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Celebrity Cat

Celebrity Cat



The soft toy which Kate McCann is carrying, and which young Amelie McCann is staring at so intensely as they come down the steps of the plane - Is it the toy known as cuddle cat?

The child is staring as though it is 'creepy cat', or as if only seeing if for first time, or the first time that day.   

Did the 'cat' have its own seat on the plane or was it pulled from Kate's bag before alighting?

This was 4 months after Madeleine vanished...and the cat Kate arrived prepared for a photo shoot!

If ever there was a prop it is that stuffed toy cat!  

Maybe soon we’ll hear Celebrity Cat miaow - 'get me out of here!'

Kate and Gerry McCann return to the UK

From McCannfiles - Thank you.  

I think one day soon this story will no longer be about Kate and Gerry it will be about the cat!
24th October 2014
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