but why would that be your fault.  You only left her night after night alone in an apartment and left the door unlocked so that anyone who cared to could go in and fiddle around with your three kids or carry them off whatever took their fancy.'

They EXPECT to take monies from the public for the Fund, but NO ONE  has to make comment on their neglectful conduct which ended Madeleine’s life, indirectly absolutely and most probably as the police evidence demonstrates – had a hand also in her removal from the holiday apartment.

They expect people NOT to hate what they did to their three children!

I imagine most don’t hate the McCanns.   I imagine most hate what they DID before Madeleine’s reported disappearance, in the immediate aftermath of her disappearance and the seven years since!

Brenda Leyland it appears to me was one of millions who do not believe the McCanns tale of abduction, and with every good reason!

The McCanns cannot demand that the world be silenced because they don’t want to hear what people think of their treatment of their three little kids.

Of course they should not be threatened.  Absolutely not, no one should.   And most certainly not Brenda Leyland, and in essence that is what Martin Brunt did.

No beating about the bush.  Martin Brunt, threatened this lady, with his comments about the Metropolitan Police, the Crown Prosecution, and he DID NOT have the right to do so.

And more to the point TO WRONGLY ACCUSE HER.   TO ACCUSE THIS LADY OF THAT WHAT SHE DID NOT DO - commit crimes against the McCanns!

Whether Brunt likes it or not, he played his part together with all of the others who took part in this special report, this attack on this lady, followed by her death, a death as yet unexplained.  Just like the McCanns played a part in their little daughter Madeleine vanishing without trace.

Had Brunt acted responsibly, had the McCanns acted responsibly towards their children, Brenda Leyland and Madeleine McCann would be alive today.

Will Brunt or the McCanns ever admit the parts they played?

Not a snowball's chance in hell of that every happening!
1st November 2014

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