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Care to Help?

Care to Help? 

Where would we be without McCannfiles?

I doubt any of us interested in the case of missing Madeleine would care to find out!

There is no other site like that which Nigel Moore has created - a magnificent source of reference.

For almost 7 years now Nigel has worked tirelessly to bring all things McCann together making things so much simpler for those of us searching for information on the case!   A visit to McCannfiles and we are sure to find exactly what we are looking for.    I find the site invaluable.

To run the site keep it updated does however require not only a huge commitment in terms of time and effort spent, it requires financial commitment.

Nigel is too nice a guy to ask for a donation – but I’m not such a nice guy and I’m more than happy to make such a request, ask of those who frequent the site if you would be kind enough to consider making a small donation.  It would be very much appreciated at McCannfiles and would allow for Nigel to continue with his great work which benefits all.   

Nigel has done for Madeleine what most of us could only think about but never make happen. His support for justice for this child has been unwavering.

For those who may wish to help show our support of McCannfiles and Nige’s great work, there is a facility on McCannfiles for donations:-

Click on ‘Latest News’ on the menu on the left side of the page, scroll a little way down and hey presto the Donate Button.

To anyone who may have happened across my quirky little site, and has taken the time to read this appeal – Huge thanks!
26th March 2014

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