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Camera Shy Gerry & Kate

Camera Shy Gerry & Kate?

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Kate and Gerry McCann Crimewatch 2014

Camera shy is most definitely not how anyone would describe the McCanns, far from it!

They have rested their asses on more TV sofas over the past almost seven years than most seasoned celebrities have in their long careers.  They have arranged to be filmed, made little documentaries,had cameras follow them around the world...but when it came to returning to Portugal to help police with a reconstruction of events boy did they become bashful.

Despite Portuguese authorities guaranteeing that the reconstruction would not be filmed by the media, they still refused, together with their holiday companions to help young Madeleine.

Of course we have known of their refusals to help Madeleine for quite a number of years now, and what seemed so shocking about this back then, is no less shocking today, that parents of a missing child would refuse to help, and added to this, now knowing they also, not only refused to answer police questions (Kate McCann) but they concealed E.Fits of a man, a suspect if you like, his description fitting Gerry McCann, and who was seen carrying a child of Madeleine's description on the night the child was made vanish!

DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police stated on the Crimewatch Production of October 13 when speaking of these E.Fits, that it was the
first time they had been in the public domain!

Astonishingly he gave no explanation as to why they had never before been in the public domain and neither did Kirsty Young the Crimewatch presenter ask why this was so - quite incredulous!

The most crucial sighting in this case, a man carrying a child of Madeleine's description on the night she was made vanish, seen at around the time Kate McCann raised the alarm, seen by not one individual but by a family, who were able to give the clearest of descriptions of the man with the child, as one can see from the E.Fits,

McCanns had these E.Fits produced in 2008, yet never released them?   Not until October 2013 FIVE YEARS LATER the Crimewatch Production were they in public domain!

There cannot be a single person out there who is not stunned by this information - that the parents of missing Madeleine are the persons responsible for withholding such vital information which could have led to the whereabouts of Madeleine, her remains.  If the child was alive, perhaps her safe return home to her brother and sister. Parents who in the FIVE YEARS since the E.Fits were put together have continually asked the public to be vigilant, to look out for their daughter, to report any sightings, to donate to their Fund to help find the little girl, and all along, all of this time, their bad asses were sitting on the E.Fits!  Without question the best lead, the most crucial sighting in this case and they SAT ON IT!    WHY?  

The world should be asking WHY Kate and Gerry?   WHY did you do that to your missing daughter?

This case stank from the start - but with every passing year the stench gets stronger!

How do these people live with themselves knowing what they have done to their daughter, knowing they have deceived the public in this regard?

It is almost SEVEN years since the child vanished - Sofas in TV Studios up and down the UK will be getting their annual dust down in preparation for Kate and Gerry's annual appeal.   They will ask as they have done all of those years when they were sitting on crucial information and not divulging this:

  • To not to forget Madeleine.  
  • To give generously to their Fund, as funds are low. 
  • To look for Madeleine when we go on holiday.  
  • To report any sightings!

Despite knowing what they have done to Madeleine by keeping concealed those E.Fits, they will have the gall to sit on the sofas and ask for our help.

Kate will do her best to not call anyone a fucking tosser, shouldn't be too hard as she generally reserves her foul languange for the Portuguese.  Gerry hopefully will have been practicing how to pronounce the letter 'i' as it should be and not as a 'U' as in Madeleine's bUrthday  (makes one cringe to listen to the guy)  He will perform his proud father act which he has polished over the years, and Kate will be...well who knows what or who Kate will be, she has so many characters in her repertoire...let us wait, see which she chooses for Sofagate 2014. 

What they will not be is remorseful, or feel guilty for what they did to their little girl - for concealing those E.Fits.    Gerry said on Crimewatch that doesn't do them any good! He decided this from early on his strategy was to move simply move on...


I'd bet my last dollar on them giving it a try though!  Wouldn't be McCann Time  if they don't come up with a story for the sofa to try and explain away why they hid the E.Fits.   And, of course the usual culprits on breakfast TV will lap it up!  'Coy Kate' will make an appearance, pausing, just long enough as she tells her tale, to lower her eyes and attempt to look sad...long enough to try for a sympathetic reaction from her audience... 

But what story did they come up with while on the BBC sofa back in 2008 by way of explaining, why they let Madeleine down back then (nothing has changed then) the McCanns speaking with Bill Turnbull about exactly that, of how they were not prepared to return to Portugal to help their missing child:

Bill Turnbull BBC Interviewing McCanns 1st May 2008



Bill Turnbull:


Can I ask you a question about the police inquiry in Portugal and just clear up one or two things, have you been asked to go back to take part in a reconstruction, and under what circumstances would you go back?

Gerry McCann: 

There is a dialogue and that has been reported. Clearly there’s a date out there, and its under discussion, and no final decision has been made.  I have to say the prospect of going back, with the world’s media trying to watch a reconstruction doesn’t appeal us, and how emotional it is for us to consider that.  I think also the other issue is how much more information will that get us, one year on you know?  We have told everything to the police.


Kate McCann:

We will do 'anythinK'  if we believe it will help to find Madeleine but that’s the issue really.


'We have told the police everything'
said Gerry McCann.

Oh no you haven't!   Look behind you, there are 48 questions you seem to have missed!

Yeah he's told police a whole lot of stuff,
stuff and nonsense!

And aren't we all sick to the back teeth hearing him, his wife and their buddies stating that they don't think the reconstruction would help, they would do it if they thought it might.

Well I'll be blowed.  We're only talking here about the life of a little girl, if alive, and in the hands of paedophiles - how can - NOT BOTHERING - even be contemplated?How can they ever know if it will help if they do not at least try?

The whole darn lot of them make me sick!

And Kate 'I'll Do AnythinK for you Dear AnythinK, for You Dear AnythinK'  McCann, but I just won't:-

  • Answer police questions
  • Take part in a reconstruction
  • Publish the E.Fits that look like your father
  • Divulge all that happened on the night of 3rd May 2007

that is unless she believes it will help Madeleine!

What chance did or does Madeleine McCann have if alive, if her safe return hinges on whether her MOTHER (who some consider to be bonkers) believes police diligences will/will not help find her.

What an absolutely tragic situation, her parents abandon her and then are not prepared to do all that they are able to, to help find her.

If would be unimaginable that there is anyone out there who can still support this pair, now knowing of the E.Fits.  I can't stomach them! 

This little girl is lost to them.   I believe they know she is not alive.  Why else would parents refuse to help their first born child, the child they longed for?

As for their excuses for not taking part in a reconstruction, coy and camera shy - Gerry - we wouldn't want the media watching - McCann?   These are the very same parents who said they would return if the reconstruction was filmed for the purposes of being flashed around the world.

So the media watching isn't a problem then as he told Bill Turnbull in interview?  

This of course they said knowing that the purpose of the reconstruction was to help the investigation, that is help straighten out their police witness statements, and THEY KNEW that was impossible to do, because they had not been truthful, every last one of them had lied to Portuguese Police and they were found out!

From reading each of their refusals their communications with the police, it is obvious they feared returning as they all knew what they had done!  (See Refusal Blogs above) they knew the Portuguese Police, Dr Goncalo Amaral had them taped from the beginning.

Retired British Police Officer, John Stalker did too.  He knows they are hiding something.

The 'elite' detectives as they were described in the Crimewatch Production, of the Metropolitan Police must surely, also have them taped?

How tragically, tragically sad for Madeleine that her life depended on these parents at all,and that if alive now, how they left her, by not releasing those E.Fits immediately, to suffer at the hands of whomever she may have been with for all these years.

How do the McCans and their companions sleep at night knowing what they have done to this child?

Camera shy?   More cell shy!
6th April 2014
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