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Burnie Maybe Just Maybe

Burnie, Maybe, Just Maybe

"Maybe just maybe" said Burnie in her defence of the MccCanns "they should have got a pizza and a bottle of wine in instead."

That would be five pizzas, and five bottles of wine then Joan as they abandoned the children on five nights!

Any reader not familiar with the McCann story might think Burnie was speaking about a couple who had gone out for the evening forgetting to feed the cat, fill its bowl!

She was referring to the appalling neglect of the three McCann children.

Their parents whilst on holiday in Portugal claim to have left them alone in the apartment each night over a 5 night period.

The children all under the age of 4 years left alone, in a dark apartment, unfamiliar to them, in a country foreign to them.

The apartment the parents stated they left unlocked, but not unlocked on every night!

Their daughter Madeleine on the morning of Thursday 3rd May 2007 told her parents that she and her baby brother had been crying the previous night when alone, distressed.  

She asked her parents why they had not come to attend to them when she and her baby brother had cried, called out for them.

After hearing this, the McCanns walked out on these children again that very night! 

Maybe just maybe
Burnie is not familiar with this case?Certainly from her comments it would appear so.

maybe just maybe she supports child neglect?
From her comments it certainly would appear so.

What chance do our children have when we have people like Burnie out there, so irresponsible, caring so little for the welfare care and protection of our children.

Burnie like everyone, entitled to her opinion on this case and all else in life.  

One would have thought though that Burnie with the platform available to her could have put her point across without resorting to insulting others who for
good reason feel that the McCanns should have been charged with crimes committed against their three children, who feel that they should have been punished for same.

Had they been charged, it would have been for a Court of Law to decide their punishment for the appalling treatment of their three children, not Burnie, and not for anyone else.

Burnie may herself condone the treatment of the McCann children at the hands of their parents, and the other children who holidayed with them also, but she must understand that most people and not only parents, find it abhorrent that
EIGHT children all under the age of 4 years of age, some young babies, and some ill at the time, were treated as they were by their parents.  

These parents are professionals, doctors in the main. There was and is no excuse for the neglect of these children on not one but

This case though is not only about child neglect but the result of that neglect.

Tragically Madeleine McCann due to her parents, lost her life, the life she knew.   And the McCanns have not been honest in their accounts of that night.

Burnie has either not bothered to read the police files, or has chosen to ignore them.

Either way I am not particularly fussed or interested, and would not waste my time pointing her in the right direction, the woman is as I said entitled to her opinion, and she is after all considered to be if not a journalist, a columnist, with every resource available to her therefore researching properly the case should not pose her any problem.  And perhaps when she discovers the lies, she may even have a change of opinion...see the light, so to speak.  But again, not fussed whether she does or doesn't. 

Burnie unlike the fluffy giggly Lorraine Kelly who nods in agreement with each and every backside that parks itself on her sofa, has we are led to believe a tad more 'up top.'

If this is true there was no evidence of it in this article.

The family Bulger, in my opinion should never be mentioned in the same sentence as that of McCann, and I am loathe to do so now.  

But the inference and implications made by Burnie against the Bulger family in particular Mrs Bulger, in her insensitive and callous comments cannot go unchallenged or unanswered.

Perhaps she would care to explain her comments?

Two sets of parents, two entirely different scenarios should not be linked in any way manner or form. The parents in particular should not be linked as being in any way similar, moreover and more importantly, never should Mrs Bulger be spoken of in the same breath as Kate McCann...A disgrace on the part of Burnie to have done so!

But Burnie did exactly that behaved disgracefully, unkindly, insensitively when she lumped together Mrs Bulger who lost her child in the worst way possible, with that of Kate McCann who deliberately chose to abandon her three children each night of their holiday.

Mrs Bulger lost her precious little boy, and no mother should lose a child in the way she did. No child should have been made to suffer as little Jamie did at the hands of his killers.

What Burnie thinks, her opinion of this case, of those she refers to as troll people, or anything much else, means not a jot to me personally, but when she tries to justify the neglectful and harmful actions of Kate McCann against her three children by introducing Mrs Bulger is nothing short of a disgrace.  

Defend the McCanns their actions until the cows come home if she so wishes, but to drag the Bulger family in to the ugly mess which is the McCann case to beef up her argument is wrong on every level.

Maybe, just maybe
 if Burnie reads again what she has written...

"Unlike the McCanns and Mrs Bulger, most of us get away with it."

...She will make a sincere and full apology to Mrs Bulger for the hurt her comments will inevitably have caused the Bulger family, and Mrs Bulger personally!

Maybe, just maybe Mrs Bulger will forgive Burnie what to most of us, is ....unforgiveable!
19th October 2013 

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