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Brunt Devastated

Brunt Devastated

" I was devastated, I still am and the enormity of what's happened will always be with me."

Martin Brunt speaking of the tragic death of Brenda Leyland, the enormity of what has happened will always be with him, he said.  

How can the enormity of a death which you played a part, whatever way, however small, not always be with you, unless you are a lowlife?

Brunt I never took for a lowlife, but in the case of Brenda Leyland, he joined the club.

The death of Brenda Leyland it seems will always be with him, not because of the sympathy he has for her loss of life, her family, he is feeling sorry for himself.

He had the opportunity at the inquest yesterday to make, not amends, impossible to do that, but to do the decent thing:   

  • To apologise to the Leyland family, to Brenda's sons for his actions for the enormous part he played in what led to her death. 
  • To offer his sympathy and condolences.  To not make it about his feelings, but theirs.

He didn't!

He spoke of his own devastation.  Not theirs!

He passed up also the opportunity to do the right thing, and disclose his source, as to who are/is the lowlife with whom he colluded, and who put together the file which he used to threaten Brenda Leyland, just because he and they could.

That Mr Brunt, must have been devastating for the Leyland family to learn that you consider the life of the scum who put this file together of greater value than the life of an innocent person, their loved one?To know that you were not prepared to do what would have been right and proper for Brenda Leyland her family.

Instead Brunt whinged about his own devastation.  How the events will stay with him.

For Brenda Leyland's family, her death remains with them for the rest of their lives.  For her son, the young man Ben, who quite clearly loved his mother dearly, his life has been devastated by Brunt's actions.  For the rest of this young man's life he has to live a life without her, without his lovely mum.  My heart breaks for this young man.

So do not Mr Brunt, seek pity.  You are undeserving!

What you did to Brenda Leyland, despicable.  What you did not do for her, her family yesterday, just sickening!

Yeah, yeah, these poor journalists, they cannot reveal their sources, or these sources will no longer come forth with information, or as in this case, bring them a file where they wrongly accused Brenda Leyland, of committing crimes against the McCanns, and which Brunt, and Murdoch's Sky acted upon.

One has to ask why?

Brunt knew what he was doing, no question about it.   He accepted the job of being the one despatched, to lie in wait, outside the home of Brenda Leyland, and as we now also know from his statement at the inquest, he waited for three hours for his opportunity to do so.

His Special Report was not put together in a day.   It was a planned attack on Brenda Leyland by his employers at Sky, together with the vile vigilantes, Jim Gamble, Mitchell and the McCanns for sure would have known of it.   For them NOT to have known that the round the clock newsreel of Brenda being attacked by Brunt was to be aired is not believable.   For them not to have known about Brunt's Special Report, is too ridiculous for words.

They knew!

Brunt was and is part of Twitter.  He knew and knows the score there.  He knew that many of the McCann supporters posted vile and threatening twit messages to this lady.  He himself, only days before he attacked her, began 'following her' on Twitter.

Brenda Leyland it seems posted a message querying Brunt doing so!

Brunt was up to no good for sure together with the others with whom he was colluding, the scum element of the McCann support.

Brunt is not a stupid man.  He knew what he did and what he said to Brenda Leyland was so very wrong.  Yet he continued.

He protected the person, on camera, who made the accusations against Brenda Leyland, and still does now.

What we all should be asking is HOW, they, Brunt, Gamble, McCanns, Mitchell, Sky, decided who from the alleged great numbers of persons that we are led to believe are contained in that file, was to be their target and WHY?

Who suggested Brenda Leyland from those they had to choose from?

Lots of questions still remain unanswered, but it looks like. unless a criminal case is brought against Brunt/Sky and the others, we will never know the full extent of their dirty deeds, or why they targeted Brenda Leyland.  A woman innocent of any criminal act.

Questionable as to whether the same applies to those responsible for pushing this lady to commit suicide.

Of course we can say that no one could have known she would take her own life.  But they ALL, each, and every one of them knew that such reporting by Sky, round the clock, screening the footage of Martin Brunt attack this lady, and followed by his Special Report, would have been enough to cause enormous distress and harm to whomever they chose as their target.

Brunt admitting yesterday that Brenda Leyland made such a comment to him, that she was thinking of this, should have been enough for Brunt to put a stop to this.

But they were all in too deep.   They rolled with it.

We must not forget that Brenda Leyland was someone who held strong views about the McCann case, and voiced them.  She cared that there should be justice for Madeleine, she was NOT a criminal.

The actions of Sky, Brunt, Gamble, the vile vigilantes, McCanns and Mitchell, the attack on this lady completely unjustified.

Brunt is no innocent party, absolutely not.

Brunt sold his soul to the devil that is Murdoch, and based on his conduct yesterday he hasn't asked for it back.

Yesterday he continued his assault on Brenda Leyland her family by his non disclosure of information.

What he did to this lady, her family, I hope haunts this man for the rest of his life.

And to remind us, he may have whimpered yesterday felt sorry for himself but his harsh words during his Special Report about an innocent lady, tell us that he had not a jot of sympathy for what he had done to her.  From Brunt's Special Report :


After our initial exchange with Sweepy face she invited us in. 

Off Camera she explained more about the anonymous tweets she sends from the heart of this pretty village.  She had questions for the McCanns.  She believed Twitter was a vehicle for expressing those thoughts.

She will probably never tweet again.  She hoped she hadn’t broken the law.

Sweepy Face and the many others whose comments have been recorded may find that Scotland Yard may take a different view.


Martin Brunt, what a poor excuse for a decent human being. He showed not one iota of thought or care for this woman what he was doing to her.  Now HE wants sympathy?

Brenda hadn't broken the law.  Scotland Yard did Not take the same view as Brunt and his cronies.

Brenda Leyland did not discuss online the McCann case again.   Brunt and his cruel cronies saw to that, they caused this lady to take her life.   As her son Ben stated, Brunt was the final straw.  This woman was being attacked, receiving real threats online.  Brunt/Sky and the rest waded in!

And it has to be said.  The reporting on this is shocking.  Brenda Leyland is portrayed as some crazy lady who sat, and just fired off messages about the McCanns.

She was part of a group of many many people who discuss this case on Twitter, her twit messages were part of conversations with many others.

She was not some lone individual, not some nut just firing off messages. She made very valid, intelligent contribution to the discussions.  She recognised absolutely that all was not right with this case, with the McCann version (s) of events.  

And if truth be told that is the threat she posed the McCanns, like thousands of others, she knew the truth of what happened to little Madeleine has yet to be told.

We've heard an account of the truth by Kate McCann - only an account!

And that just won't cut it!

As to Martin Brunt, he has gotten off lightly.  The Inquest is not a criminal trial, and he was informed that no criminal charges would be brought.

Perhaps, who knows, young Ben Leyland might have different ideas as to Brunt's fate!
21st March 2015

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