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Brunt Bit by Bit Part 5

Brunt Bit by Bit - Part 5...

 ...His shocking and irresponsible Special Report


"A photograph of Madeleine’s twin siblings was posted online after the McCann family were caught on a TV Camera at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.  We have obscured the children’s faces.   It prompted a discussion about the twins.  One commentator described the colour of their hair, another questioned their safety."

If you look closely at the comments Brunt is referring to, which once again the 'handle' name is blanked out, one can see that they are not abusive in any way.

It is Twit people discussing the picture of the McCanns caught on camera when attending an event at the Commonwealth Games nothing more.

One does speak of the hair colour of the McCann twins.  But there is no threat made.

Why Brunt would even mention this is bizarre to say the least.

Okay, okay, I'm kidding...we all know what Brunt was up to here...

It was not the question of a 'direct threat' that Brunt was highlighting in this section of his special report,rather that these nasty people online had not acted in the same responsible way that he Martin Brunt/Sky had by obscuring the faces of the twins!

All very commendable that Brunt/Sky should obscure the faces of the kids of course , but unfortunately for the kids their parents have not been so considerate not provided that same protection that is their right.

The McCanns have not exactly been shrinking violets when it comes to making sure they get noticed in the media and not all outings/events were connected with their missing child, it naturally follows that they will be recognised most wherever they go.

Some are of the opinion and perhaps rightly, that the McCanns revel in their new found 'celebrity.'

And people will snap their photograph just as they do with other known persons as they would with celebrities.

The McCanns have not been protective of their twin children in this area either, as the kids appeared in the McCann documentaries?  Faces not obscured!

Perhaps Brunt would like to address this?

The McCanns also have many times now appeared in the press on TV have given statements about threats against their twin children which have hit the headlines.

I have in the past, posted blogs about the exposure of the twin children by their parents.  I find it disturbing. It is concerning, that the parents demonstrate such a poor lack of judgement when it comes to the protection of their kids.

These kids are splashed across the press, spoken of by their parents on TV - Come on what 9 year old kid wants to hear their parents on national TV tell all about what they say or do?  Why should the McCann kids be any different.  And when I say splashed, that does not mean images of them - stories are splashed!

Time and time again the McCanns have appeared on TV with stories of these kids, telling the world of what they say, what they do.

But what is more concerning is that they speak of threats against their children.  These stories of threats, there is no question will come to the attention of the kids.  They will hear it on the news, TV, radio, see the headlines on news stands,hear it from friends.

So what possesses the McCann to do as they do, to at times instigate these stories which will be terrifying to their twin kids, terrifying for their friends to hear?

When I speak of the lack of protection the parents afford these kids, I am not necessarily speaking of any threat of physical harm against them.   I doubt there is anyone out there who would wish harm these kids harm why on earth would they?

I am speaking of the terrifying stories of ALLEGED threats which would surely cause the children the greatest of distress?

What parent in their right mind puts such stories out there?

The most recent by the McCanns is the story by Gerry concerning threats against his kids, his recent outing to the BBC for that interview and his recent comments for the press, but we will get to that in a moment.

We had Kate McCann recently also when in Court in Lisbon telling of her young son having heard comments on the radio when travelling on the school bus,a discussion regarding the book by Dr Amaral where he documents the findings of the official police investigation in Portugal.  Kate McCann claimed that her son said he heard that Dr Amaral has in his book stated that his parents were in some way involved in her disappearance.

Gerry McCann repeated this claim outside the Court in Lisbon.

Neither parent elaborated on this at all.  They simply made statements to this effect.

It has to be said that Kate McCann was NOT SURE if her son had heard this on the school bus, which I find astonishing.

Any parent in this situation would seek immediately to discover where the child heard this, what radio station, what was the radio program/news report that the child had heard, so that they were absolutely sure what they were dealing with.  To establish if the child had indeed heard what he said he had, so that as a parent they could deal with the situation appropriately, re-assure the child that all would be well.

Seems a couple of words from Kate McCann did the trick though.  She just told the boy that Dr Amaral says silly things.   That was it it seems. Kid just dropped it.  No mention whatsoever of the child being upset in any way.

McCann kids pretty resilient if we believe the stories Kate McCann has told.

First we had Madeleine telling them of her and the baby brother crying when left alone in the dark scary apartment, asking her parents why they did not come when she called out for them.   And Kate McCann telling us that Madeleine when she spoke to her about it just dropped it, began playing with something.  Not upset she said.

Next was the young female twin when in Portugal saying that she missed her sister when was she coming home, and Kate McCann ( a surprised Kate McCann, she said she didn't know her little girl could speak so well - how can that be?) and of course wagged that magic tongue of hers once again, and this child too, 'dropped it.'  She wasn't upset at Madeleine not being around either, she just asked a question, a question which her mother never knew she had sufficient vocabulary to form?

And the little boy,now 9 years old, he also just dropped it as soon as Kate said those other magic words - Amaral says silly things.

Might just be a good thing that these kids are so able to not be upset at that which would have most kids, hysterical!

Maybe its the cynic in me but is it not the strangest thing that the McCanns come up with these tales of the twins being subjected to or hearing this or that when it comes to the Court hearing in the case against Dr Amaral, to aid their case?

We've had Kate's story about the little boy, and we have had a McCann family member tell in Court of the little girl having gone on the internet and googling her name.

The witness, just like Kate McCann could not elaborate on her tale, was not able to tell the Court if the child actually accessed any information.

Just as well as that would have placed their other witness in a sticky position as his evidence in Court was that the McCanns had done an excellent job in protecting them when online.

Up the creek without a paddle those to pieces of contradictory evidence.

Why is it that we are expected to believe that their twins hear ONLY matters relating to Dr Amaral on the radio and that is bad for them, yet these twins NEVER it would seem according to their parents hear the stories which they themselves speak of in the press on TV/radio about threats against their children?

Ain't that the oddest of things, that the McCann twins never come home and say, hey mum and dad, I saw your latest, who is it you say are making threats against us?

Odd because SPECIAL REPORTS like that of Brunt's from what I can gather were repeated on Sky News for hours on end.   Gerry McCann spoke on BBC Radio. Summers & Swan were given hours of air time to promote their 'McCanns are Innocent' book.  The press gave them not just column inches but pages and pages for days on end.  McCann speaking of threats against his kids, and are we to believe the McCann kids NEVER HEARD A THING OF WHAT THEIR PARENTS SAID, EITHER THIS TIME OR AT OTHERS?

What Brunt left out of his special report - which was intended to paint all and everyone who question the McCanns versions of events of the night their daughter was reported as missing, which was intended to show the McCanns as the poor parents - was that Dr Amaral requested that the hearing in Lisbon be private for the sake of the young McCann children.

The McCanns did not want this!  

The McCanns have very much used their young twins in attempts to gain sympathy. No concerned parent would do as they have done.  No concerned parent would ignore their child's right to privacy, their right to be protected in all ways,and no concerned parent would make press statements that their children were under threat for fear of the distress such a headline would bring their child.  

Why would they?  Why would they want their kids to read or hear such stories?

And these alleged threats against their children as yet I for one at least, have seen no evidence of this, not seen a twit comment where threats were made.

Had there been one, surely Martin Brunt would have given it special attention, a special place in his special report?

Or was his special attention reserved for B. Leyland and no one else? Looking that way!

Surely the 'I fear for my safety' Dossier Dame would have produced such a twit, tweet comment to bolster her document?

Surely the Metropolitan Police would not have cast aside the dossier had it contained such a threat?

If it was so easy for Martin Brunt to 'catch' Ms Leyland as he said to her as she left her home 'we've caught you' (as in caught her leaving I take it)  it cannot be difficult for the police IF there is a threat against the McCann twins to catch the perpetrators!

What we do have IS EVIDENCE OF THREATS OF DEATH sent to Ms Leyland which can be seen online.

What we don't have is any evidence of any threat made online against the McCann children?

There is however threats against the McCanns which cannot be condoned.  Just as the threats against Brenda Leyland cannot be condoned.

Furthermore what cannot be condoned is the McCanns their absolute lack of concern for the welfare of their young twin children demonstrated by the stories they make public about alleged threats received against these children.

Brunt would have done well to have highlighted this, the way in which the children are exposed by their parents.  Highlight the times these children have appeared on TV screens in documentaries with their parents, rather than for the sake of his special report, nit picked at someone who posted a picture of the the kids.

Unfortunately, and rather sadly, that is life, that is the life ahead for these kids, people will want to see them, to speak with them, to snap a picture of them, and when they are older they will be asked many questions by those whom they meet in life about their parents, about what life was like, growing up as the younger siblings of the missing child Madeleine McCann.

The actions, the neglect of these children when on holiday in Portugal by their parents, and the actions of their parents thereafter will without question dictate much of how the McCann children will lead their lives as young adults.

One cannot help but wonder if the McCann will ever regret what they have done in this respect.  Clearly they do not as this point in time else they would not still be churning out the stories which they do regarding threats and all else.

One cannot help but wonder too, these children as Brunt reported McCann to have said, are now 9 years old, fast approaching 10, and using the internet - the McCanns therefore must fear them reading amongst other things THOSE OFFICIAL POLICE WITNESS STATEMENTS so damning are they!

I cannot help but wonder if Kate McCann will ever regret having written 'Madeleine' as so much contained therein can be proven as untrue!

So much for the McCanns to fear their children might discover about what happened to Madeleine one can see why they want the world silenced.

Of course absolutely people should not be threatened be it on or offline that goes without saying, not the McCanns and not Brenda Leyland.

But this latest extravaganza by Team McCann in collusion with Brunt, Gamble, Summers & Swan, Mitchell, Murdoch, the Dossier Dame was not simply about nasty people on the internet who are in the minority, of course they are, common sense tells us that, it was I believe about shutting people up in general, instilling a fear in them should they discuss the Madeleine case.

The McCanns, Gamble, Sky, Brunt, Dossier Dame, Mitchell, they ALL have so much to answer in respect of the attack on this lady Brenda Leyland,and her subsequent and tragic death.

Brunt might like to make special reports about a few nasty persons (and I do not include Ms Leyland) on Twitter, persons who if they are making threats should be dealt with absolutely - that is all good and well.   

And he might think it smart to highlight a picture which was on the internet, a picture not taken by someone at the event the McCanns had  attended with their kids but from film footage of the event itself screened on TV and make it out to be something other than what it is something more sinister.

Here is the Twit Comment taken from Brunt's Special Report.  He has of course blanked out the 'handle' name as he refers to it and the comment itself is hazy but with a close look it can be made out: 

"I was pausing the TV looking for my niece who was there that morning the presenters didn't say anything about them, I think it was my McCann detector"

These things are going to happen.   If the McCanns attend public events with their children, events which are being filmed by TV crews it is more than a possibility that they will be caught on camera.

And an event such as the Commonwealth Games which was being screened around the world watched by millions - Who takes the blame when they are recognised?

The McCanns for making themselves so well known around the globe?

Nah, let's shoot the camera crew!

Stop the world, everyone get off...except the McCanns of course!

Oh Brunty has messed up big time on this one!

But why did he get involved - had trouble with a capital T written all over it?
1st November 2014

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