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Christmas Crass

Christmas Crass....The List

How can any parent, the parents of Madeleine to be precise pose for pictures, 'Christmas pictures' on the doorstep of their home, and provide a list of all the things they miss about Madeleine, when there is a much greater list, a list of greater importance, a list of all the questions left unanswered concerning the little girls disappearance which remains outstanding.

A list they should have addressed and honestly, from first the child vanished.

A list, that if their list of things they miss about the child meant anything at all, they would deal with..

A list of all the things which should have been done, which could have been done to help find her alive/discover what became of her/the whereabouts of her remains, the long list that includes Kate McCanns refusal to answer 40 + police questions put to her by police.  A list that includes the refusals, that is, the refusals by their buddies to take part in a re-enactment to help police with their investigation.   A list that includes GERRY McCANNS CHANGE OF STORY.   

It is an endless list, a sickening list, a list that highlights all of the wrongs in this case, a list which highlights how Madeleine has been so badly let down by her parents, and their buddies, by Team McCann.

It is a list that should have one and all greatly concerned that a child could have been failed by so many, so many of her family and those closest to her family.

A list of people who have failed her deliberately or otherwise, a list which should include the Metropolitan Police for sure!

And right at the top of that list alongside Gerry and Kate McCann is Clarence Mitchell, but one member of that other long list, of people who have profited from the child's demise.  Clarence Mitchell, who according to Gerry McCann when interviewed by Sandra Felguieras is an extremely close friend to him and Kate McCann.

  • An extremely close friend who has made a mint from Madeleine.
  • An extremely close friend who has been less than honest about the case of her disappearance.
  • An extremely close friend who has been instrumental in producing the many untrue stories in the press, and in interviews.

The McCann Christmas List, is yet another example, in what is now a long list of self serving, attention seeking, money making ideas by Mitchell and McCann and which the public are exposed to particularly so at this time of year.  And more particularly so this year when they once again, according to press reports, and statement made by Clarence Mitchell are poised to SPEND 750K in a search (and for which they will of course be seeking financial assistance once again from the public) for the missing child as they anticipate the closure in 2016 of the Metropolitan Police Investigation.

An investigation which has proved to be a fruitless five years but has funnily enough NOT caused the McCanns fury.

In fact, they have praised the Metropolitan Police for this NOTHING!

Need I say more?

Standing outside their front door, posing at Christmastime, producing a list of what they claim to miss about Madeleine, was cruel and crass even by McCann standards.

They believe their daughter was taken FROM HER BED by paedophiles, that she is alive.

I wonder what then Madeleine must miss.  What Madeleine's list would look like.

Did her parents stop for a moment this festive season to think for a minute what this child must miss?

Or, that she may not have any warm memories at all of her past life the happy times she must surely have had with her brother and sister?

Perhaps, she has no memory either of that week in Portugal when she was left night after night, alone with her brother and sister in the dark scary holiday apartment crying for her parents to come comfort them?

Perhaps her memory begins and ends with the alleged paedophile abductors, her pain, misery and fear?

Perhaps just one photo-shoot, press article about this case, will one day be about Madeleine, the harsh reality,
if this child is alive, as her parents claim, of the life the existence she now must live.

No nice home for her to stand outside and pose for Christmas pictures!

Just one article about this little girl, not her parents.
2nd January 2016

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