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Bully Boys & Broken Prom

Bully Boys & Broken Promises?

Bully Boys

The eyes of the world were on Scotland this past week, and the eyes of the world were on Scotland’s bully boys on Friday 19th September after the result of the Referendum.

Hundreds of thugs, sporting/carrying Union flags, bully boys, cowards, attacked and terrorised the public, young girls in George Square in Glasgow.

Thugs, who were taught by their parents from a very young age, from when toddlers to hate!

I won’t say they should be ashamed of themselves as thugs know no shame.

Suffice to say had someone treated their sister, wife, daughter, mother in this way, they would not have found such appalling violence against their female loved ones so amusing as they did when abusing these young females in Glasgow.

They should be held up as being the dumb ass, cowardly yellow bellies that they are.  Those who stood by and watched equally as bad as the brainless brute who ripped the flag from the young girl.

Nothing excuses such conduct.

I hope Police Scotland has by this time viewed this video and that arrests are imminent if they have not already taken place.

The thugs in the footage not difficult for police to identify, and no doubt these thugs already on police file.

Scotland must surely soon hear of arrests and charges in relation to not only this incident - horrifying to the viewer, the watching world, horrifying to the law abiding public both YES and NO Voters in the Scottish Referendum, horrifying to parents who must have thought ‘that young girl could have been my daughter’ but more crucially, terrifying for those young girls the victims of such hatred and cowardice - arrests too in connection with the many other violent acts and public disorder which took place in George Square Glasgow.

Broken Promises? – The Timetable

MSP Cameron Buchanan Interviewed by Sky Political Correspondent Faisal Islam before the official  result of the Referendum in Scotland was announced but at a time when it had become clear what the result would be.

Faisal Islam

You must be rather happy or relieved?

Cameron Buchanan:

Happy and relieved. I didn’t think we’d win with quite as big a margin.   I’m delighted really delighted.

Cameron Buchanan:

That sort of sends it home once and for all.

Faisal Islam:

Once, and for all?  so if Alex Salmond… says well… its 45% it’s not…he’s done okay compared to the 32% he started on two years ago?

Cameron Buchanan:

He’s done okay but he hasn’t won, and he was counting on a victory.  We don’t want to neverendum we want to referendum.

Faisal Islam:

But hasn’t this been done disproportionately off the back of 6 days (?) and isn’t it just a matter of time?

Cameron Buchanan:

No I don’t think it is I think it is... its been done for everybody and I think  he’s  mis-calculated with the young vote…it’s everybody’s been involved, and everybody’s been voting.

Faisal Islam:

Now what about these new powers is the Conservative Party, your party, serious about further devolution, it’s been against it so long?

Cameron Buchanan:

Of course, we’re for it, very much for it.  We have to be for it!

Faisal Islam:

There’s a smile on your face there?

Cameron Buchanan:

Of course there is that’s because I’m very pleased.  But there is, there always is.

It’s because we are three parties and we’ve all signed up to it so we all have to keep it, we cannot go backwards now.

Faisal Islam:

What if you don’t keep your promise, that’s the charge of the SNP and the YES Campaign?

Cameron Buchanan:

Well it would be, wouldn’t it, that they say that?

Faisal Islam

A vow… a vow?

Cameron Buchanan:

Well a vow, they’ve said they’re going to do it therefore they’ll have to do it.  They have…it will  have to be enacted by Westminster within the next few months.  I’m not sure if the timetable will be quite as quick as we’d want it but it’ll certainly be there.

Faisal Islam:

Ah, so maybe not quite January?  So maybe 55/45 means you can eke it out a few months, a few years, a few decades?

Cameron Buchanan:

No not for that reason at all.  

I just think it’s going to be rather a tight timetable to do that.  It was all meant to be sort of be Burns Night, and then the Easter Recess and everything else.   I think the timetable will happen it’ll be announced. 

It depends on the legislation.  It’s not easy to get the legislation worked out.  We’re all signed up for it.


Cameron Buchanan not sounding very hopeful, at least not with the timetable. Only time will tell on the rest, the powers!

  • An incidental - the 'young vote' was not miscalculated, they voted YES.  It was the elderly who voted NO.

  • Not forgetting also that many will have voted NO, not necessarily the majority of the NO vote but many will have voted NO based on the VOW, the promises made by three parties.  Three parties, now that the Referendum result is known - no longer - best buddies feeling the love, feeling they are 'better together' but back at each other's throats - Will the Scots get more powers or broken promises?   Certainly looking like the latter - a lot of back pedaling going on!

Have to say, I am pretty astonished that anyone would have gone along with a promise of powers without knowing what powers were being offered?

Hey but what do I know!

The world though, is still watching!
21st September 2014
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