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Brunt Bit by Bit Part 6

Brunt Bit by Bit - Part 6...

                                                    ...His shocking and irresponsible Special Report


"Many cannot forgive her parents Kate and Gerry McCann for leaving Madeleine and her twin siblings alone in bed while they had dinner nearby."

Okay then, we've dealt with the 'many cannot forgive Gerry and Kate McCann' part in a previous blog.  

Not sure what Brunt was 'on' when he put his report together but I don't think the public are in the business of or are interested in forgiving anyone, and not anyone in the case of missing Madeleine.  Seems to Brunt that we either forgive or we don't?   Really daft thing for him to have said.   Cannot imagine anyone sitting trying to decide whether to forgive these parents or not.  I certainly didn't give forgiveness a thought one way or the other.  Just doesn't come into it.  Not for me to forgive.  I don't know them.   Forgiveness or not, is for them their family anyone who is close to them to decide upon depending how they feel about such matters.

Did Granny McCann forgive them?  Granny Healy?  Granpa Healy?

Forgiveness not a jot to do with the public!

Are the public supposed to say, hey we forgive you and that will make it all better?   And let's face it, does anyone really honestly think that McCann gives a rootin tootin puddin what the public think?    What a load of old  nonsense from Brunt.

But what I am interested in is the last part  of his comment -

'...for leaving Madeleine and her twin siblings alone in bed while they had dinner NEARBY'

In 2008 Brunt reported from Portugal on this very issue.


(around 1.25 on recording)

In that report he speaks of them dining nearby too, but then continues to say that the tapas bar was
some distance away from the apartment.  Further he describes how difficult it would have been for the McCanns to see the apartment patio door the one they claim to have left unlocked on the night Madeleine mysteriously vanished (sometimes referred to as the side or back door.) from where they were sitting.

What he doesn't say, and perhaps due to not knowing at that time, is that the McCanns sat at the dinner table with their backs to the apartment, so not a chance in hell of them seeing anything or anyone going in or out.

Brunt then makes his way from the tapas bar to the apartment.

"Going to check on the kids 'wasn't easy'" he said.

On reaching the gate of the patio entrance Brunt then states:

"...the distance between the tapas bar and the gates, NOT QUITE AS GERRY McCANN DESCRIBED IT"

That was in the good old days when Brunt reported on this case with much more honesty with an integrity which over the last couple of years has been sorely lacking.

Brunt in that video stated what everyone else had, that is those who were not blindly hanging on every tall tale the McCanns spun  -  that Gerry McCann:

  • Had NOT been truthful when speaking of the distance between the tapas bar and the apartment.  
  • Had not been truthful when he said they could see clearly the door of the apartment from where they were seated in the tapas bar. 
  • Had not been truthful when he made that most ridiculous comment of all time - that eating at the tapas bar was - in terms of distance - like eating in his back garden!

Brunt demonstrates the absurdity and dishonesty of McCann his statement.

But take a look at McCann in this video, as crafty as ever trying to deceive viewers make them believe that he was so close to the apartment that he could see the patio door and clearly.

One has to laugh at the audacity of McCann, he films this in broad daylight - but the reality of the situation was that he dined there in the dark of night as Brunt demonstrated.

And McCanns wonder why people do not believe a word that comes from their mouths!


(around 7.55)

I have to point out also when viewing the Brunt video, do note it is the patio door entrance at which Brunt stops.  To reach the front door entrance, one would have to walk some distance beyond the gate where you see Brunt standing, in the video, turn left into another street, cross through a car park, along a little footpath to the front door.

Think about this.   Brunt tells us that he found the distance from the tapas bar to the patio door entrance to be much further than McCann had led people to believe  -   'Not quite as Gerry McCann described'  said Brunt.

(to walk to the front door in terms of distance, counting steps as Brunt did would account for many more)

We know that Gerry McCann gave the Portuguese at least TWO honest and truthful accounts of his movements of the night Madeleine was reported as missing in respect of his check on the children

In his first he said he walked to the front door entrance (that is the one beyond where Brunt is seen standing in the video) that he unlocked the door with his key and entered. He said his wife Kate McCann did likewise on her check.  This is what they had been doing all week.

His second honest and truthful account of his movements of the night Madeleine was reported as missing, he said he entered by the patio door took exactly the same route as you see Brunt taking in this video.



You see it makes an enormous difference to matters which door he used.

As you can see from Brunt's video there is a huge difference in McCann walking to the patio entrance than the front door entrance.   What he claims to have seen or not seen on the night Madeleine vanished, the truthfulness of that, rather depends on the truthfulness as to which door he entered by.

Walking further to the front door he may have seen a whole lot more than he did if he stopped at the patio entrance.

SEVEN days it took McCann to figure out that his first honest and true account was NOT the honest and true account he would like to use after all so he changed his story, and gave the Portuguese Police a completely different account!

A nice new shiny story or lie - however you want to look at it!

He has given two accounts - NOW WHY WOULD THAT BE?

He absolutely could not mistake which door he used for sure.

How could he forget if he walked to that little gate where Brunt is standing, and climbed those patio steps, opened a sliding patio door an entered?.

How could he?

Just not possible!

SO WHY DID HE CHANGE HIS STORY, as entering by that patio door was NOT his first version!

It took McCann seven days to discover he NEEDED to change the story he gave police regarding the door.

It's now seven years since the little girl vanished, wonder if its dawned on McCann yet that eating at the tapas bar was NOT like dining in his back garden?

Oh the tales people tell.   All would be side-splitting if it was not for the fact that whilst these parents were concocting story after story a little girl, was either lying dead somewhere, or she was as they claimed in the hands of paedophiles.

Brings it home to you doesn't it.   While they were spouting nonsense about their back garden to cover their asses, while Gerry McCann was making up different versions to give the Portuguese Police his little girl her little dead body had been discarded somewhere, or she was with persons who were causing her to suffer in ways you or I could not imagine.

Do note also in the footage (around 7.35) McCann he states:

"No one, even with a heart of stone can take away that there's a little girl missing, why anyone would not want to help find her is a mystery".

The awful irony is this man McCann is just about to tell the world an untrue tale about the very evening the child vanished.  Around ten seconds later in this video he is spinning the tale that he could see the patio door clearly.

Added to which EVERY one of his buddies who were on holiday with him, they and he and his wife ALL refused to assist police in Portugal with their investigation (See Refusal Series of Blogs above, and Kate McCann REFUSED TO ANSWER 40 + questions put to her by police.  Furthermore she has made the most despicable and hate filled comments about the officers who took part in this investigation.

I disagree with McCann though when it comes to it being a mystery why ANYONE would not want to help find her.

I think it is perfectly obvious why the McCanns and their buddies REFUSED to help find this child!

Perhaps Brunt if he returns, and resumes being the honest crime reporter the unbiased reporter he was once may want to do a SPECIAL REPORT on the McCANN BUDDIES - their refusals to help Madeleine? 

In a blog (above) which I did some time ago '9 Hearts of Stone' I covered this comment by McCann, I also posted an article by Martin Brunt where he speaks of the McCanns and their buddies refusing to help Madeleine.

Looking back at this old stuff by Brunt one has to ask what on earth has gotten into him why the U-Turn why behave as he did with Brenda Leyland that is not the Brunt of old?

Here below the article by Brunt back in 2008 so very different from what he is churning out now - he wouldn't dare write such a piece now :

Who'll Take Part In Madeleine Reconstruction?

May 15, 2008


By Crime correspondent Martin Brunt

Sky News

Will they, won't they go to back to Praia da Luz for the reconstruction?

A call from Portugal tells me the McCanns' lawyer has said the couple are now prepared to take part in a re-enactment of the night Madeleine disappeared.

But the McCanns' spokesman, Clarence, says they are still considering the "request" from the Portuguese police and their legal man in Lisbon has been misquoted.

They still want their arguido status lifted, but would go back if ordered to.

Anything to help the investigation, he says.

But if they have a choice, they don't see the point in a reconstruction that would not be televised as an appeal for information.

He says the detectives turned down that idea months ago.

And, says a friend, no one has bothered to consider the emotional impact on Kate who would find it difficult to watch a young girl playing her missing daughter.

It's unlikely to happen unless everyone agrees to return, including the Tapas 7, some of whom have reservations after twice being quizzed over the events of that night.

Apparently, a third date for the reconstruction has been scheduled, but what's the point if the protagonists are not there?

It was to have been before the year's anniversary, then this week, now the May 30.

Written by Martin, May 15, 2008
29th March 2014

2nd November 2014

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