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Brunt Bit by Bit Part 8

Brunt Bit by Bit Part 8

                       ... His shockingly irresponsible special report


"A recent book about the Madeleine McCann case explored the online abuse.  It provoked a campaign to flood the Amazon website with negative reviews in a bid to limit the book sales."

I haven't read the book and don't intend to.

The simple fact that these two persons who wrote the book declared Kate and Gerry McCann innocent of all involvement in the case of their missing daughter when there is an active ongoing investigation taking place in Portugal and a Review/Investigation taking place in the UK tells me all I need to know about it, the purpose of the book.

Who writes a book about a live investigation and declares persons innocent without knowing the evidence held by police authorities?

Now that's a new one on me.   The authors of a book deciding who is innocent before an investigation reaches conclusion, and in the case of missing Madeleine, before the conclusion has been reached by two police authorities in two separate countries.

And  when Rupert Murdoch promoted the book, like no other, and there have been several books written about missing Madeleine, giving the authors more air time to spread the news of the innocence of the McCanns, when they were given pages in the press to promote it for weeks on end, and when  Jim Gamble promoted it, together with those who support the McCann abduction theory on the internet, the VERY SAME persons who took part in Brunt's Special Report - I think we can smell a rat, or three or four!

And all coincided with what was to be the resuming of the Court case against Dr Amaral in Lisbon, and with Gerry McCanns radio interview and his call  for persons on the internet to be made an example of - Yeah Gerry off with their heads - then I think we can safely say there are five are six more rats causing a stink!

Was the Amazon website flooded with negative reviews?  I wouldn't know.

But would it be fair to suggest that those who flooded the website, if it was indeed flooded, did so as they genuinely disliked the book, that they were possibly people who do use Twitter, who do post about the McCann case and who genuinely took great offence at the authors of the book writing what these members of the public considered untruths, highly offensive material? 

Are people not free now either to lodge a review a negative one when a book is about the McCanns?

And do let me get this straight, Rupert Murdoch's Sky promoted this book to the absolute hilt.  The authors appeared on Sky News too.  Jim Gamble was raving like a lunatic about it.  And from what I read there were many supporters who too wrote positive reviews and posted online of how wonderful it was.  And Brunt, well he seems just to be going along with all things McCann at the moment, or rather he was...

So what is all this nonsense, their book didn't sell because of negative reviews?

It really doesn't wash with pathetic.

What was Brunt thinking making such silly silly statements.  Something gone wrong with the man for sure. He must have known how ridiculous this would sound, and how ridiculous it would make him to be.

Did he really think that anyone would be sitting thinking - oh poor Summers & Swan?

So they wrote a book, it got some horrible reviews, whether that was through some getting together to organise these reviews or not, hell knows, but what does it matter?

On the other end of the scale on the positive side the authors had the might of Murdoch - now how many authors get all that air time, press columns and pages to promote a book?.

From where I'm sitting that isn't exactly a fair and balanced situation Murdoch against a few persons posting rotten reviews.

And  if this book did not sell - the point I think Brunt was trying to make and lay blame for on those who challenge the McCanns stories  - well perhaps Swan & Summers should produce better material, perhaps they should take up their case with Murdoch who must have failed in his organised campaign to promote the book and of course with the supporters of the book who clearly could not have written as many positive reviews as was needed to boost sales.

That's life folks!   Win some, lose some!
2nd November 2014

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